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When Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories was released for the Gameboy Advance in 2004, it was a sequel that fans across the world grew to love. However, as is the case with most things, fans wanted more. In 2008, Square-Enix finally answered those cries for more with a full remake of Chain of Memories, quite simply titled .

Originally included in the Japanese release of Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + as part of a two-game set, Re:CoM (as it was called for short) was released in Europe and the United States almost two years after Japan got their hands on it! There was much debate about whether or not the remake was ever even going to make it outside of Japan, or if it would be just going to be one more game that Japanese gamers got to keep all to themselves. In early 2008, however, Square-Enix confirmed that Re:CoM would indeed become an international release.

Unlike a Final Mix, this wasn’t simply a re-release with a few added extras. This was a full-blown remake, bringing the classic Chain of Memories story to the Playstation 2 with complete 3D rendering and even cutscenes with voiceovers. In addition to simply bringing the story from one system to the next, Square-Enix added a couple of new extras such as two additional boss fights, several new cards, several new sleights, an entire new battle system for Riku’s Story, a completely redesigned 100 Acre Wood level, and a few other goodies.

The game featured voiced cutscenes for all of the events in the hallways between the floors of Castle Oblivion, but all of the events within the worlds themselves employed the use of active cutscenes with text bubbles. Make no mistake, there is still a lot of reading to be done in this game, but as most fans of the series would agree, Re:Chain of Memories was a welcome revisit into one of the most-loved games of the entire franchise!