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A young boy from the Destiny Islands, Sora was chosen as the wielder of the Keyblade. When his world was consumed by the Heartless, Sora traveled across the worlds searching for his missing friends, Kairi and Riku.

His reunion with them was brief, but knowing that Kairi is safe in their reformed home, Sora continues his search for his best friend Riku.


Riku is Sora’s best friend who disappeared on the night when their home was swallowed by the darkness. Since that night, Riku has struggled with the darkness inside his heart, and so he has kept himself away from Sora, unable to face him in his current state.

Since the events in Castle Oblivion, Riku has been working with DiZ and Naminé to help Sora and his friends wake up. In order to make sure that Sora’s memories returned to him, Riku had to give in to the darkness in his heart, which changed him forever.


Kairi is friends with Sora and Riku. On the night their island was lost to the darkness, Kairi’s heart took shelter inside Sora’s. Since then, there has been a connection between them that transcends the distance between them.

After Sora defeated Ansem, Kairi was brought back to the Destiny Islands. Due to the events in Castle Oblivion, she has recently forgotten all about Sora. As she slowly starts to remember him again, she sends a message in a bottle out to sea in the hopes that it one day reaches him.

Donald Duck

Donald Duck is the court wizard at Disney Castle and a good friend of King Mickey’s. After his disappearance, Donald set out with Goofy to find a mysterious key and follow it. Their mission led them to Sora, and they have been traveling with him ever since.

After the events in Castle Oblivion, Donald went to sleep while Naminé worked to fix all of their memories. Now that the three of them are awake again, he and Goofy can resume the search for their missing king.


Captain of the Royal Knights at Disney Castle, Goofy is a skilled warrior, though he avoids fighting whenever possible. He set out with Donald to find the “key” mentioned in the King’s letter, and since then, he’s been accompanying Sora on his journey to find his friends.

After the events in Castle Oblivion, Goofy went to sleep so that Naminé could fix everyone’s memories. Now that they are awake, he and Donald journey with Sora in search of their missing king.

King Mickey

King Mickey is the leader of Disney Castle. He saw that something bad was happening to the worlds, and set out to investigate. He reappeared again alongside Riku and helped Sora, Donald, and Goofy close the Door to Darkness.

After the events in Castle Oblivion, King Mickey and Riku got separated. When they found each other again, Riku made King Mickey promise that he would help Sora along his journey.


A young boy living in Twilight Town, Roxas’s dreams are haunted by what seem like memories of other worlds, other people … particularly a boy his age with spiky brown hair and a weapon that looks like a large key.

As the dreams become more frequent and more strange things happen around Twilight Town, Roxas is more determined to get to the bottom of these mysteries, hopefully even unlocking the mystery of his own past.


Naminé is a strange girl with a mysterious power over the memories of Sora and those he is connected with. After the events in Castle Oblivion, she has been working to set things back to the way they were before Sora ever even met her.

When the process of reconstructing Sora’s memories begins to affect Roxas, Naminé goes to him in an effort to explain what’s happening to him. But whenever she gets too close to revealing the truth about Roxas, DiZ interferes and prevents her from telling Roxas about his past.

Introducing himself as DiZ, Ansem the Wise takes Riku and Naminé under his wing in an effort to help Sora wake up. He hides his face from others to conceal his true identity.

Ansem the Wise seeks revenge against the leader of the Organization, his foremost apprentice, for taking his name and assuming his identity. He plans to use Sora’s power over the Keyblade to exact his revenge.


Originally a resident of Disney Castle, Pete was banished to another dimension many years ago for his misdeeds. Since that time, he’s been released by Maleficent, who has somehow survived her encounter with Sora and his friends during their first adventure.

Pete travels to many different worlds, spreading Heartless wherever he goes. It usually falls upon Sora and the gang to clean up Pete’s messes.


Since their previous adventure, Sora and friends had assumed that Maleficent had been defeated. It turns out, that is not the case. She’s alive and well, and she’s looking to claim worlds for herself and fill them with her own personal touch of darkness.

Maleficent freed Pete from his prison in the other dimension in order to use him to amass a large army of Heartless, which she plans to use to plunge all worlds into darkness.


A member of the Organization whose specialty lies in fire. Axel’s motives are not always easy to read, and he is almost always bending the rules to fit into his own agenda.

It was Axel’s assignment to capture Roxas and bring him back to the Organization, but when Roxas begins to uncover his true power, he proves too much for Axel to handle. He spends the rest of his time trying to see Roxas again.


A member of the Organization and master over water, Demyx has never been one for fighting. He’d rather sit back and play his sitar, but he can get serious when he needs to. He reluctantly does battle with Sora under the orders of the Organization.

Demyx interferes in the affairs of a few of the worlds, but it’s not until he encounters Sora and the gang at Hollow Bastion that his true power is unleashed.


A member of the Organization, Xaldin’s mastery lies over wind. His weapons of choice are his six lances which he whips around with great skill and deadly accuracy.

Sora and his friends encounter Xaldin meddling in the Beast’s Castle. When Xaldin’s plans there take a turn for the worse, he’s forced to take matters into his own hands.


Xigbar is a member of the Organization who has power over space. He fights with magic bullets from a distance and moves quickly to strike down his enemies.

He interferes with the affairs of many worlds, and when he catches up with Sora and his friends in The World that Never Was, Xigbar shows them all what he’s really made of.


A bit of a gambler, Luxord is No. X in the Organization. To him, life is nothing more than a game and everything can be left to chance.

Luxord appears in Port Royal making trouble in the name of Organization XIII, trying to determine if the cursed medallions and a powerful Heartless could serve the Organization’s needs. It’s not until he ambushes Sora in The World that Never Was that he means business.


Saïx is number VII in the Organization, but he is second-in-command. His orders come directly from the Superior and he carries them out with unquestioned loyalty. Though normally calm, his attitude can change at the drop of a hat.

Saïx coaxes Sora into battling the Heartless, which only proves to assist the Organization in reaching their goal even faster. He is cold, cruel, and not afraid to manipulate people to carry out the Superior’s plans.


The leader of Organization XIII, Xemnas has command over Nothingness. He seeks to give himself and his fellow members hearts by invoking the power of the heart of all worlds, Kingdom Hearts.

Xemnas remains out of sight until Sora brings the fight to him. When challenged Xemnas gives Sora and his friends a battle not easily won.