The Heart That Despairs

Upon arriving in the Castle of Dreams, Terra discovers Cinderella, who is in a pretty bad state. Her lamenting attracts the Unversed, so you’ll have to take them all out.

Event: Defeat the Unversed

Several waves of Floods appear, so you’ll have to defeat them in order to progress any further. Seeing as they’re just Floods, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty in this battle.

Remember that Floods like to sink down into the ground and phase out of reach. You won’t be able to hit them until they resurface. This is mostly just an annoyance, but it can drag the battle out a bit.

To the Ball

With her brand new gown, courtesy of the Fairy Godmother, Cinderella is off to the royal ball. You should follow her just to make sure she’s safe. Before moving forward, you should backtrack to “The Chateau”. It may be a dead end, but it also has a save point, as well as a Sticker, and a Treasure Chest containing the Thunderstorm Shotlock Command. When you’re ready, return to the “Forest” and then proceed to the “Palace Courtyard”.

This area is full of Unversed, but it’s also full of Treasure Chests. Scout the entire area to collect all of the goods and gain some valuable EXP. Head up the stairs at the north end of the area to find Cinderella. She’s having trouble with the Unversed again, but Terra quickly disposes of them. He then valiantly offers to escort Cinderella the rest of the way to the ball.

Event: Escort Cinderella

Cinderella needs to get to the ball, but the Unversed are swarming the castle, so you need to make sure she gets there safely. Try to stay ahead of Cinderella so you can trigger the waves of Unversed before she blindly wanders into them. Defeat them quickly before she catches up, but don’t worry if some Unversed slip behind you. With a quick push of the Square Button, you can instantly warp back to Cinderella and defend. Make it to the end of the “Corridor” to complete the first leg of the mission.

The escort task continues in the “Foyer”. More Unversed appear as you make your way up the steps, but unfortunately, Cinderella’s eagerness to get to the ball works against you in this room. She’ll start to run ahead, so you’ll have to keep up. This might mean leaving some Unversed untouched so you can deal with the ones that are more immediately advancing on Cinderella’s position.

When you reach the top of the stairs, approach Cinderella and press the X Button to finish the event. You’ll obtain the Counter Hammer Reprisal Command.

Party Crasher

When Cinderella reaches the ballroom, Terra spots some Unversed up on the balcony. The only way up there is through a secret passage to the right of the staircase in the “Foyer”, so head back there and make your way down to the “Passage”. Fight any Unversed that show up, and ignore the Sticker floating too high for you to reach.

At the end of the “Passage” is the “Antechamber”, which has a save point and a Moogle Shop. You should check it out and buy some new Deck Commands and restock any Items you’ve used up. When you’re ready, head onto the “Ballroom Balcony”.

Boss: Symphony Master

HP: 450 (Symphony Master), 200 (Each Instrument)     |     STR: 8     |     DEF: 3

The Symphony Master doesn’t attack much at first, mostly relying on its enchanted instruments to attack on its behalf. For the most part, you can just choose an instrument and lock on, powering on through with combo after combo until it is defeated.

With each defeated instrument, the Symphony Master will emit a dark cloud that can deal damage. This will only hurt you if you’re right next to the Symphony Master though, so as long as you keep your distance, you won’t take too much damage.

When all of its instruments destroyed, the Symphony Master will resort to swatting you away with its baton, as well as emitting more dark smoke. The best way to damage it is with a Shotlock Command, so unleash a full salvo of blows from a distance to rapidly deal plenty of damage. When all else fails, just power through with combo after combo, and the Symphony Master should fall with relative ease.

Victory against the Symphony Master earns you HP +5 and Deck Capacity +1 Get Bonuses, the Cinderella Dimension Link, and the Stroke of Midnight Keyblade. Clearing the Castle of Dreams also unlocks the Castle of Dreams Command Board.