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Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + > Limit Form

Sora in Limit Form Outfit official artwork

Limit Form

Obtained after completing the 2nd Visit to Twilight Town

Limit Form in Combat

Using 4 Drive Points, Limit Form sports four powerful attacks that are at Sora’s disposal via the Magic Shortcut Menu: Sonic Blade, Ars Arcanum, Strike Raid, and Ragnarok, set to the Circle Button, Triangle Button, Square Button, and X Button respectively.

Each of these abilities uses up a certain amount of MP, making Limit Form a very MP-consuming form. However, taking damage while in Limit Form replenishes MP. Likewise, Sora will regain lost HP with each hit dealt to an enemy using one of these four attacks by use of the new HP Gain Ability available exclusively in Limit Form. Sora can enter Limit Form alone as it does not consume any Party Members to enter.

Leveling Up Limit Form

Limit Form gains 1 EXP for each successfully executed use of Sonic Blade, Ars Arcanum, Strike Raid, or Ragnarok. However it is not simply enough to use these abilities. What determines whether or not the EXP is awarded is whether or not the combo finisher of these attacks defeats an enemy. Enemies with high HP aren’t the greatest choice. But enemies with low HP usually die before a combo finisher is reached, so they’re not the best bet either.

Use your better judgement when determining the best situations to use these attacks and gain EXP. Fortunately, Limit Form does not need a lot of EXP to grow from one level to the next.