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Data Sora

Sora as the journal remembers him on his first journey to save the World, Data Sora is asked by King Mickey to explore the Datascape and defeat the bugs that have corrupted the journal’s data.

Data Sora uses a makeshift Keyblade created from data to battle the Heartless and the bugs infesting the journal. He travels to many worlds from his first journey to restore the journal to how it used to be and uncover the truth behind a mysterious message written in its pages.

The Journal

A physical embodiment of the journal, taking the shape of Riku. Riku appears to Data Sora and the others asking them to help him uncover the mystery behind the message in the journal.

When Riku’s data is corrupted by the bugs at the hands of Pete and Maleficent, Data Sora must battle within the data to restore Riku, and the journal, to its former state.

Donald Duck

Donald Duck is the court wizard of Disney Castle and loyal friend to King Mickey, Goofy, and Sora. When Jiminy Cricket discovers a strange message written in one of his journals, Donald does what he can to help decode it.

When Donald, Goofy, and King Mickey are all transported to the Datascape, Donald travels into the worlds of the journal with Goofy to help Data Sora on his quest.


Goofy is Captain of the Royal Guard at Disney Castle, and friend to Donald, King Mickey, and Sora. When Jiminy Cricket finds a message in his journal that he doesn’t remember writing, Goofy stands ready to help uncover the mystery behind it.

After being transported to the Datascape alongside King Mickey and Donald, Goofy ventures into the journal’s worlds with Donald to aid Data Sora in his adventure.

King Mickey

When Jiminy Cricket first discovered the mysterious message in the journal, he brought it to King Mickey asking for advice. King Mickey decided that the best course of action would be to examine the journal on a computer, but when the bugs prevent them from scanning the journal, King Mickey asks Data Sora to investigate the Datascape.

When King Mickey finds out that he and the others have been brought into the data world, he tries to help Data Sora as much as he can. It is only after their journey together within the journal’s data that he is able to uncover the truth about the mysterious message, and relay what he has learned to the real Sora.


Pete found his way into the Datascape shortly after King Mickey and the others were brought there as well. Since then, he works with Maleficent to conquer this newly found world.

Pete and Maleficent use the bugs to control Riku and bend him to do their will. By corrupting Riku, they are corrupting the very fabric of the journal itself, and anything could happen.


Maleficent has been looking for a world to call her own and fill with her own personal touch of darkness. When she and Pete stumble across the Datascape, she immediately lays claim to it.

Allying herself with the bugs, Maleficent shatters Data Sora’s makeshift Keyblade and corrupts Riku’s data from within. Assuming that her victory is assured, she had no way of knowing that Data Sora’s resolve would be just as resilient as that of the original.

Data Naminé

When Sora’s memories were being reassembled, Naminé’s promise to Sora remained embedded into the journal’s memory, hoping to, one day, keep that promise.

A data version of Naminé remained behind in the journal in the hopes of delivering a message to the real Sora – a message about the people who are still hurting, and how Sora is the only one who can ease their pain. King Mickey passes this message on to the real Sora after leaving the Datascape.

The Unknown

A mysterious hooded figure who appears to Data Sora upon investigating the new world Riku discovered within the journal’s memory. The Unknown coaxes Data Sora through this world in the hopes of bringing him to accept pain.

Data Sora is inevitably forced to battle with this mysterious figure in order to reach the end of his journey. The Unknown proves to be a much more familiar face than Data Sora was ever expecting.