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Traverse Town II – Items, Accessories, & Weapons

Mega-Ether Postcard Navi-G Piece Old Book Earthshine

Traverse Town II – Gummi Pieces & Blueprints

Warp-G Comet-G

Traverse Town II – Magic, Summons, & Abilities

Aero Simba

Back in Town

Upon returning to Traverse Town, you should probably check out some of the shops. Now that you’ve been to several worlds, you’ve most likely accumulated quite bit of Munny. You should consider buying some new weapons for Donald and Goofy over at the “Item Shop”. Also, now that you have the Blizzard spell, head over to the cafe area. The Treasure Chest sitting on the counter that you couldn’t open before will open now if you use your Blizzard magic to extinguish all of the candles at the tables. Inside is a Defense Up. Also, head back into the small alley where Sora first awoke in Traverse Town to activate the Red Trinity. It opens up a secret area of the “Alleyway” area where you’ll find a Treasure Chest containing Dalmatians 4, 5, & 6.

Head back to the “Accessory Shop” and talk to Cid. He’ll recommend that you seek out Leon, who is training in the “Secret Waterway” area. Head into the “Alleyway” via the “Second District” and make your way over to the sewer grate. Bust it down using the Red Trinity and head inside. You’ll find Leon and Aerith nearby. Talk to them and they’ll explain a bit more about what’s going on. As for the Navi-G Piece you’ve collected, Aerith recommends you check with Cid. Before you leave, Leon hands over the Earthshine. Check by the stairway at the back of the “Secret Waterway” to find a Treasure Chest with Dalmatians 10, 11, & 12 inside.

Kingdom Hearts Traverse Town - Sora talks to Leon & Aerith in the Secret Waterway

Make your way all the way back to the “Accessory Shop” and talk to Cid again. After the conversation, he’ll hand over an Old Book, which you need to bring to the “Magician’s Study”, a new area that you haven’t been to before. Head back to the “Third District” and make your way to the door with the fire insignia on it. Cast a Fire spell and the door will open, granting you access to the “Mystical House” area. Hop across the moving rocks to the island and enter the “Magician’s Study” through the gaping hole in the side of the house.

Brief Reunions

A cutscene is triggered as soon as you walk in the door, and after it ends, Merlin appears and sets up shop inside the once vacant house. He explains that he’s been asked to train Sora in the art of using magic. At any time from this point on, you can talk to Merlin to practice using new spells you’ve acquired. This is a good way to try new spells out before you have to rely on them in the heat of battle.

Kingdom Hearts Traverse Town - Merlin offers to teach Sora magic

If you continue talking to Merlin, you’ll hand over the Old Book, which Merlin will place over on a dresser nearby. You can choose to examine the book now if you want (if you do, refer to the 100 Acre Wood section of these walkthroughs), but we recommend you wait until later. If you examine the little coach on the floor near the door, you’ll meet the Fairy Godmother, who will teach you all about Summons. From now on, you can find Summon Gems during your journeys to various worlds. You can bring them back to the Fairy Godmother and she will transform them into Summon spells that you can use in combat. Right now, she’ll transform the Earthshine you just got into the Simba Summon spell. You’ll be able to Summon Simba in the middle of a battle from now on. For more details on Summon spells, refer to the Kingdom Hearts Summons page.

Upon leaving the “Mystical House”, the gang encounters Riku, who has apparently been looking for you. After the cutscene, make your way over to the exposed spark plug by the door to the “First District”. Use a Thunder spell to activate them (you’ll need to do this for later). Head up to the “Small House” at the top of the steps by the entrance to the “Second District” and talk to Leon and the gang. Cid hands over a Warp-G, which will allow you to warp to any world you’ve already visited, making it a lot easier to get around.

The Gizmo Shop Grind

Head into the “Second District” and make your way to the “Gizmo Shop” along the back wall. Inside, all of the electronic contraptions have turned on because of that wire you jolted back in the “Third District”. Defeat all of the Heartless in the room, and then activate all of the switches on the upper level. While you’re here, examine the clock on the wall to receive two Postcards.

Kingdom Hearts Traverse Town - Sora battles Heartless in the Gizmo Shop

Head up onto the roof of the “Gizmo Shop” and activate the Red Trinity on the back wall to access a pull rope. Pull it three times to reveal the Traverse Town Keyhole. Jump down to the ground and make your way over to the keyhole, but be prepared to fight off a familiar enemy.

Boss: Guard Armor

HP: 196 | EXP: 0

Kingdom Hearts Traverse Town - Sora battles the Guard Armor in the Second DistrictThe Guard Armor returns, but it’s nowhere near as big a threat as it was when you battled it the first time. With all of the levels you’ve gained since then and all of your new abilities, you should be able to take it down with minimal effort and without taking too much damage. After a while, the Guard Armor simply gives up and collapses into a heap of parts on the ground. This is when the real battle begins!

Boss: Opposite Armor

HP: 900 (Body), 135 (Each Arm), 270 (Each Leg) | EXP: 390 (Body), 0 (Each Arm and Leg)

The Opposite Armor is a much more formidable opponent than the Guard Armor was before it transformed. The strategy for defeating it is pretty similar to that of your very first fight against the Guard Armor (attacking whatever limb is attacking you). However, the Opposite Armor has a few tricks up its sleeve that the Guard Armor didn’t have at its disposal.

Kingdom Hearts Traverse Town - Sora battles the Opposite Armor in the Second District

For the most part, Opposite Armor will attack charging lunge attacks, which are easily avoided with a well-timed Dodge Roll. The Opposite Armor may also separate and sling its head around in circles, hitting whoever gets caught in the way several times in a row. The most devastating attack to watch out is the Opposite Armor‘s new beam cannon attack. It takes a while to charge up, but when it fires, it can deal some pretty nasty damage. However, this attack has one major flaw. If you’re too close to the Opposite Armor when it fires, the beam won’t be able to hit you and will fly right over your head. Right after it fires, jump up and nail the Opposite Armor with a few combos.

Your reward for defeating the Opposite Armor is the Aero spell and another Navi-G Piece.

After a Hard Day’s Work

Return to the “First District” after felling the Opposite Armor and talk to Cid, who turns out to be an expert in all things Gummi Ship. You’ll receive a free Comet-G just for talking to him, but now you can buy and sell Gummi Blocks from him for all of your ship building needs. Also, be sure to stop back in the “Accessory Shop” for a brief scene with Pinocchio. When you’re ready, head to the “World Exit” and select the new Warp Hole that opened up on the World Map as your next destination.

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