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Kingdom Hearts II > Walkthroughs: Twilight Town II

Back in Town

Upon arriving in Twilight Town, something’s going down at the “Sandlot”. Head out there immediately to find Seifer and his gang being ambushed by a swarm of Nobodies!

Event: Defeat all the Nobodies

The new Berserker Nobodies are a true powerhouse! Their attacks are extremely powerful and relentless! The trick to defeating them is to bash them with as many hits as you can to make them drop their giant hammer, then pick it up using the Berserk Reaction Command. Zoom around the arena, picking up as many Berserkers as you can, then use the Eclipse Reaction Command up to three times to slam them around. Finish off with the Magna Storm Reaction Command to unleash a powerful finishing swing!

After defeating all of the Nobodies, Seifer hands over Seifer’s Trophy. Head up to the “Station Plaza” when Pence arrives to ask you if you’ve ever met a girl named Kairi! When you get there, turns out she’s not there after all, but instead, she’s been captured by Organization XIII! Sora acquires the Oathkeeper Keyblade before heading off to the next world.

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