A Dark Task

Entering the Dwarf Woodlands drops Terra in the “Chamber”, where he encounters the Evil Queen and her Magic Mirror. She offers to let Terra ask the Mirror a question if he agrees to take the heart of someone named Snow White. Use the save point in the “Chamber” if you want to, then venture out into the “Vault”.

The “Vault” is a pretty big area, full of lots of Treasure Chests and lots of Unversed. If you have some sort of Fire Command in your deck, you can use it on the furnaces scattered throughout the room to activate them. The bubbles they emit will blast you up to higher ledges. One of them will bring you up to a ledge with a Treasure Chest containing the Flame Salvo Shotlock Command.

Drop back down and locate a furnace that is already working along the side wall of the room. Blast your way up to the ledge above and travel up the stairway to the back balcony. Enter the “Underground Waterway” through the door up ahead.

A Puzzling Dungeon

The “Underground Waterway” is full of gates that you can open by attacking nearby cranks. Once hit, the gate only stays open for a short while, meaning you have to run from the crank to the gate before it shuts again.

Strike the first crank you come to and run through the gate to the east. Follow the hallway up to another crank. This crank opens the next two gates at the same time, which means you’ll need to get through both of them before time runs out. Hit the crank and jump down to the first gate at the top of a staircase, then run through the hallway and make it through the second gate. Grab the two Treasure Chests across the gap, and be prepared to battle a pack of Prize Pods.

A Complete Misunderstanding

Drop down to the ground level and head through the nearby door to reach the “Courtyard”, which features a save point, a Moogle Shop, and several Treasure Chests (one of which is difficult to reach at this point, but will be reachable after the next event). When you’re ready, head into the “Flower Glade”, where you’ll find Snow White. The Unversed appear and scare her off, leaving you to take them out.

Event: Defeat the Unversed

Wave after wave of Unversed appear in the “Forest Glade”. The typical assortment of Floods and Scrappers will appear, as well as Bruisers and Red Hot Chilis. Hareraisers join the battle as well. They attack by whipping their ears around when you’re at close range.

Victory in this event earns you the Air Slide Movement Command.

A Dangerous Encounter

With the new Air Slide Movement Command, you can reach the last Treasure Chest in the “Courtyard” area. Locate the stone archway to the left when you enter from the “Flower Glade”. Get right up close to the bush along the left side of the archway and jump up. Terra should be able to grab hold of the ledge and pull himself up on top of the archway. Line yourself up so that you’re facing the platform in the corner. Jump towards it, and at the very height of your jump, press the Square Button to perform an Air Slide and reach the ledge. The Treasure Chest contains the Fission Firaga Magic Command, which is not all that impressive by itself. However, Fission Firaga is one of the ingredients for Melding the Mega Flare Magic Command, one of the most powerful Magic Commands in the game!

Return all the way to the “Chamber” to confront the Queen, who then instructs her Magic Mirror to deal with Terra.

Boss: Spirit of the Magic Mirror

HP: 300     |     STR: 11     |     DEF: 4

The Spirit of the Magic Mirror is not an overly difficult adversary. It will mostly take whatever damage you deal to it without much retaliation. It tends to move around a lot though, and rather quickly, or it will simply warp across the battlefield. Sometimes you won’t be able to keep up with it simply by running after it, so use your Shotlock to deal damage from afar.

The Spirit of the Magic Mirror will create duplicates of itself and barrage you with fireballs. These can be dodged rather easily. You’ll need to locate the real thing, which is the one with a different facial expression than all the others. Attack it and the clones will vanish.

Victory against the Spirit of the Magic Mirror earns you a HP +5 Get Bonus, the Firestorm Command Style, and the Treasure Trove Keyblade.