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Wonderland – Gummi Pieces & Blueprints

Thunder-G Aero-G Aeroga-G

Wonderland – Magic, Summons, & Abilities


Down the Rabbit Hole

Upon entering Wonderland, our heroes come across the White Rabbit, who is apparently extremely late for a very important date! Naturally, you should follow him to the end of the hallway and into the “Bizarre Room”. During the cutscene that plays when you enter the “Bizzare Room”, you are prompted to drink one of the two bottles on the table to shrink down to the right size. Before you do this, push the bed flat into the wall to reveal a small doorway.

Kingdom Hearts Wonderland - Sora drinks the blue bottle

Drink the blue bottle to shrink down small enough to go through the door you just uncovered. However, when you shrink down, the room will suddenly fill with Heartless, which you can either fight or run away from. It’s a good idea to dispatch of at least a few groups of enemies to gain some EXP before moving on.

On the other side of the door is the “Queen’s Castle”, which is currently in the middle of a trial to see if Alice is innocent or guilty. The Queen of Hearts has accused Alice of attempting to steal her heart, and Sora and the gang step in to defend her. Now it’s your responsibility to search all over Wonderland for pieces of evidence to help prove Alice’s innocence. Head through the opening in the wall to the next area.

Collecting Evidence

Inside the “Lotus Forest”, Sora and his friends encounter the Cheshire Cat, who likes to speak more in riddles than provide straight answers. This much is clear though: there are four pieces of evidence scattered throughout Wonderland. Three are easy to find, but the last is a little more complicated. You can progress the story by only collecting one piece of evidence, but if you manage to collect all four, the Cheshire Cat has promised to reward you for your impressive detective work.

The flowers in the “Lotus Forest” will ask you for Items if you examine them. If you give them what they ask for, they’ll reward you with prizes. The red flower right by the entrance will give you a Camping Set and a bunch of HP Orbs if you give it a Potion. Ignore the nearby yellow flower for now. You’ll need its effect later. Head further into the forest and into the little clearing off to the right. In this area, there’s a Blue Trinity which gives you an Ether, a Potion, a Tent, and some MP Orbs. Give the nearby flower a Potion to get a Hi-Potion and some more MP Orbs. The Treasure Chest on the ground in this area contains your first piece of evidence: the Footprints.

Kingdom Hearts Wonderland - Sora finds some evidence

Climb the mushrooms up to the treetops and head through the opening in the tree to drop down on top of the stove back in the “Bizarre Room”. The Treasure Chest here contains Stench, your second piece of evidence. Drop down to the floor and make your way back to the “Lotus Forest” by going through the “Queen’s Castle” area. Head to the very back of the “Lotus Forest”, defeating any Heartless that appear along the way, and hop up onto the mushroom sticking out of the back wall. This Treasure Chest holds your third piece of evidence: the Antenna. Make the long jump up to the treetops in the back corner of the room and open that Treasure Chest to collect a Thunder-G . Jump across the treetops to find another Treasure Chest with Dalmatians 16, 17, & 18 inside.

Hop back down and find the yellow flower by the front entrance to the “Lotus Forest”. Give it a Potion and it will make Sora big again. You can stomp on the nearby tree stump to raise two mushrooms, allowing you to reach a new area in the upper treetops. To shrink back down, examine the fruit up into the treetops and eat it. Now head back into the clearing and climb the mushrooms up to the treetops and hop across the new mushrooms you raised to access a new entrance to the “Bizarre Room”.

The doorway drops you down on top of a faucet jutting out of the “Bizarre Room” wall. Beside you is a cupboard with a Treasure Chest on it. Jump across the gap and open it to receive your final piece of evidence: the Claw Marks. The Cheshire Cat will now appear and reward you with the Blizzard spell for finding all the pieces of evidence. Drop down and make your way back to the “Queen’s Castle”.

Making Your Case

Speak to the Red Card Soldiers in front of the Queen’s podium to present your evidence. The Queen of Hearts will be unhappy with your findings regardless of how many pieces of evidence you collected, so she will instruct her Card Soldiers to bring forth more evidence. Furthermore, she won’t let you present all five boxes. She instructs you to pick one box to make your case with.

Kingdom Hearts Wonderland - Sora presents evidence to the Queen of Hearts

Whatever box you pick, one of three things will come out of it. In the first and most ideal outcome, a Soldier Heartless appears, proving that the Heartless are the real culprits. The second outcome will be either Donald or Goofy, implicating them as being responsible. The last and easily the worst possible outcome will incriminate both Donald and Goofy. Regardless of the results of your presentation, the Queen of Hearts will not be happy with the results. Be ready for a brawl in the courtroom!

Card Soldiers & The Crank Tower

HP: 45 (Spades), 60 (Hearts), 51 (Crank Tower), 10 (Queen of Hearts) | EXP: 0

The battle starts based on the results of your evidence presentation. If the Heartless appeared in the box you chose, you’ll get Donald and Goofy by your side for the duration of this fight. However, if Donald, Goofy, or both appeared in the box you picked, you’ll start this battle with a bit of a handicap. Whoever appeared in the box will be imprisoned in cages off to the side of the courtyard. You can break them out of these cages by simply attacking them, allowing them to rejoin your party and help you throughout the rest of the battle.

Kingdom Hearts Wonderland - Sora, Donald, & Goofy battle the Card Soldiers

What you may not realize is that your actual target in this battle is not the Card Soldiers, but the Crank Tower in the middle of the room. Unfortunately, you are going to have to deal with the Card Soldiers attacking you while you attempt to destroy the Crank Tower. To make this a little easier, you can attack the Queen of Hearts up on her podium. When you knock her out, all of the red Card Soldiers will become knocked out until she recovers, giving you fewer foes to deal with while you’re attacking the Crank Tower. Donald and Goofy can handle the black Card Soldiers for the most part while you focus your attacks on the Crank Tower. Target the three gears on the sides and take them out one by one. Then attack it directly to take the Crank Tower down for good.

Alice is Missing

After the battle, Alice’s cage lowers and Alice is nowhere to be found. Outraged, the Queen of Hearts orders her Card Soldiers to stop their fight with you and search. You’ll need to look as well. Head back into the “Lotus Forest”. Upon entering, a flower will come flying out a large boulder (don’t question it, it’s Wonderland). The Cheshire Cat appears again to tell the gang that Alice has been taken by the shadows.

Kingdom Hearts Wonderland - Sora asks the Cheshire Cat where Alice went

Give the yellow flower by the entrance another Potion to grow again and knock the boulder into the nearby water, raising two smaller mushrooms which act as stairs into a new area in the “Lotus Forest”.

Shrink back down to normal size and jump up the two newly-raised mushrooms to access a new room in the “Lotus Forest”. The Blue Trinity will give you a Camping Set and a bunch of MP Orbs, and the flower will give you a Mega-Potion and some more MP Orbs if you give it a Hi-Potion. Head into the doorway to access a secret area in the “Queen’s Castle” area. The nearby Treasure Chest contains a Aero-G. Hop down and head back into the “Lotus Forest” and make your way to the back of the room. Before going through the opening where the large bolder once was, jump up to the platform above it (where you found the Antenna). Jump up to the nearby tree branch, then turn back around and jump to the canopy high up on the back wall. There’s a doorway there that will take you to a new part of the “Bizzare Room”.

When you enter the “Bizarre Room”, you’re now on the wall. Defeat any Heartless that appear, then explore several of the wall’s key features. The first is a shelf with a teddy bear on it. Target and attack the latch that holds the shelf up, and the teddy bear will fall to the bookcase below, suddenly making a two-dimensional book become three-dimensional. Before leaving this wall, light the two lamps. When both are lit, a previously blank canvas will suddenly have a painting in it, and will act as a doorway to a previously unreachable section of the “Lotus Forest”. Before you go though, grab the Defense Up from the Treasure Chest that fell out of the lion statue’s mouth.

In the “Lotus Forest”, give one of the flowers an Elixir in exchange for a Mythril Shard, and the other a Potion in exchange for a Hi-Potion and a bunch of MP Orbs. The rest of the things in this room are unavailable at the moment, so head back to the wall of the “Bizarre Room” through the small pond. Head back to the main “Lotus Forest” through the exit near the bookshelf.

Cross the top of the “Lotus Forest” by walking along the treetops in order to reach another exit above and to the left of the main exit to the “Queen’s Castle”. This exit will bring you to the opposite wall of the “Bizarre Room”, where the fireplace is. Again, defeat any Heartless that appear, then examine the faucet that you landed on previously when you were collecting the Claw Marks. The water that comes out will make the urn on the floor into a doorway that leads to top of the hedges in the “Queen’s Castle”, where you can find Dalmatians 58, 59, & 60.

Jump down and return to the regular “Bizarre Room”. Defeat the Heartless that appear, then use the orange bottle to become big again. Examine the book sitting next to the teddy bear to obtain a Mythril Shard. Next, examine the teddy bear to move it into one of the chairs on the wall, which will make the previously flat clock three-dimensional. Push the clock to the side, then use the blue bottle on the table to shrink back down and go through the newly discovered doorway.

This brings you to the “Tea Party Garden”, where you will immediately find a Treasure Chest with an Aeroga-G inside. Jump down to the ground and examine the picture on the back wall twice to initiate a puzzle sequence. Each of the chairs at the table will trigger some sort of event when you sit in them. You can sit in every chair except for the big one on the end of the table and the middle one on the same side as the picture you examined. The other chairs will reward you with a grand total of 3 Potions, an Ether, an Elixir, plus a ton of HP Orbs, MP Orbs, and Munny! After you’ve sat in the 5 safe chairs, head through the door in the cottage to access the ceiling of “Bizarre Room”.

Locking Wonderland

On the “Bizarre Room” ceiling, you’ll have to light the two lanterns by examining them, but you’ll need to clear the room of any Heartless first.

Kingdom Hearts Wonderland - Sora lights the lanterns in the Bizarre Room

After you’ve lit both lanterns, examine the latch on the wall furthest from where you entered the ceiling area to pop open a secret entrance into the “Queen’s Castle”. The nearby Treasure Chest contains Dalmatians 13, 14, & 15. Drop down and use the Save Point to save your game if you want. Enter the “Bizarre Room” and examine the plant in the pot by the Doorknob to collect a Mythril Shard, 2 Potions, and a bunch of HP Orbs. When you’re ready, talk to the Cheshire Cat on top of the table.


HP: 600 | EXP: 150

The Trickmaster is not a very difficult Boss to take down, though it is a rather time-consuming fight. Your target is its midsection and you’re going to want to rely on physical attacks to take it down. Magic such as the Fire spell deals decent damage and is good for hitting it from a distance, but it can also set its batons ablaze, making the damage it can deal to you even more devastating. If you must use magic, rely on your Blizzard spell (which you should have from collecting all four pieces of evidence).

Kingdom Hearts Wonderland - Sora, Donald, & Goofy battle the Trickmaster

The Trickmaster will swat at you with its batons while you are attempting to attack its midsection, but for the most part, you should be able to avoid being hit by these attacks if you simply keep jumping up to attack. After a while, the Trickmaster will become temporarily knocked out, dropping HP Orbs and falling to the floor. Use this time to unleash a few combos to deal maximum damage before it gets up again.

The Trickmaster may resort to playing with fire whether you light its batons or not. When its HP falls low, it can go over to the stove by the fireplace and light its batons all by itself, making its attacks a little more dangerous. It can now launch fireballs from a distance in addition to simply swinging at you with its flaming batons. If you keep close, the Trickmaster usually won’t use this attack. Keep hitting its midsection with attacks until it drops to the ground again, collecting HP Orbs whenever it drops them. Repeat this pattern until the Trickmaster drops for good.

Your reward for defeating the Trickmaster is the Ifrit's Horn Accessory, as well as the Blizzard spell if you didn’t already acquire it from collecting all four pieces of evidence.

After the battle, the Doorknob awakens and Sora’s Keyblade reacts to the Keyhole deep within the Doorknob’s mouth. Upon sealing the Wonderland Keyhole, Sora and the gang acquire a Navi-G Piece. After the cutscene, Sora and company return automatically to the Save Point in the “Rabbit Hole” area. Use this to return to the Gummi Ship so you can move on to the next world. From Wonderland, you have two choices. You can either return to Traverse Town and then go to the world at the bottom of the ring with a Battle Level of 2, or you can simply go to the world at the right end of the ring opposite Traverse Town. For the purposes of this Walkthrough, we’re going to choose to go on to the world on the right side of the ring, Deep Jungle.

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