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Shortly after the release of Kingdom Hearts II, news of three new Kingdom Hearts games made its way across the globe. The first of these three games to be released was Kingdom Hearts: Coded, a game set to take place after the events in Kingdom Hearts II, available only on certain models of Japanese cell phones. The game was released in episodes periodically while the other two games (358/2 Days and Birth by Sleep) were in production.

Unfortunately, many gamers were unable to play Kingdom Hearts: Coded due to its rather limited availability. Not many Japanese gamers had the phones necessary to play the game, and the game was completely unavailable to any gamers outside of Japan. Because of this, Square-Enix decided that they would re-release the game on a much more universally available system – the Nintendo DS. Thus, news regarding Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded began circulating. Shortly after the international release of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded hit the shelves.

The game took everything from the original Coded, and then took it several steps forward by adding a modified battle system adapted from Birth by Sleep. Players can use the newly developed Command Matrix to install new Commands and Abilities as well as the totally new Overclock system. Similar to Finish Commands from Birth by Sleep, the Overclock system allows players to unleash powerful attacks while constantly cycling through changing Abilities that enhance their stats and attacks in the heat of battle.

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