Another Ambush

Touching down in the “Town Near Thebes” triggers another scripted battle against a swarm of Unversed.

Event: Defeat All the Unversed

This battle features a new Unversed called the Buckle Bruiser. Fans of the series might be familiar with the Large Body’s ability to deflect frontal attacks, and the Buckle Bruiser is no different. To deal damage, you’ll either need to attack it from behind, stun it, pelt it with magic, or use the Block Command and follow up with a Reprisal Command like Payback Fang to cut through their defense.

To the Games

After clearing the area of the Unversed, it’s time to head north to the “Coliseum Gates”, where you can find the Fire Strike and Mega-Potion Deck Commands, the Mega Attack Recipe, and the Balloon Sticker in Treasure Chests around the room. Make your way into the “Vestibule” and collect the Olympus Coliseum Map.

After a cutscene with Hades, speak with him to register yourself for the upcoming games.

Event: Coliseum Qualifier – Round 1

Your first battle is against three Scrappers, and must be completed within 30 seconds. Don’t waste your Shotlock just yet, as you have many more rounds to go. 30 seconds is more than enough time to clear out the Scrappers the old-fashioned way.

Event: Coliseum Qualifier – Round 2

This round includes a Bruiser and a Vile Phial, and you must defeat them in under 15 seconds. The Vile Phial is the easier of the two to defeat, but the harder of the two to hit, as it will constantly move around to avoid taking damage. Take out the Bruiser with plain attacks, then hit the Vile Phial with a Deck Command that closes the gap between you and it (something like Aerial Slam should work well).

Event: Coliseum Qualifier – Round 3

The third round has you up against three Spiderchests, which you must defeat within 30 seconds. You should have no problem taking out the Spiderchests with standard attacks within the time limit.

Event: Coliseum Qualifier – Round 4

Round 4 features only one Buckle Bruiser, and you have 20 seconds to defeat it. Remember to use a Block Command against its attacks and then counter with a Reprisal Command to make quick work of it.

Event: Coliseum Qualifier – Round 5

The fifth round is against five Shoegazers, who have a habit of completely blocking your attacks. A Shotlock Command could easily wipe them all out, but you’ll want to save that for the final round, which has far more enemies to deal with. Make use of any wide-area Deck Commands you might have in your Command Deck to quickly take out all of the Shoegazers.

Event: Coliseum Qualifier – Round 6

This round pits you up against two Red Hot Chilis, two Blue Sea Salts, two Yellow Mustards, and one Axe Flapper, but you have 40 seconds to defeat them all, so you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed. The Axe Flapper is the more relentless of the group, so take it out first. The remaining enemies all have elemental resistances to certain magic types, so wide-area Magic Commands, like Mega Flare, won’t take them all out, but they will clear out most of them, leaving just a few left to take out using standard attacks.

Event: Coliseum Qualifier – Round 7

Round 7 has three Buckle Bruisers that you must defeat in under 40 seconds. Just like the one you fought back in Round 4, remember to Block and follow up with a Reprisal Command to take them out quick. If time begins running low, unleash a small Shotlock burst (do not use up the entire gauge) to finish them the rest of the way.

Event: Coliseum Qualifier – Round 8

Two Monotruckers and two Chrono Twisters are your opponents in Round 8, which must be completed in 30 seconds. Defeat the Chrono Twisters first to avoid being afflicted with Stop. Once they’re defeated, take out the Monotruckers to end the round.

Event: Coliseum Qualifier – Round 9

The second-to-last round makes you face a Bruiser and five Mandrakes in under 30 seconds. The Mandrakes have the annoying habit of pelting you from a distance with attacks that confuse you. Jump plenty of times to avoid these attacks as you approach the Mandrakes and defeat them one at a time. The Bruiser’s slow movements can generally be ignored until you’ve cleared the Mandrakes.

Event: Coliseum Qualifier – Round 10

The final round is none other than a swarm of thirty Jellyshades that you must clear out in under 30 seconds. Wide-area Deck Commands like Mega Flare come in mighty handy here, but in the event you don’t have that, your Shotlock Command will be most effective in clearing the room quickly.

Your reward for completing all 10 rounds of the Coliseum Qualifier HP +5 Get Bonus and the Sonic Impact Movement Command.

Fighting a Friend

Completing the Coliseum Qualifier means it’s time for the main event. Your next contender is definitely no pushover.

Boss: Zack

HP: 600     |     STR: 16     |     DEF: 9

The fight against Zack is a two-stage event, the first of which is actually very easy. The real challenge begins when Hades begins controlling him with the power of darkness. Zack’s second phase is a difficult and relentless battle, but it can be somewhat quelled by his high susceptibility to status ailments.

Deck Commands like Freeze Raid and Stun Edge are useful for dealing quick hits while hindering his unrelenting assaults. Always be sure to keep moving and stay on the offensive whenever you can. If you relentlessly advance on Zack as much as he relentlessly advances on you, you’ll be able to keep the upper hand as you knock him back.

Shotlock Commands aren’t very helpful in this battle unless you are certain that you’ll have enough time to fully charge it up. While charging, Zack has plenty opportunity to unleash a barrage of blows, which can easily reduce Terra’s HP to zero in a matter of seconds. If you can manage to fully charge up a Shotlock Command however, Terra will be invulnerable to damage while you dish out some serious damage of your own.

Victory against Zack earns you a Deck Capacity +1 Get Bonus, the Zack Dimension Link, and the Mark of a Hero Keyblade.