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Neverland – Gummi Pieces & Blueprints

Dispel-G Shell-G

Neverland – Magic, Summons, & Abilities

Cura Tinkerbell Ars Arcanum Glide

Pirate Ship Prisoners

Sora and the gang have been taken hostage by Captain Hook and the Heartless. After the rather lengthy cutscene, you can swap Peter Pan into your Party (and we recommend that you do, for he is an excellent fighter). With all of the Pirate Heartless lurking around the ship, as well as Shadow Sora, you’re going to need all of the help you can get.

Kingdom Hearts Neverland - Sora battles Shadow Sora

Leave the “Hold” through the only available door and be prepared for a fight on the other side. The Heartless in Neverland don’t hesitate to start a fight. Take them all out, including Shadow Sora, and climb the nearby ladder to access the higher level. Head through the door to your right and take out any Heartless that appear, then jump down through the hole in the floor to access the “Freezer” area.

The “Freezer” is absolutely crawling with wave after wave of Heartless. Take them all out and climb the other ladder in the room to reach the “Galley”. Once here, you’ll be treated to a brief reunion with Kairi. Grab the Dispel-G from the nearby Treasure Chest, then hop up on the shelves and jump up through the hole to the right in the ceiling to reach the “Cabin”.

Your Own Worst Enemy

In the “Cabin” area, use the Green Trinity on the floor to drop a ladder from the ceiling. Climb up to access the “Captain’s Cabin” where a familiar face is waiting for you … yours!

Boss: Antisora

HP: 750 | EXP: 2000

Antisora fights … like Sora. Many aspects of this fight will make you feel like you’re fighting yourself, which in some ways is a good thing, as this will allow you to somewhat predict what he’ll do before he does it. But since Antisora is also a Heartless, he’s got some nasty tricks up his sleeves as well. For the first portion of the battle, Antisora will mostly attack with standard combos, occasionally fading into the floor like a Shadow Heartless would. When you knock his HP down a couple of bars, he’ll start to make things a little more interesting.

Kingdom Hearts Neverland - Sora battles Antisora

Antisora will start to split into three clones of himself. Each one packs the same punch as the original, but two of them are only duplicates that will disappear after taking only one hit. You’re almost better off hunting down the fakes and taking them out quickly before returning your attention to the real thing. That way, you only have one opponent to deal with instead of three. Aero magic is a very useful thing to have equipped during this battle, as it will lessen some of the damage that Antisora inflicts. Keep wailing on him and you’ll have him defeated in no time!

Victory against Antisora earns you the Raven's Claw Accessory.

To Catch a Codfish

With Antisora gone, it’s time to rescue Wendy. Locate the trap door on the floor and examine it to drop down to the room below for a cutscene. Head out the door and return to the “Captain’s Cabin” using the same route you did before. Head out the main door this time and enter the “Deck”.

Upon entering the “Deck”, Captain Hook is waiting to ambush you with his band of Pirate Heartless. Riku has left the ship and Captain Hook has kidnapped Tinker Bell. With Peter Pan missing in action, things don’t look good. Before you know it, Sora is forced to walk the plank.

Kingdom Hearts Neverland - Sora battles an Air Pirate in the Neverland skies

Peter Pan returns just in time to save Sora and rejoin the Party. You can now fly in Neverland like Peter by jumping and then pressing the Circle Button again while in the air. From there, flying controls just like swimming in Atlantica (the Circle Button ascends and the Square Button descends). Smee hightails it out of there and leaves you to take care of all of the Heartless that are waiting on the “Deck”. Defeat them all to receive the Cura Magic Spell and trigger another cutscene. There’s only one opponent left on the whole ship, and it’s time to finally cut him down to size.

Boss: Captain Hook

HP: 900 | EXP: 3400

Captain Hook is actually a very difficult opponent to defeat if you choose to take him on head-on. Fortunately, you’ve got the ability of flight on your side in this fight, and it comes in mighty handy.

Captain Hook’s most deadly attacks can only be performed while his feet are firmly planted on the ship, which can easily be avoided if you knock him into the air and keep him there with a long string of combos while in flight. If you ever need to heal, fly around to behind the ship and use your new Cura spell to heal a good amount of HP, then fly back around to jump back in the fight.

Kingdom Hearts Neverland - Sora battles Captain Hook

The Battleship Heartless will not stop coming throughout the battle, no matter how many you defeat, but taking them out will clear the way so you can focus on Captain Hook (and reward you with some extra EXP). If you get caught in one of Captain Hook’s vicious sword assaults, try to get away to heal if necessary or to lob a Fira spell at him. True to Disney’s sense of humor, the Captain’s pants will ignite, causing him to run around the ship screaming in pain while receiving small amounts of gradual damage. Be sure to stay out of his way though, as he will deal damage if he runs you over in his rampage.

As long as you stay airborne for the majority of the fight, Captain Hook really shouldn’t be all that difficult to defeat.

Victory against Captain Hook earns you the Ars Arcanum Ability and Ansem Report 9.

Taking care of Captain Hook triggers another cutscene in which the gang travels to the “Clock Tower”. You should collect Dalmatians 43, 44, & 45 from the Treasure Chest inside the clock tower (if you don’t do this now, it forces you to battle a really nasty enemy in order to return here to get them later). You can also find the Keyhole here, but only after you’ve knocked all of the hands of the clock faces to read midnight on all four sides. Sealing it will trigger another cutscene and award you another Navi-G Piece. Sora receives the Fairy Harp and the Tinkerbell Summon Spell. As an added bonus, the whole group gets the Glide Shard Ability, allowing you fly for a short time no matter what world you’re in. It’s time to return to the World Map and journey back to Traverse Town for another visit.

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