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Kingdom Hearts > Walkthroughs: Traverse Town III

Traverse Town III – Items, Accessories, & Weapons

[kh_power_up] [kh_navi_gummi] [kh_orichalcum] [kh_spellbinder] [kh_oathkeeper] [kh_lord_fortune]

Traverse Town III – Magic, Summons, & Abilities


Traverse Town III – Enemies & Bosses

[kh_bestiary_search_ghost] [kh_bestiary_darkball] [kh_bestiary_wyvern] [kh_bestiary_wizard] [kh_bestiary_defender]

Safe and Sound

The events in Hollow Bastion cause the gang to take refuge in Traverse Town. After talking with Leon and the gang, head to the “First District” and speak to Cid. He’ll know what to do with the Navi-G Pieces you’ve been collecting along your journeys. Head out to the “Secret Waterway” and talk to Kairi. Approach the mural on the wall to receive a [kh_navi_gummi]. Return to Kairi to trigger a cutscene, after which you’ll receive the [kh_oathkeeper]. Before you leave, activate the [kh_white_trinity] to reveal a Treasure Chest with an [kh_orichalcum] inside.

Kingdom Hearts Traverse Town III - Sora and Kairi talk in the Secret Waterway

A Few Quick Stops

Before you head back out to the World Map, it’s probably a good idea to stop by the “Magician’s Study” and speak with the Fairy Godmother. She’ll convert your [kh_fireglow] into the [kh_mushu] Summon Spell. This should be your last summon, in which case, the Fairy Godmother will also hand over the [kh_lord_fortune] for Donald. Speak to Merlin next. Having acquired all seven basic types of magic, he’ll hand over the [kh_spellbinder] for Sora.

Outside, you can now activate the [kh_yellow_trinity] nearby to reach a Treasure Chest with a [kh_power_up] inside. You can also use the [kh_glide] Ability to reach the small island with a Treasure Chest on it. Open it to receive [kh_dalmatians3].

You also might want to stop by the “Accessory Shop” and buy some new Accessories for your party. There are a bunch of new weapons for Donald and Goofy at the “Item Shop” too.

Kingdom Hearts Traverse Town III - Cid uses the Navi-Gummi to fix the Gummi Ship

Once you’ve made all of the stops you want, head back to Cid. He’ll install the new [kh_navi_gummi] so you can go back to Hollow Bastion, but there’s a catch. You’ll have to return to Hollow Bastion all over again as if you’ve never been there before, which includes replaying the Gummi Ship sequence. You can use the Warp Hole that appears next to Traverse Town on the World Map to reach Hollow Bastion even faster.