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Kingdom Hearts > Walkthroughs: Traverse Town I

Traverse Town I – Items, Accessories, & Weapons

[kh_potion] [kh_mega_potion] [kh_elixir] [kh_pretty_stone] [kh_mythril_shard] [kh_mythril] [kh_postcard2] [kh_brave_warrior]

Traverse Town I – Magic, Summons, & Abilities

[kh_fire] [kh_dodge_roll] [kh_blue_trinity]

Traverse Town I – Enemies & Bosses

[kh_bestiary_shadow] [kh_bestiary_soldier] [kh_bestiary_leon] [kh_bestiary_guard_armor]

A Strange New World

After Sora’s rather rude awakening, head out of the alley and into the main square. It is here that Sora realizes he has been brought to an entirely new world. Take some time to explore the “First District”, taking note of the strange Blue and Red marks on the ground and the Treasure Chest at the cafe that won’t open. Don’t worry too much about them at this point. They’ll become more important later.

Head into the [kh_item_shop], which is located by the alley you first woke up in. Here, you can buy items and new weapons. Unfortunately, Sora doesn’t have a Munny to his name, but if you collected a large amount of Pretty Stones back on Destiny Islands, you can sell them here for 30 Munny apiece! While you’re in here, you can use the Lock-on feature and switch targets until you’ve locked on to the ceiling fan. Strike it to obtain a [kh_postcard2].

Kingdom Hearts Traverse Town - Sora meets Cid in the Accessory Shop

After getting a fairly decent idea of your new surroundings, head into the [kh_accessory_shop] in the center of the “First District”. Inside, you’ll meet Cid, who encourages you to take a look around Traverse Town to try and find your friends. Take him up on his offer, but before you run off, utilize the Save Point by the fireplace if you want to. Also, jump up onto the sales counter and then jump to grab the edge of a nearby cupboard. A Treasure Chest with a [kh_mythril_shard] is up there.

Once outside, head to the left and up around the back of the [kh_accessory_shop]. When you reach the top of the last set of steps, take a slight left and locate a barrel next to a man. Jump up on top of the barrel and rotate the camera to the left until you are aimed up with the edge of the [kh_accessory_shop] roof.

Jump up to grab the edge and pull yourself. Make your way toward the front of the [kh_accessory_shop]. Over the door, there should be a small ledge that you can jump out to. If you aimed correctly, you should grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Continue to jump to the other side of the roof. Behind the chimney, there is a Treasure Chest containing another [kh_postcard2].

Drop down the roof and head back up the steps behind the [kh_accessory_shop]. This time, when you reach the top of the steps, head right and through the large double doors that lead into the “Second District”.

Second District Shadows

Upon entering the “Second District”, a small cutscene will play and a small group of [kh_bestiary_shadow] enemies will appear. When you defeat them, they will drop something other than HP orbs: Munny! From now on, when you defeat Heartless, they will drop a certain amount of Munny in addition to HP Orbs or MP Orbs. Defeat lots of enemies to collect a ton of Munny and use it to buy items, accessories, and weapons.

Kingdom Hearts Traverse Town - Sora battles the Heartless

[kh_bestiary_shadow] enemies will appear at various points throughout Traverse Town from here on out, so when they do, you’ll have to defeat them. Once you’ve completely cleared the “Second District” of all Heartless, you can collect the two Treasure Chests in the area. Both are in rather difficult places to reach, but it’s not impossible.

The first Treasure Chest is on top of the awning over the Boots & Shoes store. Hop up onto the street lantern nearby and use the camera to line yourself up. Jump forward and you should be able to grab the edge of the awning. Pull yourself up and open the Treasure Chest to receive a [kh_postcard2].

The other Treasure Chest in the “Second District” is on the outside wall of the “Gizmo Shop” at the back. At the end of the upper level there is a set of stairs that lead down to the lower level. Across a small gap there is a balcony that you can jump from the upper level to reach. From that balcony, leap straight out at the stained glass window and you will grab the ledge just below it. Pull yourself up and move the camera to look to the left. You’ll see the Treasure Chest sitting on a small ledge. Jump over to that ledge and pull yourself up. This Treasure Chest contains a [kh_mega_potion].

You’ll notice that as you enter and exit certain places in the “Second District”, like the “Gizmo Shop” and “Hotel”, that Donald and Goofy will be practically right on your tail. They’re searching for a man named Leon. You should probably keep an eye out for him as well.

It’s All Starting to Make Sense

Head back to the “First District”, where you’ll find more [kh_bestiary_shadow] enemies. Dispatch them or run from them, but either way, you’re heading for the [kh_accessory_shop]. Go inside and tell Cid that you couldn’t find anyone. Save your game if you want, and when you’re ready, head outside.

Battle: Leon

HP: 120 | EXP: 30

Kingdom Hearts Traverse Town - Sora battles Leon[kh_bestiary_leon] doesn’t attack often, but when he does, it’ll deal a significant amount of damage. Leon’s attacks usually come in two forms. His long range assault consists of throwing fire balls at you, which you can actually knock back at him if you time your attack right. Watch out though, because if you don’t repel the fire ball, it only takes three of them to take your HP to zero!

Leon’s other attacks are similar to Sora’s, striking you with his sword when you get too close. The best way to take him down is to land a combo on him and then get away from him. Use a [kh_potion] if necessary.

Kingdom Hearts Traverse Town - Sora talks to Leon & Yuffie

After the battle, a cutscene plays. It will explain a lot of what’s going on and why the Heartless are always coming after you. After the cutscene ends, save your game using the Save Point in the “Green Room”. Talk to Yuffie to learn about the Keyblade’s ability to open any lock. She suggests you try it out on the Treasure Chest on the table. Take her up on her offer and open the Treasure Chest to receive an [kh_elixir].

When you’re ready, talk to Leon. The Heartless will break in and Leon and Sora will run off to chase them. From here on out, you’ll find [kh_bestiary_soldier] enemies throughout Traverse Town. They’re a bit more difficult to take down than [kh_bestiary_shadow] enemies, and their attacks can pack more of a punch, but you should be able to handle them.

When you’ve cleared the “Alleyway” of all Heartless, head toward the end of the “Alleyway” where all of the boxes are stacked into a small opening in the wall. Turn left and you’ll find a Treasure Chest with a [kh_potion] inside. Then head to the middle of the “Alleyway” and jump up to grab one of the edges of the roof. Pull yourself up and jump into the balconies. Head all the way to the right to find a Treasure Chest with a [kh_pretty_stone] inside. Then head all the way to the left and you’ll find another Treasure Chest with a [kh_potion] inside.

Use the door on the balcony to re-enter the “Green Room”. With Leon gone, you can strike the right side of the clock above the door until it reads 7:00. When that happens, a Treasure Chest will appear. Open it to obtain a [kh_mythril]. Go into the “Red Room” and you’ll find another Treasure Chest. Inside is a [kh_pretty_stone].

Side Quest: 99 Dalmatians

Kingdom Hearts Traverse Town - Sora meets Pongo & PerditaHead back out to the “Alleyway” by using the door at the back of the “Red Room”. Drop down and head for the far end by the sewer gate. Turn right and head through the ornate door at the end of the alley. Go through the three empty rooms. When you reach the fourth, you’ll learn that there are 99 Dalmatian Puppies missing. Be on the lookout for them when you visit the many other worlds.

The Trio Unites

Head back to the “First District” and talk to Leon. He’s secured this district, so there won’t be any Heartless here. You can return to the “First District” whenever the going gets tough. You can also talk to Aerith by the [kh_accessory_shop] to receive a [kh_mega_potion]. While you’re in the “First District”, hop over the wall at the top of the steps behind the [kh_accessory_shop] and you’ll see a mailbox. Examine it, and it will open, giving you another [kh_postcard2]. When you’re ready, head back into the “Second District” and make your way through the gap between the staircase and the balcony. Turn right and head through the large double doors and into the “Third District”.

Once inside the “Third District”, take a few steps forward to trigger a cutscene. Donald and Goofy finally join your party. This will be the first time that you battle with a full party. It’s not all that different from fighting by yourself, as Donald and Goofy generally take care of themselves. You can now use Items on Donald and Goofy whenever they need assistance. If their HP happens to fall to zero, they’ll revive automatically in a short amount of time. You can also lock on to enemies and press the Triangle Button to have Donald and Goofy turn their attention to that enemy.

When the cutscene ends, a group of Soldiers appear in the newly closed-off “Third District”. Take them out, but try to take as little damage as possible. You’ll need all the HP you can get to survive the battle to come.

Boss: Guard Armor

HP: 700 (Body), 84 (Each Arm), 196 (Each Leg) | EXP: 110

Despite your gut feeling to tackle [kh_bestiary_guard_armor] one body part at a time, it is more efficient to simply attack whatever is attacking you at the moment. Guard Armor’s three main attacks are all fairly easy to avoid with exception of one. When [kh_bestiary_guard_armor] winds his arms back, clear out to avoid being hit by the spinning claws. When [kh_bestiary_guard_armor] sticks his arms out and squats, it means he’s about to sick his legs on you. Just keep running to avoid being stomped on.

Kingdom Hearts Traverse Town - Sora, Donald, & Goofy battle the Guard Armor

The final attack is the hardest to avoid. [kh_bestiary_guard_armor] will start jumping in place and then jump high into the air and come crashing down wherever you’re standing. To avoid this attack, you need to jump at the right time in order to clear the impact zone.

When both of his arms and both his legs are gone and all that remains is the body, [kh_bestiary_guard_armor] will only perform one attack. The body will start spinning in place and then it will ram straight into you. Typically, this attack doesn’t do a whole lot of damage, and you can just ignore it and power on through with combos until it’s HP reaches zero.

Your reward for defeating the [kh_bestiary_guard_armor] is the [kh_brave_warrior] Accessory.

More to Do

Slaying the Guard Armor has temporarily cleared the town of all Heartless, which will make strolling the town a lot easier. For starters, Leon, Yuffie, and Aerith all give you some good advice for your journey. Aerith hands over 100 Munny and if you managed to defeat Leon during your battle earlier, he’ll give you an [kh_elixir].

Kingdom Hearts Traverse Town - Sora visits the Item Shop

Like Leon and the others suggested, it’s a good idea to check out some of the shops around town. The [kh_item_shop] sells Potions and other restorative items, as well as new weapons for Donald and Goofy, if you can afford them. You can also buy accessories in the [kh_accessory_shop] and equip them to your party.

Donald teaches Sora the [kh_fire] spell and Goofy teaches Sora the [kh_dodge_roll] ability. The [kh_fire] spell is Sora’s first magic spell, which means now you have a new tactical advantage over certain foes. Some enemies are vulnerable to certain kinds of magic, so attacking with that magic will deal extra damage instead of using physical attacks. Likewise, certain enemies are resistant to specific types of magic, and can sometimes even be healed by it. Don’t be over eager when it comes to magic, as you are limited when it comes to its use. The blue units around Sora’s HP Gauge are his MP, and using spells causes the MP Gauge to deplete. Use it wisely.

Over by the large double doors in the “First District”, there is a [kh_blue_trinity] on the ground. Now that Donald and Goofy have joined your party, you can activate Trinity Marks when you find them. You can only activate Trinity Marks that you have learned, and you can only activate them when both Donald AND Goofy are in your party. For now, you can only activate [kh_blue_trinity]. There are other colors, as you have probably noticed, but those can be activated later in the game.

Activate the [kh_blue_trinity] by the “World Exit” to obtain a large amount of Munny, and activate the [kh_blue_trinity] by the cafe to access a Treasure Chest with another [kh_postcard2] inside.

Head back into the “Second District” and go through the “Gizmo Shop”. The ladder that was once broken has been repaired, so you can now climb to the roof of the “Gizmo Shop”. Jump across the gap to another rooftop and then again to a third rooftop. On the third rooftop, toward the left, there is a Treasure Chest containing a [kh_mythril_shard]. Head all the way across the rooftop and through the opening to access a secret balcony in the “Third District”. Use the lock-on feature to locate a hidden [kh_postcard2]. Drop down and head up the path that leads behind the fountain. You’ll find a [kh_blue_trinity] that, when activated, reveals Munny and a [kh_camping_set].

There is a large set of double doors in the “Third District” that you can’t seem to get through. If you remember, there was another set of double doors in the “First District” that you couldn’t go through either. If you examine the lock by the door, you can unlock the door, making it much easier to travel between the two districts.

Back in the “First District”, now that you have located the six around town, you can examine the mail booth by the steps leading up to the [kh_accessory_shop]. Each [kh_postcard2] you mail earns you an item. For mailing the six you have already found, you’ll receive a [kh_cottage], a [kh_mythril_shard], a [kh_mega_potion], a [kh_mega_ether], a [kh_mythril], AND an [kh_elixir]! There are four more scattered throughout the town, but you can’t get them at this point in the game. You’ll have to come back to find them and mail them in to get the rest of the prizes.

Blast Off

When you think you’re ready to go, head out for the “World Exit”. You’ll be brought to the World Map, which lets you select locations to travel to using the Gummi Ship. We chose to head to the world at the top of the ring with a Battle Level of one star, so select that world if you wish to continue using this walkthrough in sequence.

Kingdom Hearts Traverse Town - Gummi Ship

Flying the Gummi Ship is fairly simple. Use the Left Analog Stick to move the ship around. The X Button controls the ship’s blaster, which you can fire at obstacles and enemies that get in your way while you fly. The Circle Button slows the ship’s engine down, allowing you to navigate through tight spots more easily or reach items that are too far away from you before you pass them.

Outer Space is full of all kinds of obstacles and enemies that you’ll have to avoid and destroy to make from world to world. Naturally, as the game progresses, these obstacles and enemies will be harder to overcome.