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Halloween Town – Gummi Pieces, & Blueprints

Dispel-G Esuna-G Thunder-G

Halloween Town – Magic, Summons, & Abilities


This is Halloween

Upon first entering Halloween Town, there’s only one direction to go, so head for “Guillotine Square” through the main gate up ahead. Once you pass through, you’ll be ambushed by some Heartless, though they don’t seem to have much fight in them. In fact, they don’t really seem to do anything at all. Just ignore them and continue exploring until you trigger the next cutscene, where you’ll be introduced to Jack Skellington. He’s off to consult the Doctor on how to make the Heartless dance.

Kingdom Hearts Halloween Town - Dr. Finklestein reads off the ingredients for a heart

Head into the “Lab Entryway” and up the steps into the “Research Lab” for another cutscene. Turns out, you need a few more ingredients to make a successful heart, so you’ve been tasked with finding Sally to acquire some memory. Head back to “Guillotine Square” and enter the alley behind the wall to find the gate leading to the “Graveyard”. Unfortunately, due to the doctor’s recent mishap in the lab, the docile Heartless roaming the town are not so docile any more.

Just a Few More Ingredients

In the “Graveyard”, you’ll acquire the Forget-Me-Not, which you’ll need to bring back to Doctor Finkelstein in the “Research Lab”. Upon finishing the cutscene, Heartless are bound to show up on your way back to town, so take them out. Back in the “Research Lab”, the doctor realizes that you need another ingredient: surprise! The Mayor has this item, though you’ll need to venture further outside of town to get it.

Back in the “Graveyard”, take out all of the Heartless that appear. You’ll need to clear the room in order to examine the coffin by the wall. This will provide passage to the “Boneyard”, where you can find the Mayor. Speak to him to trigger a small game that you’ll have to play in order to obtain the surprise you’re looking for.

Kingdom Hearts Halloween Town - Sora plays the Mayor's Tombstone Mini Game

The objective is to watch for ghosts rising out of the tombstones and then repeat the pattern in order. Make sure you position yourself so you can see them all. This may take several attempts, but you can try it as many times as you need. Once you get it right, the giant pumpkin behind you will explode to reveal a Treasure Chest containing the Jack-in-the-Box, which is the item you need to bring back to Dr. Finkelstein.

Hunt for the Heart

Upon returning to the “Research Lab” and speaking to Dr. Finkelstein, a cutscene will take place in which the heart is finally completed. Unfortunately, Halloween Town’s resident pranksters Lock, Shock, and Barrel have taken it and ran off. Before giving chase, examine the book shelf in the “Research Lab” to obtain another Torn Page. Also, be sure to swap both Donald and Goofy into your Party. You’ll need them for an upcoming Red Trinity that you can’t afford to miss. Head out to the “Lab Entryway” and from there, back into “Guillotine Square”. Zero is able to pick up their scent, so follow him to the “Graveyard.” Pass through to the “Boneyard”, then continue through the next door to reach “Moonlight Hill”.

Unfortunately, to advance to the next area, you’ll need to examine a specific tombstone at the base of the hill. And unfortunately, in order to examine it, you’ll need to completely clear the room of all Heartless that appear, which can be quite a lot at times. Once you’re done, examine the tombstone to make the spiral hill unravel, granting you access to the “Bridge” area.

The “Bridge” is also full of Heartless, and fighting them will most likely cause you to fall into the canal below. Not to worry though. There are steps down there that will bring you back up to the higher ledge. Clear the room, then collect all of the Treasure Chests in the area, which will reward you with a Defense Up, a Dispel-G, and Dalmatians 40, 41, & 42. Return to the top ledge and cross the bridge to access “Oogie’s Manor”.

Collectables: Red Trinity

Kingdom Hearts Halloween Town - Sora finds a Red Trinity at Oogie's Manor“Oogie’s Manor” is an enormous area to explore, and you’re first destination is the door at the very top of the tower. Upon first entering, you’ll have to take out all of the Heartless on the bridge before you can examine the front doors and press onward. If at any point, you fall off the tower and land on the ground below, just locate the walking bathtub. It will return you to the bridge so you can start over.

When you first walk into the manor, turn to the right immediately and locate the Red Trinity on the cupboard to obtain a Mythril Shard. You need to activate this before you confront Oogie Boogie, or you will never be able to activate it! Be sure to also grab the Ethers from the Treasure Chests nearby.

Use a Fira spell to ignite the oil lamp platform, which will make it rise and fall, giving you access to the higher platforms. Make your way up to the top by following the pretty straight-forward path, taking out Heartless along the way and making sure not to fall off! Once you get to the top, you can enter the “Evil Playroom” through the door at the top of the steps.

Boss: Lock, Shock, & Barrel

HP: 150 (Lock), 120 (Shock), 180 (Barrel) | EXP: 80 (Lock), 120 (Shock), 240 (Barrel)

This battle is more of a nuisance than a challenge. These three little brats aren’t really difficult compared to most of the enemies you’ve taken out recently, but they are fast and relentless, so you should constantly keep moving.

Kingdom Hearts Halloween Town - Sora battles Lock, Shock, & Barrel

In order to make the most of this fight, we recommend that you take out Shock first. The first two you defeat only reward you with 1/10 their normal EXP level, which means defeating them in the order of Shock, Lock, and finally Barrel will net you the maximum 260 EXP possible for this battle. After Shock is down, take out Lock, who can be difficult to keep up with since he’s constantly hopping around. Finally, take out Barrel, which can be made even easier with the use of the Sonic Blade ability.

Manor Mayhem

After defeating Lock, Shock, and Barrel, pull down the lever nearby. This will unlock a new door somewhere in the tower. Head outside and back down the wooden path. When you come to a ledge by a large wooden cage to your left, jump over the edge to your right. As you’re falling, try to land on the rock ledge behind you. Down there, you’ll find a large green door, which will lead you to the “Torture Chamber”.

Boss: Oogie Boogie

HP: 450 | EXP: 2500

Oogie Boogie is a very time-consuming battle. You’ll be spending more time dodging attacks than you will dishing them out. Oogie Boogie will remain on the upper tier of the room throughout the entirety of the battle, staying out of your reach until your opportunity to strike presents itself.

Oogie Boogie will lob dice down into the casino pit below, which will trigger one of several attacks. Sometimes the dice will simply explode. Other times, they’ll summon Heartless. Other times, they’ll activate some of the machines in the room, such as the scythes that bob up and down from the ceiling or the giant buzz saw that ricochets around the pit. Both of these attacks can be avoided by jumping a lot at the right time.

Kingdom Hearts Halloween Town - Sora battles Oogie Boogie

When the buttons near the center of the casino light up, it’s time to attack Oogie Boogie directly. He’ll run back and forth along the upper tier, so you should lock on to him at this point. When you’re in the same section as Oogie Boogie, press the button to cage off that section and trap him. The casino platform will rise up to meet the higher circle, allowing you to finally knock the bugs out of Oogie Boogie! Stick to physical combos, as he is immune to all forms of magic. Eventually, Oogie Boogie will knock you back down into the pit to repeat the pattern all over again.

Victory against Oogie Boogie earns you the Holy Circlet Accessory and Ansem Report 7.

Boss: Oogie’s Manor

HP: 90 (Each Shadow Glob), 18 (Each Lantern) | EXP: 2500

Oogie and his manor have been transformed by the power of the seven Shadow Globs that have appeared all over the walls of the tower. You need to destroy them all to defeat Oogie's Manor once and for all.

The Shadow Globs will require a lot of platforming to reach, but for the most part, it’s a pretty straight path up the manor’s exterior to locate them all. A few short combos is usually enough to take on Shadow Glob out before moving on to the next one. The Shadow Globs will launch small energy bolts, but these rarely ever connect and even when they do, they don’t deal much damage at all. Gargoyle Heartless will appear constantly throughout this battle, which you can defeat to get some extra EXP, but it might be more beneficial to ignore most of them and focus on the task at hand.

Kingdom Hearts Halloween Town - Sora destroys the Shadow Globs on Oogie's Manor

When you start attacking the Shadow Globs towards the top of the manor, you may notice that there are random fire balls raining down on you during your assault. These are coming from the lanterns nearby. You can attack them to stop this barrage, but be warned that the closer you get to them, the more frequently you will be hit with the fire balls. Attack them or not; it’s up to you, but destroying them will help rack up some extra EXP (250 per lantern), and they each only have 18 HP!

Victory against Oogie's Manor earns you the Gravity Magic Spell.

With Oogie Boogie defeated for good and the Keyhole sealed, Sora and the gang are ready to head off to the next world. Before leaving, Jack hands over the Pumpkinhead, which is a much better Keyblade than the Three Wishes that you are most likely still using. Your next destination is the world across the ring from Halloween Town, which you can access by traveling back to Agrabah on the World Map.

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