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Medals are used in KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ to provide powerful attacks players can use to topple even the most challenging of Heartless! Each Medal has its own stats, effects, costs, and evolution trees associated to it.

How to Use This Guide

The table below represents an actual entry in our Medal Archive Pages. Below this table are descriptions of what each part of the table refers to in terms of actual in-game application. We hope that this User’s Guide will help you further understand the stats and information regarding each Medal.

No. 37 KH Sora A (1)

Medal Image (2) Rarity (3) Attribute (4) Classification (5) Class (6)
Speed Upright Common Attack
Max LV (7) Cost (8) Base Strength (9) Base Defense (10)
20 1 1277 1242
SP Attack (11) SP Attack Tier (12) Target (13) Base Damage (14)
Spark Dash All x1.54
Required Gauges (15) SP Attack Description (16) Evolution (17)
2 Deals 2 moderately powerful hits. Cheshire Cat ★ (x1)

(1) Medal Number and Name

The big text shown above the table shows each Medal’s Name and Number within the in-game Medal Album. This makes for easier sorting and navigation.

(2) Medal Image

This block shows a picture of what the actual Medal looks like in-game.

(3) Rarity

Rarity refers to a Medal’s placement in its Evolutionary Line. There are 6 different Rarity ranks: ★, 2★, 3★, 4★, 5★, and 6★. Raising a Medal’s Rarity makes it more powerful and increases its stats.

(4) Attribute

Every Medal in the game has one of four Attributes: Power, Speed, Magic, or Support. A Medal’s Attribute indicates which Attributes that Medal will be strong against, and which Attributes that medal will be weak against. Power Medals are strong against Speed Enemies, and weak against Magic Enemies. Speed Medals are strong against Magic Enemies, and weak against Power Enemies. Magic Medals are strong against Power Enemies, and weak against Speed Enemies. Support Medals are not used for attacking, but instead are used to augment the stats of your Attack Medals from within the Medals List.

(5) Classification

Medals can have one of two Classifications: Upright or Reversed. These Classifications affect very little, but can offer significant bonuses depending on where they are placed within certain Keyblades in the Equipment Menu.

(6) Class

There are two parts to a Medal’s Class. The first refers to Medal’s Status, which determines how easy or difficult a Medal is to come by in-game. The table below lists out all possible Statuses a Medal could have, and what each Status means in terms of acquiring new Medals.

Medal Status Status Meaning
Common Obtainable as a reward for completing various Quests.
Normal Obtainable through lesser Shop Deals, such as the Daily Deal or the Small Deal.
Epic Obtainable through Epic Shop Deals, such as Epic Medal Carnival.
Premium Obtainable as a Premium Draw in featured Deals.
Bonus Obtainable as a reward for achieving specific criteria in-game, such as unlocking a Medal’s Special Attack Bonus before a certain date, or participating in High Score Challenges.
Event Obtainable only through limited-time Event Quests.

The second part of a Medal’s Class is what type of Medal it is. This could either be an Attack Medal, an EXP Medal, a Boost Medal, a Cost Medal, an Evolve Medal, or a Munny Medal.

(7) Max LV

The maximum level that a Medal can reach for any given Rarity. A Medal’s Max LV must be reached before it can become eligible to Evolve.

(8) Cost

How much a Medal costs when placing it in a Slot on a Keyblade in the Equipment Menu. A Medal’s Cost can be lowered, but only when that Medal reaches a Rarity of 6★.

(9) Base Strength

The Strength a Medal possesses at LV 1 for any given Rarity. This stat is a factor in calculating damage output for standard attacks and Special Attacks.

(10) Base Defense

The Defense a Medal possesses at LV 1 for any given Rarity. This stat is a factor in calculating damage intake from enemies.

(11) SP Attack

The name of a Medal’s Special Attack.

(12) SP Attack Tier

Refers to the percentage boost a Medal’s Special Attack receives after unlocking its Special Attack Bonus.

(13) Target

Refers to the number of Targets a Medal’s Special Attack can hit.

(14) Base Damage

The damage multiplier a Medal receives when activating its Special Attack. The value listed is the multiplier for a LV 1 Medal at any given Rarity.

(15) Required Gauges

Refers to the number of Attack Gauges needed to activate a Medal’s Special Attack.

(16) SP Attack Description

The in-game description of what a Medal’s Special Attack does when used in battle.

(17) Evolution

Lists the Medals needed to Evolve that Medal to the next Rarity. Medals can only be Evolved after they have reached the Max LV for their current Rarity.