Raceway Ruckus

Upon arrival, Terra lands straight in the middle of a racetrack. After speaking with Queen Minnie, Chip, and Dale, and meeting the self-proclaimed Captain Dark, Disney Town is yours to explore.

Technically, the main objective of Terra’s visit starts and ends with talking to Chip and Dale and entering the race, but there is still plenty to do and find here in Disney Town, including Deck Commands like Aerial Slam, Zero Gravira, and the rare Break Time (which can be used to Meld some very powerful Deck Commands later in the game). You’ll also be able to pick up the Absolute Zero Shotlock Command in the “Gizmo Gallery”, which you can access from the sewer in the “Main Plaza”.

Ready, Set, Go!

When you’re all set with exploring Disney Town and collecting all it has to offer, return to the “Raceway” and speak with Chip and Dale to enter the race. The game will give you a brief rundown of the controls for using the Keyblade Rider on the racetrack. In order to get a good head start in this 5-lap circuit, press the X Button just after the “1” fades and right before the word “Go” appears in this beginning. You’ll get a nice little boost that will give you an initial advantage against the other Unversed drivers … and Captain Dark, of course.

You’ll want to take advantage of ramps when you see them to hit turbo rings (the red rings shaped like none other than Mickey Mouse’s head, of course), as well as take advantage of any and all shortcuts you come across to get even further into the lead. Watch out for the tornadoes moving back and forth across the racetrack toward the middle and end of each lap – getting sucked up into one will cause you to lose precious time and your lead. Make it through 5 laps, and victory is yours. You’re rewards include a Hi-Potion and the Disney Town Command Board. Also, the Rumble Racing Minigame becomes available for play in the Mirage Arena.