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Kingdom Hearts > Walkthroughs: Agrabah

Agrabah – Items, Accessories, & Weapons

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Agrabah – Gummi Pieces & Blueprints

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Traverse Town II – Magic, Summons, & Abilities

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Agrabah – Enemies & Bosses

[kh_bestiary_shadow] [kh_bestiary_air_soldier] [kh_bestiary_yellow_opera] [kh_bestiary_green_requiem] [kh_bestiary_bandit] [kh_bestiary_fat_bandit] [kh_bestiary_pot_spider] [kh_bestiary_white_mushroom] [kh_bestiary_black_fungus] [kh_bestiary_pot_centipede] [kh_bestiary_cave_of_wonders] [kh_bestiary_jafar] [kh_bestiary_genie] [kh_bestiary_jafar_genie]

A Whole New World

With the completion of your second visit to Traverse Town, you are now able to travel to a whole new ring of worlds beyond the warp hole, the first of which is the desert world of Agrabah. Upon first arriving, you learn that Maleficent and Jafar are up to no good (of course), and that they are desperately searching for both Princess Jasmine and the Keyhole.

With the stepped-up search party, it’s no wonder that Sora and company are ambushed by a group of Heartless within seconds of touching down in the Agrabah streets. The new [kh_bestiary_bandit] Heartless are far craftier opponents than any of the enemies you’ve come across thus far. Like Sora, they specialize in sword fighting, and are therefore very dangerous. They can not only attack you with sword combos up close, but they can also lunge great distances to close in on an enemy.

Kingdom Hearts Agrabah - Sora, Donald, & Goofy are ambushed by the Heartless

Once you’ve cleared out the area of all enemies, you can pick up the [kh_mega_potion] from a nearby Treasure Chest. Across from this Treasure Chest is a wooden door that leads to the “Storage” area. Inside, you’ll find another Treasure Chest with another [kh_mega_potion] inside, as well as a Save Point. Head back out to the “Plaza” and make your way across to the far front corner. Climb up to the top and open the Treasure Chest up there to acquire a [kh_mega_ether].

Hop back down and continue through the main archway into the “Main Street” area. Here, you’ll most-likely encounter more Heartless to take down, including the new [kh_bestiary_pot_spider] enemy, which can be taken down with relative ease and reward you with a lot of Munny. Your next destination is the “Alley”, which is off to your left after you enter “Main Street”.

A City to Explore

In the “Alley”, you’ll briefly encounter Jasmine, followed by a battle against the several Heartless that Jafar summons. Once you dispatched them all, jump up to where Jafar was and examine the lock in the wall to open up a new section of Agrabah. Grab the [kh_mega_potion] from the Treasure Chest nearby and then hop across the platforms to access a new part of “Main Street”.

Hop from the pink awning to the yellow one after defeating the [kh_bestiary_pot_spider] that’s waiting for you when you first emerge. Defeat another [kh_bestiary_pot_spider] here, then jump across to the multicolored row of awnings. Jump down into the lower alcove with a Treasure Chest containing a [kh_mega_ether]. From here, you can jump down to the ground and head straight across the street to the archway with a pole inside it. Climb the pole to enter “Aladdin’s House”.

Kingdom Hearts Agrabah - Sora, Donald, & Goofy free the Magic Carpet

Aladdin isn’t home right now, but you can collect the [kh_megalixir] and [kh_dalmatians39] from the two Treasure Chests. Examine the carpet to assist it in breaking free of the cabinet it was stuck under. The carpet takes off toward the outskirts of the city. Examine the lock on the wall to unlock the gate in the “Plaza”.

Jump out the back window of “Aladdin’s House” and return to the “Plaza”. Jump up the stacked crates to get up top and hop across the window shutters to reach the unlocked gate, but be sure to collect the [kh_cottage] in the blue Treasure Chest overhead first. Go through the newly-unlocked gate to access a new section of “Main Street”.

Destroy the two [kh_bestiary_pot_spider] enemies that appear on the other side, but make sure you don’t fall off the platform. Use the stacked crates to reach the platform overhead and leap across the other platforms in sight until you eventually come across one with a Treasure Chest. Open it to obtain a [kh_shell_g], then hop back down to the street and make your way back to the city exit and head into the “Desert”.

Trouble in the Desert

Upon entering the “Desert”, you’ll encounter the magic carpet. Talk to it and it’ll take you to Aladdin, who is currently in quite a jam. Upon arriving, you’ll be immediately ambushed by wave after wave of [kh_bestiary_bandit] Heartless. Constantly keep on the move to avoid being taken down. After a while, a cutscene will interrupt the battle and Aladdin will use his first wish to put a more permanent fix to your Heartless problem.

Kingdom Hearts Agrabah - Sora rescues Aladdin from the Heartless in the Desert

After a rather lengthy cutscene, Sora and the gang are brought back to Agrabah, which has recently undergone a few changes. Several of the previously open routes are now blocked off with piles of crates and barrels. You’ll need to jump up to the rooftops using the stacked boxes by the entrance to the “Desert” to proceed to “Main Street.”

Once there, you’ll have to return to “Aladdin’s House” for a brief scene, then head back outside using the exit closest to the Save Point to quickly access the rooftop awnings. Run across them and jump down to the lower alcove to access a new area called the “Bazaar”.

Mini Game: Mushroom Heartless

Kingdom Hearts Agrabah - Sora encounters the Black FungusIn the “Bazaar”, there’s a slight chance that you’ll run into the less-friendly relative of the [kh_white_mushroom], the [kh_black_fungus]. These Heartless will still drop the elusive [kh_mystery_goo] from time to time, but the method for appeasing them is totally different. Unlike their friendlier counterparts, magic spells are not the key to getting the [kh_black_fungus] to drop what you’re looking for. The trick is to defeat them with a combo attack like [kh_sonic_blade] to increase the chances of them dropping the [kh_mystery_goo] – or if you’re really lucky, the [kh_mystery_mold]. For more information on how to deal with the the [kh_bestiary_black_fungus], refer to our Mushroom Heartless Mini Game page.

Be sure to hop down into the center area to access the [kh_blue_trinity] and collect a ton of Munny and a [kh_mega_ether]. Remember, you can only activate it if you have both Donald and Goofy in your Party, so if you swapped someone out for Aladdin, you’ll need to come back for it later. Use the crates to hop back up to the entrance platform and jump across the window shutters to reach another ledge with a Treasure Chest containing a [kh_shell_g]. Continue up the platforms and jump the gap. Head right to find another Treasure Chest with a [kh_fira_ring] inside. Head left to find another lock that needs unlocking.

After you’ve finished in the “Bazaar”, head back out to “Main Street”. You’ll need to hop down and then head back to “Aladdin’s House”. Utilize the Save Point if you want, then exit using the pole nearby. Hop across the gap back out in “Main Street” to access the newly opened doorway leading you to the upper entrance to the “Palace Gates”.

Boss: Pot Centipede

HP: 600 | EXP: 250

The [kh_bestiary_pot_centipede] is a very strategy-driven battle. Your objective is to take out the head and tail pieces, which will be providing most of the challenge. The head and the tail both have antennae that will lash at you if you get too close. The key to this battle is to get in, land a few hits, and get out before the antennae begin to flail.

Kingdom Hearts Agrabah - Sora battles the Pot Centipede

The other key thing to always keep the [kh_bestiary_pot_spider] enemies in check. They will continue to drop from the rooftops throughout the battle, and there’s no way to stop them from joining the fight. For the most part, they will completely ignore you and simply join the body of the [kh_bestiary_pot_centipede]. Unfortunately, if enough [kh_bestiary_pot_spider] enemies join with the [kh_bestiary_pot_centipede], it will be able to break through the barriers blocking off certain sections of Agrabah. This allows for more room to fight, which is good, but it also means that more [kh_bestiary_pot_spider] enemies will be able to jump down and join the battle. It is recommended that you allow the [kh_bestiary_pot_centipede] to break through the first barricade into the “Main Street” area, but do not let it get any further. This will allow you to duck back into the “Palace Gates” to heal when you need to get away from the [kh_bestiary_pot_centipede].

You can break the [kh_bestiary_pot_spider] enemies connected to the [kh_bestiary_pot_centipede] by hitting its head or its tail with enough blows. Doing so will reduce the [kh_bestiary_pot_centipede] to nothing but its head and tail pieces, preventing it from breaking through any other blockades to other sections of Agrabah. [kh_sonic_blade] is a very useful ability to have in this fight, as it will allow you to bash the [kh_bestiary_pot_centipede] multiple times (usually enough to break its [kh_bestiary_pot_spider] body) without taking any damage yourself. Continue to hammer it with well-timed hits and it will fall with ease.

Victory against the [kh_bestiary_pot_centipede] earns you the [kh_ray_of_light] Accessory.

Back to the Desert

Aladdin suggests that you should return to the desert, and you should. Unfortunately, another battle awaits you as soon as you touch down.

Boss: Cave of Wonders

HP: 380 | EXP: 400

The [kh_bestiary_cave_of_wonders] has been corrupted by the powers of darkness, giving it a very vicious temper and some pretty nasty tricks in its arsenal. The most recurring offensive that the cave head will take is the constant energy bolts that will pulse out of its eyes and follow you. These can be deflected with a well-timed [kh_guard] (if you’ve learned it) or attack of your own. The other, more easily-avoidable attack is the incredible burst of fire that will occasionally blast out of its mouth. Typically, you should be nowhere near the cave’s mouth throughout most of the battle, so this attack really shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Kingdom Hearts Agrabah - Sora battles the Cave of Wonders Guardian

Your targets during this fight are the cave-head’s eyes, which will continue to emit energy bolts until you defeat them. The more complicated problem with this is getting up on top of the cave’s head to actually reach the eyes in the first place. Occasionally, the [kh_bestiary_cave_of_wonders] will smash its face down into the sand in front of it, giving you a brief window to slip around to the back of its neck and climb up to the top of the head before it gets back up again. Once on top, you should focus on taking out one eye at a time. [kh_aero] magic is particularly good at providing a bit of a buffer against the constant barrage of energy bolts.

Eventually, the [kh_bestiary_cave_of_wonders] will most likely shake you off, knocking you back down into the sand. Take out some of the [kh_bestiary_bandit] Heartless until your opportunity to get back on the cave’s head presents itself again.

Once you’ve taken out the Cave of Wonders, you’ll be able to go inside. Several Heartless will appear when you first enter the cave. Take them out, but make sure not to fall over the edge into the “Relic Chamber” below. Proceed to the “Hall” through the doorway up ahead, and be sure to the pick up the [kh_mega_ether] in the Treasure Chest on a platform to the left. Inside the “Hall”, more Heartless will appear, and again, you should be sure not to fall over the edge while fighting them. Also, be careful of the rolling boulders. The track in the floor marks the boulder path, so be sure to avoid lingering on it for too long. Grab the [kh_elixir] from the Treasure Chest on the ledge up above the wooden bridge, and then proceed to the “Bottomless Hall”.

The “Bottomless Hall” features stone idols that will periodically spit water out, which will knock you off of the edge into the lower levels of the cave if you get hit by them. Jump up on top of the first idol to reach the platform above them, which will make it easier to traverse the bridge. Take out any Heartless that appear up here without falling off, and be sure to grab the [kh_cottage] from the Treasure Chest. Next, return to the “Hall” and jump off the edge into the darkness below to access the next area you need to visit.

The “Dark Chamber” is one of the lower areas of the cave, and it features a Save Point that you’ll need to utilize to switch Donald and Goofy into your Party if they’re not both already with you. Jump across the water to the small platform nearby. The Treasure Chest here contains a [kh_cottage]. Next, jump over the water to reach the long strip of land that stretches across of the cavern. There is a Treasure Chest here that contains a [kh_torn_page], which you will need to complete the 100 Acre Wood later in the game. Once you’ve grabbed that, jump into the water and swim up the waterfall near the Save Point to reach the “Silent Chamber”.

Kingdom Hearts Agrabah - Sora solves the puzzles of the Cave of Wonders

In the “Silent Chamber”, activate the [kh_blue_trinity] Mark to obtain a [kh_thunder_g]. Now jump into the water on the other side, into the “Hidden Room”. Swim up to the steps and turn around to face a nearby pillar that you can target. Hit it with a [kh_fire] spell to trigger a cutscene, then return to the “Silent Chamber” and head up the stairs, leading back to the “Hall”. Make your way back into the “Bottomless Hall” and then proceed to the “Treasure Room”. With Donald and Goofy still in your Party, activate the [kh_red_trinity] Mark to collect a ton of Munny and a [kh_mythril_shard]. Swap Aladdin into your Party to activate one of the jewels nearby to be blasted up on top of the pile of gold. Up here is a Treasure Chest with [kh_dalmatians54] inside. Hop down and activate the other jewel to be blasted up to the other pile of gold where a [kh_mythril_shard] is waiting in a Treasure Chest. Jump over to the ledge along the wall and grab the [kh_shell_g] out of the Treasure Chest. Jump back to the pile of gold and then jump to the top of the fireplace to obtain a [kh_defense_up] from the Treasure Chest. When you’re ready, hop back down and head into the “Lamp Chamber”.

Diamond in the Rough

Upon entering the “Lamp Chamber”, Jafar is waiting with Genie. He’s already found the Keyhole, so you’ll need to put a stop to his scheme here and now!

Boss: Jafar

HP: 500 | EXP: 600

[kh_bestiary_jafar] is your main target in this battle, but he’s not the only adversary you need to watch in this battle. Because [kh_bestiary_jafar] still has the lamp, [kh_bestiary_genie] is forced to do his dirty work for the duration of this battle, making him an enemy to avoid while you target [kh_bestiary_jafar]. [kh_bestiary_genie] will give you plenty of warning to get out of the way, as he will shout apologies before actually attempting to hurt you. Even if you do get hit, [kh_bestiary_genie] will drop several HP Orbs to replenish your HP after his rather weak attacks.

Kingdom Hearts Agrabah - Sora battles Jafar in the Lamp Chamber

[kh_bestiary_jafar] will not be so nice though. He hovers high above the ground and circles the room, making him difficult to hit. You can interrupt most of Jafar’s attacks by landing some of your own, but the trick is luring him towards you when you’re on one of the large stone platforms, allowing you to reach him more easily. Watch out for Jafar’s lasers that he will fire from his staff. If you can avoid them, this provides you with a great opportunity to nail [kh_bestiary_jafar] with a combo or two while he’s motionless.

Jafar’s most devastating attack is also the easiest of his assaults to avoid. [kh_bestiary_jafar] will summon a swirling ice storm that will deal some pretty nasty damage if you get caught in it, but it only applies to the inner circle of the room, so as long as you stay on the outer edge or up on the stone platforms, it can’t hit you. Attack [kh_bestiary_jafar] to stop the storm and get him to move again to a more vulnerable position.

When his HP lowers, [kh_bestiary_jafar] will transform into a ball of energy to escape being hammered. You can’t hurt him in this state, but relax because he can’t hurt you either. Heal up if you need to, but always keep the energy ball in your sights. Follow it and jump up on the nearest platform before Jafar returns to normal so that you’re ready to attack when he becomes vulnerable again.

Jafar’s final attack is also your best opening to land a good string of blows of your own. He’ll ignite the tip of his staff and come in for a closer assault. This is your chance to interrupt his assault with an assault of your own and really take his HP down.

Victory against [kh_bestiary_jafar] earns you the Blizzara Magic Spell.

After you’ve defeated Jafar, an the floor of the “Lamp Room” caves in, revealing an even deeper level of the cave completely overrun with lava. Jafar has used his final wish to be transformed into an all-powerful genie, so jump into the hole to take him down once and for all!

Boss: Jafar (Genie)

HP: 750 | EXP: 730

[kh_bestiary_jafar_genie], despite being the main offender in this battle, is not your target at all this time around. Genie is no longer under Jafar (Genie)’s control, and is therefore not in this fight, but Iago is flying around the room holding Jafar (Genie)’s new lamp. Take Iago out, and the lamp is yours to imprison [kh_bestiary_jafar_genie] for good!

Kingdom Hearts Agrabah - Sora battles Jafar in his Genie form

The platforms will continue to adjust their position throughout the battle, which will provide its own set of challenges in reaching Iago to attack him. There will be a lot of platforming in this fight and a lot more dodging than attacking, so be prepared for the long haul. [kh_bestiary_jafar_genie] will continue to pelt you with massive fire balls throughout the battle. These will deal some pretty decent damage, but if you equip an [kh_aero] spell to Sora, they will not do nearly as much. This battle is really more time-consuming than challenging. Just keep following Iago and hitting the lamp when you can and [kh_bestiary_jafar_genie] will be down before you know it.

Victory against [kh_bestiary_jafar_genie] earns you the [kh_fira] Magic Spell and [kh_ansem_report1].

After defeating Jafar for good, the entire Cave of Wonders begins to collapse. After sealing the Keyhole, Sora and the gang hop on the magic carpet to make their narrow escape. Use the Left Analogue Stick to steer the carpet away from the different obstacles along the way. When you come across obstacles that are otherwise unavoidable, you can aim the Left Analogue Stick up and press the Circle Button to perform a flip and avoid the object.

Upon escaping the cave, the gang returns to “Aladdin’s House”. After the cutscene, Sora acquires the [kh_genie] Summon, as well as the [kh_three_wishes] Keyblade. You can now also perform the [kh_green_trinity] ability. Head back to the “Storage” area by the “Plaza” and use the [kh_green_trinity] Mark to obtain a [kh_power_up]. Then access the Gummi Ship through the Save Point.