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Kingdom Hearts II > Walkthroughs: Prologue – The 2nd Day

Odd Jobs

The next day, the gang is hanging out in the “Usual Spot”. When the cutscene ends, you’re given the option to save your game at the Save Point. You’ll also receive the Twilight Town Map. It’s time to head out into town.

Roxas and friends decide they want to go to the beach. Unfortunately, they don’t have a lot of Munny, so you’ll need to find some odd jobs around town to get some. There are two menu boards to choose jobs from, located on “Market Street” and in the “Tram Common” areas. There are six jobs to choose from, and they are as follows:





Mail Delivery

50 Munny
(20 Seconds or Less)

30 Munny
(1 Minute or Less)

10 Munny
(More than 1 Minute)

Cargo Climb

50 Munny
(Less than 30 Seconds)

30 Munny
(30 Seconds to 1 Minute)

10 Munny
(More than 1 Minute)


50 Munny
(20 or More Juggles)

30 Munny
(5 to 19 Juggles)

10 Munny
(4 Juggles or Less)

Poster Duty

100 Munny
(90 Seconds or Less)

50 Munny
(90 Seconds to 2 Minutes)

30 Munny
(More than 2 Minutes)

Bumble Buster

50 Munny
(20 Seconds or Less)

30 Munny
(20 Seconds to 1 Minute)

10 Munny
(More than 1 Minute)

Junk Sweep

50 Munny
(10 Swings or Less)

30 Munny
(10 to 15 Swings)

10 Munny
(More than 15 Swings)

Clearly, Poster Duty offers the biggest reward, but it also takes an average of a whole minute to complete a single run. We recommend you take on the Mail Delivery job, as you can complete it in about 8 seconds for a single run. If you do the math, one run through of Poster Duty earns you 100 Munny. In that same amount of time, you could easily complete around 7 runs of Mail Delivery, which would earn you 350 Munny.

Reap the Rewards

Regardless of which job you choose, you should strive to obtain a grand total of 1200 Munny. You can progress the story by only earning 50 Munny from a single job, but the more Munny you earn, the more you are rewarded. The chart below shows you the possible rewards (keep in mind that you start with 150 Munny, so the values below are for Munny earned in addition to that 150):

Amount Earned

AP Earned

50 to 650 Munny

+0 AP

650 to 1050 Munny

+1 AP

1050 to 1850 Munny

+2 AP

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