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Olympus Coliseum II – Items, Accessories, & Weapons

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Olympus Coliseum II – Gummi Pieces & Blueprints

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Olympus Coliseum II – Magic, Summons, & Abilities

Gravira Strike Raid Yellow Trinity

Back on the Old Stomping Grounds

There’s a lot to do in the Olympus Coliseum now that you’ve accomplished so much in all of the other worlds. With the acquisition of the Green Trinity Ability, you can activate the mark between the large pots to the left of the World Exit to reach a Treasure Chest with a Mythril inside. Head inside and talk to Phil, who’s got quite a few new tournaments for you to take on.

The Phil Cup

Clearing the Phil Cup for the first time will reward you with the Gravira Magic Spell. Once you’ve cleared the cup for the first time, you can then attempt the Solo Phil Cup and Phil Cup Time Trial.

Phil Cup

Seed Enemies Quick Tips
9 Powerwild (x4)
Soldier (x3)
Focus on attacking the Soldiers first
8 Powerwild (x1)
Green Requiem (x2)
Red Nocturne (x2)
Yellow Opera (x5)
Defeat the Green Requiems first, then the Red Nocturnes and Yellow Operas. Save the Powerwild for last.
7 Hammerlegs (x1)
Powerwild (x4)
Guard against Hammerlegs’ attacks to render it motionless, then defeat the Powerwilds while Hammerlegs are down.
6 Red Nocturne (x5)
Yellow Opera (x5)
Keep moving and exploit elemental weaknesses
5 Large Body (x1)
Powerwild (x5)
Use Blizzara spells to hit large clusters of enemies at once and exploit the Large Body’s weakness to magic.
4 Gauntlets (x1)
Blue Rhapsody (x3)
Shadow (x4)
Make quick work of the Gauntlets, then focus on the Blue Rhapsodies.
3 Large Body (x2)
Green Requiem (x6)
Defeat the Green Requiems while the Large Bodies are sleeping, then take them out one at a time.
2 Gauntlets (x1)
Hammerlegs (x1)
Powerwild (x4)
Destroy the Gauntlets first, then Guard against the Hammerlegs to render them motionless. Defeat the Powerwilds while the Hammerlegs are down.
1 Armored Torso (x1)
Yellow Opera (x4)
Blue Rhapsody (x4)
Defeat the Yellow Operas and Blue Rhapsodies first, then focus on the torso, using the same strategy used to defeat the Guard Armor.

The Pegasus Cup

Clearing the Pegasus Cup for the first time will reward you with the Strike Raid Ability. Once you’ve cleared the cup for the first time, you can then attempt the Solo Pegasus Cup and Pegasus Cup Time Trial.

Pegasus Cup

Seed Enemies Quick Tips
9 Search Ghost (x2)
Bandit (x1)
Air Soldier (x3)
Defeat the Bandit first, then take out the Air Soldiers.
8 Bandit (x2)
Barrel Spider (x2)
Shadow (x4)
Defeat the Barrel Spiders first to prevent them from exploding, then defeat the Bandits.
7 Fat Bandit (x1)
Large Body (x2)
Pot Spider (x1)
Barrel Spider (x1)
Defeat the Barrel Spider first, followed by the Pot Spider. At that point, the Large Bodies will most likely be awake. Defeat the Fat Bandit quickly with Blizzara magic, then defeat the two Large Bodies.
6 Pot Spider (x5)
Yellow Opera (x3)
Green Requiem (x2)
Defeat the Green Requiems first to prevent them from healing other enemies. Next, defeat the Yellow Operas quickly using Gravira magic.
5 Fat Bandit (x2)
Search Ghost (x4)
Defeat the Fat Bandits using Blizzara magic.
4 Black Fungus (x4) Watch out for their poison gas and don’t bother attacking while they are invulnerable.
3 Pot Spider (x5)
Barrel Spider (x5)
Defeat the Barrel Spiders first to prevent them from exploding.
2 Fat Bandit (x3)
Large Body (x2)
Use Blizzara magic to defeat as many Fat Bandits as you can before the Large Bodies wake up. Keep moving and only attack when openings present themselves.
1 Leon (x1)
Yuffie (x1)
Your first target should be Yuffie, as she can become extremely annoying when she throws her little shurikens at you. They don’t deal much damage, but they are rather relentless, so it tends to add up after a while. Just keep hammering her and use Aero to reduce any damage you might take.

Once Yuffie is out of the way, it’s just you and Leon, which plays out pretty much exactly the same way it did when you fought him in Traverse Town. He’ll attack with sword attacks and launch fireballs from a distance. When you’ve taken out a good portion of his HP though, it’s no more Mr. Nice Leon. His sword gets bigger and starts packing a ridiculous punch. Keep your distance and only attack when openings present themselves. Also, using Sonic Blade or Ars Arcanum comes in mighty handy to get in some hits while you’re invulnerable.

Victory against Leon & Yuffie earns you the Strike Raid Ability.

The Hercules Cup

The Hercules Cup is the main reason you’re here. Clearing this tournament unlocks so many great Abilities and Items that come in mighty handy later in the game. It won’t be easy though; the Hercules Cup features some of the hardest opponents you’ve faced in the Olympus Coliseum (with the exception of Cerberus, thank goodness). Best the cup for the first time and you’ll receive the Herc's Shield for Goofy and the Yellow Trinity Ability. Plus, for defeating Cloud in Seed 4, you’ll receive the Metal Chocobo for Sora, a very powerful Keyblade indeed!

Once you’ve cleared the cup for the first time, you can then attempt the Solo Hercules Cup and Hercules Cup Time Trial.

Hercules Cup

Seed Enemies Quick Tips
9 Gargoyle (x5)
Shadow (x3)
Make quick work of the Shadows, then focus on one Gargoyle at a time using Gravira magic.
8 Wight Knight (x4)
Air Pirate (x1)
Barrel Spider (x2)
Defeat the Barrel Spiders first to prevent them from exploding, then defeat the Air Pirate.
7 Battleship (x1)
Pirate (x4)
Defeat the Pirates first.
6 Gargoyle (x4)
Wight Knight (x3)
Defeat the Gargoyles first using Gravira magic.
5 Rare Truffle (x1) Attack it with a single hit to launch it into the air. Let it land back on the ground to quickly advance to the next round.
4 Cloud (x1) Cloud uses the same basic attack patterns that he used when you fought him back in the Preliminaries during your first visit to Olympus Coliseum I. He does have a few new tricks up his sleeve, like the ability to become invulnerable and glide around the arena raining heavy sword strikes from above. Use the Dodge Roll to avoid these assaults and for the most part, stick to the same strategy you used to defeat him the first time.

Victory against Cloud earns you the Metal Chocobo Keyblade.

3 Wight Knight (x1)
Gargoyle (x2)
Pirate (x2)
Air Pirate (x2)
Quickly take out the Gargoyles and Air Pirates with Gravira magic, then focus on the Wight Knights.
2 Battleship (x2)
Pirate (x2)
Air Pirate (x1)
Defeat the Air Pirate first, then defeat the Pirates. Defeat each Battlship one at a time, while keeping the other in check.
1 Hercules (x1) Hercules is a pretty easy fight as long as you’re prepared for it. Sora’s ego has pit you one-on-one against the legendary hero, so you won’t have back-up in this fight.

Hercules will spend most of the battle with a yellow glow around him. This means that he is invulnerable and should not be attacked or approached. The barrels that appear throughout the fight will come in handy, but only when Hercules stops to show off his rather impressive muscles. That’s your queue to pick up a barrel and lob it at him from close range, following up with a few combos. The barrel’s impact will remove the yellow glow, meaning that you can now pound a few hits into him.

Watch out though, because Hercules will not sit idly by while you attack him. His counterattacks really pack a punch! It’s best to nail him a few times right when the invulnerability wears off and then get away from him by using the Glide or Dodge Roll Abilities. His tornado attack presents another opening to knock some hits in, but only after he’s stopped spinning. Hercules will stagger dizzily for a little bit, which is your window of opportunity.

If he ever stops moving and you see a yellow ring appear around him on the ground, get out of the way. This attack will deal a lot of damage if you get caught in it, and will recast his yellow glow, making him invulnerable to start the whole pattern all over again.

Victory against Hercules earns you the Herc's Shield weapon for Goofy.

At this point you should have completed all of the tournaments available at the Olympus Coliseum (so far). The Treasure Chest in the “Lobby” will finally open, awarding you with the Olympia, one of the most powerful Keyblades in the entire game in terms of brute strength!

With these three tournaments under your belt, you’ve mostly likely gained a few levels and several new Abilities and Items. With the Yellow Trinity Ability, you should return to Neverland to access a previously locked room. Inside you’ll find a plethora of prizes, including a Dispel-G, an Orichalcum, Dalmatians 85, 86, & 87, and the Aerora Magic Spell, which is absolutely essential before you head off to your next destination. Once you’ve collected these goodies, head off to the only unexplored world on the World Map.

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