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Kingdom Hearts tribute album artwork
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KINGDOM HEARTS Tribute Album is a compilation of music from the Kingdom Hearts series arranged by several artists. The songs have been remixed into different styles and genres of music for a more creative touch. It was officially released in Japan on March 25, 2015. Track remixes include jazz, 8-bit retro, and every genre in between. Every serious fan of Kingdom Hearts will simply adore this collection.

Disc 1

  1. Dearly Beloved feat. 末光篤
  2. Riku ~ Sora ~ Kairi feat. jizue
  3. A Piece of Peace ~ Under the Sea ~ Traverse Town feat. カワイヒデヒロ (fox capture plan)
  4. Traverse Town feat. Jimanica
  5. Always on My Mind feat. Vampillia
  6. Bustin’ Up on the Beach ~ Shrouding Dark Cloud ~ Guardando nel buio feat. 牧歌電子
  7. Dearly Beloved ~ Hollow Bastion ~ Hand in Hand ~ Always on My Mind feat. SOREMONSTER
  8. Rage Awakened feat. p 滝善充 (9mm Parabellum Bullet)
  9. The 13th Struggle feat. Marmalade butcher
  10. March Caprice feat. RIZM DEVICE