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Kingdom Hearts Mangas

The publishing company Yen Press has taken over publication of the entire Kingdom Hearts manga series. This includes KH Final Mix, Chain of Memories, KHII, 358/2 Days, and the possibility of even more in the future. This page is an archive for the complete English Kingdom Hearts manga library.

This page contains all the currently released books and gets updated with new mangas every-so-often. Each cover photo links to Amazon where you can buy a copy of the manga.

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

  • KH Final Mix Vol1
  • KH Final Mix Vol2

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories

  • KH Chain of Memories

Kingdom Hearts II

  • KH II Vol. 1
  • KH II Vol. 2

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

  • KH 358/2 Days
  • KH 358/2 Days
  • KH 358/2 Days

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