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Kingdom Hearts II > Walkthroughs: Twilight Town III

Almost There

When you touch down in Twilight Town, the finality of their journey is starting to hit home for Sora, Donald, and Goofy. As the photo suggests, head out to the “Old Mansion”. When you get there, Hayner, Pence, and Olette meet up with you. Unfortunately, so do the Nobodies!

Event: Defeat all the Nobodies

The Nobodies invade the “Old Mansion” when you arrive, so it’s time for another battle! Fortunately, you have Donald, Goofy, AND King Mickey to help you. Take out all of the enemies to continue into the mansion.

Once the Nobodies have been defeated, head inside the mansion. Make your way down to the “Mansion: Computer Room” for another cutscene. Pence needs to know the password for Ansem’s computer. Before you give it to him, you should head into the “Mansion: Basement Hall” and then proceed into the “Mansion: Basement Corridor”. There is a Treasure Chest in this hallway that contains the Ultima Recipe. If you bring this item to any Moogle Shop, you can use it to synthesize the Ultima Weapon Keyblade, Sora’s most powerful weapon!

When you’re ready to head into the alternate Twilight Town, talk to Pence and tell him the password (which is Sea-Salt Ice Cream). Examine the terminal once Pence activates the computer.

Roxas’s Twilight Town

In the alternate Twilight Town, enter the “Mansion: Basement Hall”. A mysterious portal appears in the corner of the room. Pass through it to enter “Betwixt and Between”. When the Nobodies move in to attack, surprisingly, it’s Axel that comes to your rescue!

Event: Defeat all the Nobodies

You won’t have Donald or Goofy with you for this battle, which means no Drive Forms or Limit Commands. You do have access to Sora’s solo Trinity Limit Ability, but you don’t necessarily need it to come out on top in this battle. Axel is a great help in defeating large groups of Nobodies with ease. Just let him do his own thing while you focus on attacking the enemies in your immediate area.

Victory in this event earns you the Bond of Flame Keyblade for Sora.

Despite your best efforts, the Nobodies just keep coming. Axel puts all he has into one final attack to clear the room. As he fades away, he opens a portal for Sora and the gang to continue on.

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