These Are The Unversed

After leaving the Land of Departure, the only world open to Terra is the Enchanted Dominion. Upon arriving, you’re quickly ambushed by the creatures Master Eraqus was talking about!

Event: Defeat the Unversed

To veterans of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, the Unversed that appear in this battle should be somewhat familiar. The Flood enemies behave pretty much exactly like Shadows, the Scrappers fight with a similar style to the Soldiers, and the Red Hot Chilis are practically identical to Red Nocturnes. Bruisers are similar to Large Bodies, though they can be damaged from the front, and they are a lot more aggressive.

The only truly new opponents in this battle are the Archravens, which circle high above and swoop down to steal items whenever you defeat other Unversed. Hitting them can be tricky, so you need to try to defeat them when they come down close to the ground.

If you get low on HP, you don’t have any healing Deck Commands or Items yet, so your only option is to activate a Dimension Link, which fully restores your HP. The Aqua Dimension Link will fill your Command Deck with lots of Magic, including Cure. The Ventus Dimension Link will provide you with a boost in speed and several quick-hitting Deck Commands, but no healing except for the initial HP restoration.

Follow That Flood

Upon defeating the Unversed, one Flood gets away and flees the area. Follow it into the “Forest Clearing”, where you can save your game if you wish. There are a few Treasure Chests in this area, as well as a Sticker (the crown-shaped emblem hovering off the ground) for your Sticker Book. You can collect Stickers as you play the game and unlock new Deck Commands, Items, and Abilities by placing them into your Sticker Book.

The Flood’s not here, so continue on to the “Bridge”. Terra easily disposes of the Flood in a cutscene that introduces you to one of the Enchanted Dominion’s inhabitants, Maleficent. As usual, she’s up to no good, but she suggests investigating the castle up ahead for clues to Master Xehanort’s whereabouts.

A Heart of Pure Light

More Unversed appear along the bridge, but you don’t have to fight them, though it is recommended. Head up to the “Audience Chamber”, where you’ll find plenty of Treasure Chests and Unversed. There’s also a Sticker floating high above the room, but you can’t reach it until you get the Air Slide and Sonic Impact Deck Commands. You’ll need to come back for it later.

Head up the stairs to the “Hallway” and proceed down to the end to find a sealed door. Terra can open it with his Keyblade, so head into the “Aurora Chamber” for another cutscene. Maleficent makes Terra do some awful things, then leaves, giving you the Maleficent Dimension Link. You should also save your game and access the Moogle Shop to purchase some new Deck Commands and Items. Briefly go upstairs to the “Tower Room” and clear the area of Treasure Chests and a Sticker. When you’re ready, return all the way back down to the “Audience Chamber” for a battle with a very powerful Unversed!

Boss: Wheel Master

HP: 400 (Body), 250 (Each Arm)     |     STR: 7     |     DEF: 2

The Wheel Master is actually pretty difficult, considering it’s the first real Boss of Terra’s Story. You’ll want to have plenty of Potions to heal, and you’ll also want to have full access to your Dimension Links. The Wheel Master attacks with far-reaching jumps and powerful spinning assaults.

It’s best to keep your distance from the Wheel Master and attack with mid-to-long range Deck Commands. The Wheel Master will typically buck back like a horse when it’s about to charge, which should give you ample warning to get out of the way. You don’t want to put too much distance between yourself and the Wheel Master though, as it will either trap you in it’s spindle thread, hurl its spindle wheel at you (which will then ricochet around the room for multiple passes), or simply jump up high and come crashing down on top of you.

The speed boost from the Ventus Dimension Link comes in mighty handy against the Wheel Master, especially when it starts to berserk after its HP gets low. Deck Commands like Poison are very effective and useful in helping deplete the Wheel Master’s HP.

Victory against the Wheel Master earns you a Deck Capacity +1 Get Bonus and the Diamond Dust Command Style, as well as the Fairy Stars Keyblade.