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Kingdom Hearts > Walkthroughs: Hollow Bastion II

Hollow Bastion II – Items, Accessories, & Weapons

[kh_omega_arts] [kh_ansem_report2] [kh_ansem_report4] [kh_ansem_report6] [kh_ansem_report10] [kh_oblivion] [kh_divine_rose]

Hollow Bastion II – Gummi Pieces & Blueprints

[kh_firaga_g] [kh_flare_g]

Hollow Bastion II – Magic, Summons, & Abilities

[kh_firaga] [kh_curaga]

Hollow Bastion II – Enemies & Bosses

[kh_bestiary_shadow] [kh_bestiary_darkball] [kh_bestiary_defender] [kh_bestiary_wyvern] [kh_bestiary_wizard] [kh_bestiary_behemoth]

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Hollow Bastion is a lot safer this time around without the likes of Maleficent and Riku waiting in the castle. Plus, you’ve already completed all of the puzzles, which makes returning to the “Castle Chapel” even easier. There will still be Heartless around, but you can handle them. The only thing in your way is a very long trip back to the top.

Kingdom Hearts Hollow Bastion II - Sora heads to the castle

While still in the “Rising Falls”, you can activate the [kh_white_trinity] in the fountain where you lost your Keyblade to Riku to reveal a Treasure Chest with a [kh_firaga_g] inside. Proceed all the way back up to the “Castle Chapel” using the same route you used the last time you were here. Nothing relevant to the story happens until you get there.

Princesses of Heart

The Princesses that Maleficent had captured are now gathered in the “Castle Chapel”. Speak to them for a brief cutscene, then head into the “Grand Hall” via the “Lift Stop”. Now that you can actually explore the “Grand Hall”, you should collect some of the Treasure Chests scattered throughout the room. The one to the left of the platform where you fought Riku contains a [kh_flare_g]. Hop up onto the higher outer ledge and walk up to the back balcony of the room. At the very top, you’ll find a Treasure Chest with the powerful [kh_oblivion] inside it. It’s more powerful than [kh_olympia], but it does take away one unit of MP. Keep heading around to the right of the central platform and grab [kh_dalmatians63] from the last Treasure Chest. When you’ve grabbed everything, head to the giant Keyhole to access the “Dark Depths”.

Boss: Behemoth

HP: 1350 | EXP: 16,000

The [kh_bestiary_behemoth] may have more HP than even Maleficent (Dragon), but compared to some of the battles you’ve taken on recently, this one should be a cakewalk.

The Behemoth’s weak spot is the horn on its head, which you can reach by jumping up on its back knees and then jumping up again to its back. From there, equip an [kh_aerora] spell to make use of the continuous damage. Attack the horn with a relentless stream of combos. Every now and then , the [kh_bestiary_behemoth] might lower its head, knocking you off. If this happens, jump right back up and continue the assault.

Kingdom Hearts Hollow Bastion II - Sora, Donald, & Goofy battle the Behemoth in the Dark Depths

The [kh_bestiary_behemoth] hardly ever attacks, but when it does it can hurt a lot if your [kh_aerora] shield has worn off. Be sure to constantly recast it to keep yourself protected. When the [kh_bestiary_behemoth] takes enough damage, it will collapse to the ground and remain motionless for a while, allowing you to hit with aerial combos from the ground, including your new [kh_ragnarok] Ability, which can land a lot of powerful its in a short amount of time.

Victory against the [kh_bestiary_behemoth] earns you the [kh_omega_arts] Accessory.

With the Behemoth defeated, Sora seals the Keyhole to Hollow Bastion. The Princesses reward you with the [kh_firaga] Magic Spell. Return to the “Library” to find Aerith standing by a bookcase near the stairs. Talk to her several times in a row to receive [kh_ansem_report2], [kh_ansem_report4], [kh_ansem_report6], [kh_ansem_report10], and the [kh_curaga] Magic Spell! Head up the stairs to view a cutscene in which Belle and the Beast are reunited. Talk to Belle afterwards and she’ll hand over the [kh_divine_rose] for Sora.

Side Quest: Coliseum Tournaments

Kingdom Hearts Hollow Bastion II - New tournaments are now available at Olympus ColiseumAfter clearing Hollow Bastion for the second time, the final three tournaments at Olympus Coliseum can be unlocked. If you’ve already unlocked the [kh_oc2_2b], [kh_oc2_3b], and [kh_oc2_4b] (which you should have if you’ve been following this walkthrough), the [kh_hades_cup] is now available. Sealing Hollow Bastion’s Keyhole also unlocks the mysterious [kh_platinum_match]. Clearing the [kh_hades_cup] will also unlock the [kh_gold_match]. These three tournaments are a serious undertaking, but they net you a lot of really good weapons, accessories, and abilities that you might want to collect before heading off to the final world.

Exit to the World Map through the Save Point in the “Library”. A new location appears next to Hollow Bastion, so it’s time to head off to the last world.