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Re:Chain of Memories > New Bosses

Two new bosses were added to Kingdom Hearts: Re:Chain of Memories that were not featured in the original Chain of Memories. The first is Zexion, who was added as a boss to Riku’s Story. The other is a second phase to the final Marluxia Redux battle at the end of Sora’s Story.


HP: 1120 | EXP: 6280

Zexion can be a tricky fellow, but you do have one massive advantage on your side during this fight: you are permanently in Dark Mode throughout the entire battle! Look for opportunities to hammer him with Sleights like Dark Firaga and Dark Break, and even Dark Aura if you can manage to string together three 9’s. Also, be on the lookout for chances to enter Duel Mode and slam him with the devastating Dark Barrage Sleight!

Zexion has a few attacks that you really need to watch out for. The first is his Cyclone Snatch Sleight, which creates a black vortex in the center of the arena. This vortex will suck Riku toward the center and when he hits the tornado in the middle, he’ll lose slight amounts of HP and 2 cards from his deck! Try to avoid this attack by Dodging toward the outer edges of the island. You DON’T want to be losing cards from your deck in this fight, as it will leave you stuck with fewer cards when the battle really starts to get down to the wire.

If Zexion manages to collect enough of the cards from Riku’s Deck, he can use them to create clones of himself that will then proceed to make things drastically more challenging. During this time, two rather devastating Sleights are at Zexion’s disposal: Dark Punisher and Catastrophe! Dark Punisher allows Zexion to grab hold of Riku and drain a good chunk of his HP. Catastrophe (rightfully named) is a lot more deadly. Zexion and his clones form energy rays that meet at the center of the island. They proceed to circle the island, dealing massive damage to Riku if he is caught in the blast. Try to break these Sleights as soon as possible and keep hammering through with Sleights of your own.

Marluxia Redux – Phase 2

HP: 1937 | EXP: 0

The final incarnation of Marluxia isn’t all that hard, but it certainly is a challenge nonetheless! He is able to string together powerful Sleights exceptionally quick, not to mention his extremely annoying ability to scatter the contents of your deck all over the battlefield. As far as basic attacks go, Marluxia doesn’t really do much. In fact, he just stands there and takes hits while trying to dish out devastating attacks of his own. Most of his Sleights are easy to break if you’ve got high cards, and of course, a handy 0 Card or two always gets the job done. Just keep pounding him and you should come out on top.