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There are various Keyblades to collect along Data Sora’s journey through the Journal. Each Keyblade is capable of leveling up and becoming more powerful, unlocking more Abilities along their Clock Path. Each Keyblade is detailed below.

Kingdom Key

Description: The keychain originally attached to your Keyblade. Its powers will serve you in countless battles.
Obtained: Default

Wishing Star

Description: A Keyblade that is capable of swift strikes. Its powers will automatically keep you safe.
Obtained: Defeat the Guard Armor in Traverse Town

Lady Luck

Description: A Keyblade that restores HP when you block. Its powers negatively affect enemy status.
Obtained: Defeat the Trickmaster in Wonderland


Description: A combo-mod Keyblade capable of powerful blows. Its powers let you smash through enemy defenses.
Obtained: Defeat Hades in Olympus Coliseum

Three Wishes

Description: A combo-mod Keyblade capable of a string of hits. Its powers will bring you great treasure.
Obtained: Defeat Jafar in Agrabah


Description: A Keyblade that rewards wielders who share its hurt. Its powers will draw out your full potential.
Location: Defeat Riku in Hollow Bastion – Part I


Description: A Keyblade newly wrought within the datascape. Its powers render all opponents helpless.
Obtained: Defeat Sora’s Heartless in Hollow Bastion – Part II


Description: A Keyblade that will guard you from many hurts. Its powers help accelerate your growth.
Obtained: Clear Castle Oblivion

Metal Chocobo

Description: A combo-mod Keyblade capable of crushing blows. Its powers assist those who seek supreme strength.
Obtained: Rare Prize Box at Layer 27 in Olympus Coliseum


Description: A combo-mod Keyblade capable of a blur of hits. Its powers assist those who seek supreme speed.
Obtained: Sector Reward at Alleyway System Sector in Traverse Town (348,000 SP)

Ultima Weapon

Description: An incredible Keyblade with a wealth of abilities. Its powers let you fell enemies at a single stroke.
Obtained: Sector Reward at Entryway System Sector in Hollow Bastion – Part I