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Re:Chain of Memories > Other Changes

In addition to all of the other extras in Re:Chain of Memories, there are a few more changes that were made. They are detailed below.

Environmental Changes

Certain rooms in different worlds have interactive objects that can either help or hinder your progression through that world. Worlds such as Wonderland and Olympus Coliseum feature objects that can damage and confuse your characters in battle, while worlds such as Atlantica and Monstro feature objects that can inflict stop or massive damage to enemies. Use these new objects to your advantage and avoid those that hurt more than help.

Sleight Changes

The Gravity Raid, Stop Raid, Homing Fira, Firaga Break, Blazing Donald, and Goofy Charge Sleights have been removed from the game. Also, the criteria to acquire several other Sleights has been changed to make room for other new Sleights that have been added to the remake.

Treasure Changes

Several Cards and Sleights that were available through Calm Bounty Cards and Key to Rewards in certain worlds have been relocated to other worlds to make room for more new rewards.

Card Changes

Some Enemy Cards (such as the Darkball) have had their effects slightly altered to better suit the other changes made to Re:CoM. The Darkball for example has had its effect changed to make up for the loss of Link Mode. Instead, its new effect works in conjunction with Riku’s new Duel Mode, and has therefore been removed from Sora’s Story.

Other Changes

– High Jump, Glide, and Super Glide have been added for use in the field and in battle.

– Theater Mode has been added to the Main Menu after clearing each Story.

– Sora, Donald, Goofy, Riku, and King Mickey now appear in their Halloween outfits while in Halloween Town.

– A few changes were made to the script in certain places.