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Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + > New Heartless

New Heartless

All of the new Heartless that made their way into Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix are located throughout the Cavern of Remembrance. You can check out some details in the list below.

Spring Metal - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix +

Spring Metal

The Spring Metal is a very dangerous new Heartless who uses the power of wind. It can create massive tornadoes that suck up Sora, Donald, and Goofy and deal massive strings of damage that can deplete an HP Gauge in a heartbeat!

Air Viking - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+

Air Viking

The Air Viking uses powerful swooping punches and lunges to really knock the stuffing out of Sora, Donald, and Goofy. They are quick-moving, making them difficult to hit, and they love to attack in groups, making them more dangerous than usual!

Magic Phantom - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix +

Magic Phantom

Magic Phantoms are completely impervious to every kind of attack except for magic. They like to attack with magical balls of dark energy that follow their enemies wherever they go.

Perplex - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix +


Perplex behave much like Hook Bats, though their attacks have a little less bark and a little more bite. They swarm enemies and attack them with supersonic waves.

Runemaster - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix +


Runemasters are immune to physical attacks that strike the book they carry, but are vulnerable from behind. Likewise, they are weak against magic attacks, and can always be dispatched by using a well-timed Reflect spell as they attack.

Iron Hammer - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix +

Iron Hammer

Iron Hammers slam their bodies into the ground to create powerful shockwaves that damage nearby enemies. They also like to flip around, making them rather difficult to hit.

Lance Warrior - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix +

Lance Warrior

Similar to the Lance Soldier, the Lance Warrior uses its mighty lance to slash its enemies with powerful spinning slices and rambunctious charging attacks. When more than one join the fight, watch out! They’re dangerous alone, but even more so in groups!

Mad Bumper - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix +

Mad Bumper

Mad Bumpers are like supercharged Hot Rods, sporting more attitude and unpredictability if that’s even possible. They resort to full-speed ramming attacks to take their enemies down to size quickly and effortlessly!

Reckless - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix +


Reckless are dangerous new Heartless with one goal in mind: take down whatever stands in its way! Their attacks are powerful and relentless, allowing them to take down an HP Gauge with ease!

Necromancer - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix +


Necromancers are highly resistant to magical attacks, but they are more than willing to use some of their own. They are most dangerous when they change into mask form and charge around.

Aerial Champ - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix +

Aerial Champ

Much like the Aerial Knockers, Aerial Champs fly quickly through the air and bombard their enemies with long strings to punching attacks. They are extremely dangerous when more than one start to swarm a target!

Mushroom XIII - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix +

Mushroom XIII

Mushroom XIII is actually an Organization of Heartless who share similar qualities to their Nobody counterparts. Consisting of 13 Mushroom Heartless in all, Mushroom XIII is not very aggressive, but rather, they offer rare and valuable prizes to those who can master each of their individual challenges.

Recolored Heartless

In addition to the new Heartless included in Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix, several other Heartless had their coloration altered. They are listed below.


Large Body

Assault Rider

Hook Bat

Assault Rider - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix + Hook Bat - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix +

Lance Soldier

Rabid Dog

Creeper Plant

Trick Ghost

Lance Soldier - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix + Rabid Dog - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix +

Tornado Step

Minute Bomb

Hammer Frame

Hot Rod


Air Pirate

Cannon Gun

Fat Bandit


Luna Bandit

Driller Mole

Wight Knight

Toy Soldier


Aerial Knocker

Living Bone


Morning Star

Bulky Vendor



Prison Keeper

Storm Rider


Grim Reaper