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Kingdom Hearts > Walkthroughs: Olympus Coliseum I

Olympus Coliseum I – Items, Accessories, & Weapons

Mega-Potion Entry Pass Hero's License Mythril Shard Inferno Band

Olympus Coliseum I – Magic, Summons, & Abilities

Thunder Sonic Blade

Olympus Coliseum I – Enemies & Bosses

Shadow Soldier Red Nocturne Blue Rhapsody Large Body Cloud Cerberus

All Heroes Start Somewhere

Olympus Coliseum is actually the smallest world in the entire game, featuring only three areas to explore. The “Coliseum Gates” area is where our heroes first enter this world, and it should be noted that there are treasures everywhere!

Kingdom Hearts Olympus Coliseum - Sora finds some Dalmatian Puppies

There is a Blue Trinity on either side of the coliseum door. The one on the one on the right reveals a Treasure Chest containing Dalmatians 22, 23, & 24, while the left reveals a Treasure Chest containing a Mythril Shard. The Treasure Chest hiding behind a pillar nearby contains a Mega-Potion.

Once you’ve collected your treasures, head into the “Coliseum Lobby” area. Phil is distracted in all of his preparations for the upcoming games and directs you to move that massive pedestal on the opposite wall. Go ahead and give it a try, but that thing isn’t going anywhere. Talk to Phil again and he’ll realize that he’s mistaken you for someone else. Phil then offers you some training courses for Sora to take on. In these training courses, you’ll be breaking barrels while under a time limit. Believe it or not, it is actually easier to accomplish these courses if you remove the Vortex ability (if you have it equipped) from Sora.

The first course is relatively simple. You have to destroy all 20 barrels in 30 seconds. When striking barrels, it’s good to know that some of the barrels will fly off in whatever direction Sora is facing after he unleashes a full combo. If you aim your attacks right, you can actually launch barrels into other barrels to help cut down your time. Take them all out, then return to Phil and tell him you’re ready for the next challenge.

Kingdom Hearts Olympus Coliseum - Sora trains for the games

The advanced course is a little harder, but still nothing Sora can’t handle. Start by making your way around the base of the structure, destroying any barrels you find along the way. Next, make your way up to the top, still taking out barrels as you pass them. The final barrel is on a floating platform out in the middle of the arena. You can’t reach it by jumping to it, but if you aim the barrel on the highest level of the structure correctly, you can knock it into the barrel on the floating platform to take it out. Or, you can take the easy way out and lock on to the barrel out on the floating platform and use a Fire spell to break it with ease.

Entering the Preliminaries

Phil rewards the party with the Thunder spell, which means you should now have the four basic elemental spells: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Cure (you should only have Blizzard and Cure if you went to Wonderland and Deep Jungle before coming to Olympus Coliseum). Unfortunately, despite all of your hard efforts, Phil still won’t let you join the games.

Kingdom Hearts Olympus Coliseum - Hades gives Sora the Entry Pass

Disgruntled, the party heads back out to the “Coliseum Gates” area, where they encounter Hades. For no particular reason, Hades bestows an Entry Pass upon Sora, which you can bring back to Phil to gain access to the games. Be warned that the Preliminary Tournament is not for pushovers. There are seven rounds that you need to clear all in one shot. Get defeated anywhere along the way, and you have to start all the way back at the beginning.

Preliminary Competition

Round Enemies Quick Tips
1 Soldier (x4)
Blue Rhapsody (x3)
Focus on attacking the Blue Rhapsody first
2 Shadow (x10)
Blue Rhapsody (x3)
Focus on attacking the Blue Rhapsody first
3 Red Nocturne (x5)
Blue Rhapsody (x5)
Keep moving and exploit elemental weaknesses
4 Shadow (x2)
Soldier (x2)
Red Nocturne (x3)
Blue Rhapsody (x3)
Focus on attacking the Red Nocturne and Blue Rhapsody first
5 Blue Rhapsody (x9) Keep moving and use Fire spells
6 Red Nocturne (x4)
Blue Rhapsody (x4)
Large Body (x1)
Focus on attacking the Red Nocturne and Blue Rhapsody first

Boss: Cloud

HP: 300 | EXP: 80

The final round of the Preliminaries is a match against Cloud, who is quite possibly the hardest enemy you have faced so far. He’s quick and he’s capable of dealing a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Fortunately, there is one major flaw to Cloud’s fighting style that allows you to get the upper hand. He’ll shout out before every single attack he uses, giving you the heads up so you can adjust your fighting style accordingly.

Kingdom Hearts Olympus Coliseum - Sora, Donald & Goofy battle Cloud in the Preliminaries

Cloud’s standard attack is his charging attack which typically can last for up to seven bursts at a time. During this attack, it’s a good idea to simply Dodge Roll away from him and then advance on him as he starts to slow down again. Cloud will sometimes string many of these attacks together which makes it seem like an endless assault, but it’s very important that you do not engage him during this attack. Be patient and wait for him to stop.

Cloud will occasionally jump up into the air and come crashing down right on top of you. A well-timed Dodge Roll will allow you to avoid being hit. Use the time that he’s standing still to hit him with a combo or two.

Cloud’ss most devastating attack also makes him invulnerable to damage, so there is literally nothing you can do except try to avoid the whole assault. Cloud’s body will start to surge electricity and he’ll take to the sky and rain several severe blows from above. Try your best to keep moving and use the Dodge Roll to avoid being hit too many times.

A Turn for the Worse

Win or lose, your match with Cloud is cut short as Hades and his nasty dog, Cerberus, crash the tournament. The cutscene dumps Sora and the gang back in the “Coliseum Lobby” area, but you can talk to Phil to re-enter the arena and take on the mighty three-headed beast!

Boss: Cerberus

HP: 600 | EXP: 200

Cerberus is a very difficult enemy, especially if you didn’t go to Deep Jungle before coming to Olympus Coliseum. The Cure spell comes in mighty handy during this battle, plus all of the extra leveling up you did in Deep Jungle will help as well.

Cerberus will start the battle by launching fireballs from its mouth for a while. Simply use the Dodge Roll to avoid them and wait for Cerberus to lower its heads. He’ll then start biting with some rather vicious attacks, but if you focus on one head and attack only when it doesn’t move, you should be able to avoid damage for the most part.

Kingdom Hearts Olympus Coliseum - Sora, Donald, & Goofy battle Cerberus

Eventually Cerberus will get back up and lift up its front legs, creating a massive shockwave when he hits the ground again. Jump over it and then get on top of Cerberus as fast as you can by jumping up on the bend in one of his hind legs and using it as a step to reach his back. Cerberus will puke up some nasty dark sludge which will burst out of various spots on the ground, and it is significantly easier to avoid this attack if you’re simply not on the ground. When Cerberus stops again, jump off and use the same strategy as before until he lifts up his front legs again and comes crashing back down. This pattern continues until Cerberus’s HP reaches 0.

Your reward for defeating Cerberus is the Inferno Band Accessory.

After vanquishing Cerberus, the gang returns to the “Coliseum Lobby” where Phil bestows upon them the Hero's License, which allows you to participate in future tournaments held at the coliseum. Head out to the “Coliseum Gates” and talk to Cloud on the steps. After the cutscene, he’ll give you the Sonic Blade ability, which is a very useful attack to have in your arsenal! When you’re ready, return to the World Map using the “World Exit” and head back to Traverse Town for another visit.

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