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Kingdom Hearts > Walkthroughs: 100 Acre Wood

100 Acre Wood – Items, Accessories, & Weapons

[kh_potion] [kh_mega_ether] [kh_elixir] [kh_power_up] [kh_defense_up] [kh_ap_up] [kh_rare_nuts] [kh_naturespark] [kh_mythril_shard] [kh_mythril] [kh_orichalcum]

100 Acre Wood – Gummi Pieces & Blueprints

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100 Acre Wood – Magic, Summons, & Abilities

[kh_stopra] [kh_dumbo] [kh_bambi] [kh_cheer]

Quick Stop in Traverse Town

With the collection of another [kh_navi_g_piece], talk to Cid behind the “Accessory Shop” to trigger a cutscene while he installs it. When he returns, he gives you [kh_transform_g]. You can now access a new world on the World Map. But before you head out, stop by the “Dalmatian House” and speak with Pongo and Perditta. By now, you should have located enough Dalmatians to collect the final [kh_torn_page] and a few other prizes as well.

Once you’ve grabbed this last [kh_torn_page], head over to the “Magician’s Study” and examine the story book sitting on the desk by the bed. This will lead you to the 100 Acre Wood, which should be 100% completable at this point.

Deep in the 100 Acre Wood

The 100 Acre Wood is in shambles when you first visit. Sections of this world have been sealed inside each [kh_torn_page] and scattered across the worlds. Assuming you’ve collected all of them, you should be able to finish this world in a single shot. If you missed any, the location of each [kh_torn_page] is provided below:

  • Agrabah: “Dark Chamber”
  • Monstro: “Chamber 6”
  • Halloween Town: “Research Lab”
  • Atlantica: “Ariel’s Grotto”
  • Traverse Town: “Dalmatian’s House” (Reward for returning 51 Dalmatian Puppies)

The only available place to explore when you enter is a wide open grassy field with a log, where you’ll find Winnie the Pooh deep in thought. After the cutscene, grab the [kh_mythril_shard] from the Treasure Chest inside the hollow log, then head to the outskirts of the field to return to the book. A new location has opened up on the left-hand page, so head there.

Kingdom Hearts 100 Acre Wood - Owl tells Sora about the Torn Pages

This new area is “Pooh’s House”, which doesn’t feature much to do. Head around back up the hill and attack the chimney to knock a Treasure Chest down into the house. Enter the house and open it to receive a [kh_mega_ether]. Examine the shelf on the back wall to obtain an [kh_elixir]. Head back outside to meet with Owl, who tells you to collect the remaining Torn Pages to restore the 100 Acre Wood to the way it once was (fortunately, you’ve already done this, so that’s one less thing you’ll need to worry about).

Pooh’s Hunny Hunt

Collecting one [kh_torn_page] allows you to access the “Hunny Tree” area near the top of the right-hand page of the book. Enter it to trigger a brief cutscene. Locate Piglet to the side of the tree by going around the back of the tree to head him off. This triggers another cutscene, and eventually, your first 100 Acre Wood Mini Game.

Mini Game: Pooh’s Hunny Hunt

Kingdom Hearts 100 Acre Wood - Pooh's Hunny Hunt Mini GameThe objective of this game is to defend Pooh from the bees while he floats to the top of the tree collecting honey along the way. The new Rush Command makes it easy to catch up to Pooh if you fall back down to the ground and need to get back to the top of the tree in a flash. For the most part, if you lock on to the bees and attack them at the right time, the upward thrust of your attack should launch you to the next branch you’ll need to reach. Use this strategy to lead Pooh all the way to the top of the tree.

Completing this Mini Game will trigger a small cutscene and cause this Torn Page to transform into the [kh_naturespark], which you can bring to the Fairy Godmother to obtain the [kh_bambi] Summon Spell.

Block Tigger

Collecting a second [kh_torn_page] will open up “Rabbit’s House” on the left-hand page of the book. The neat rows of vegetables can actually be removed. Pulling up vegetable will sometimes reward you with items such as Potions, and sometimes even Elixirs if you’re really lucky.

Head around to the side of Rabbit’s house to find Pooh and Piglet talking to a hole in the hill. Oddly enough, the hole insists that nobody is home. Pooh and Piglet climb through the hole to enter Rabbit’s house, but you’ll have to circle back around and enter using the door. Inside, you’ll find Rabbit, who claims he’s all out of honey for Pooh. Locate the jar of honey up in the rafters by locking on to it. Rabbit will get it down and Pooh will lick the whole thing clean in no time at all. Leave Rabbit’s house and try to leave the area; Piglet will come to find you when things start to take a turn for the worse.

It seems that all of Pooh’s honey eating has gotten him stuck in the hole, and now he can’t get out. Rabbit insists that carrot juice will slim him down to get him out, but as luck would have it, Tigger shows up at that exact moment and starts bouncing all over the garden. This triggers another Mini Game in which you must protect the carrots from Tigger’s bouncing so Rabbit can collect enough to slim Pooh down.

Mini Game: Block Tigger

Kingdom Hearts 100 Acre Wood - Block Tigger Mini GameTigger will bounce from carrot to carrot, and it takes two bounces to completely bury a single carrot. The Rush Command is the key to success in this Mini Game. Use it when Tigger is at the top of his jump to quickly get under him and keep him off the carrots. At the end of the Mini Game, you’ll receive a score based on how many carrots you saved. The score is calculated by multiplying the number of carrots you rescued by the number of times you managed to successfully block Tigger.

Return to Rabbit’s house and knock Pooh through the hole. Your work here is now finished and this [kh_torn_page] becomes a [kh_mythril_shard].

Pooh’s Swing

Returning with a third [kh_torn_page] opens up a new area on the lower right-hand page of the book. Something is drifting in the river and Pooh and Piglet have spotted it from the bridge. Jump in the water to rescue what turns out to be Eeyore. It seems he’s lost his tail and now you’ll have to find it.

Mini Game: Pooh’s Swing

Kingdom Hearts 100 Acre Wood - Pooh's Swing Mini GameAs Owl suggests, lead Pooh to the top of the hill by locking on to him. He will follow you up the hill to a swing hanging from a branch of the tree. This will trigger what is perhaps the easiest Mini Games in all of the 100 Acre Wood. Pooh will sit on the swing and owl will be perched on the branch overhead. Your goal is to give Pooh a huge push so he can go look for Eeyore’s tail. If you press the R1 Button, you’ll be able to push Pooh higher. Watch Owl for the timing: when he lifts his wings, that’s your queue to press the R1 Button to give Pooh the maximum boost. Repeat this until Pooh flies off the swing and comes crashing down on Eeyore’s hut. With the tail found, this [kh_torn_page] awards you with the [kh_stopra] Magic Spell.

Tigger Bounce

A fourth [kh_torn_page] will open up a new area in the very center of the book. Examine it to enter Tigger’s bouncing spot. Approach Tigger and Roo and tell them you want to bounce. This will trigger another Mini Game in which Tigger and Roo will bounce on up to the hill in a certain pattern and then you have to follow.

Mini Game: Tigger Bounce

Kingdom Hearts 100 Acre Wood - Tigger Bounce Mini GameThere are three patterns to follow in all. The first and second are pretty straight forward. When you get to the third, the trickiest part is jumping down onto the correct stump from the tree branch after Roo bounces you up there from the seesaw. Use the first person view by pressing the Select Button to locate the right one. The most important part is that you drop onto the stump from the tree branch. DO NOT JUMP! If you jump, you’re likely to miss the stump and have to start over. Once you’re on the stump, the rest of the path is just like the first one.

Tigger’s Giant Pot

Mini Game: Tigger’s Giant Pot

Kingdom Hearts 100 Acre Wood - Tigger's Giant Pot Mini GameAfter completing the bouncing portion of this area, it’s time to move on to another Mini Game. There’s a giant pot in the middle of the area and nuts will start to fly out the top of it. Your job is to bash the nuts back at the pot until you’ve hit a total of 20 nuts. Use the lock-on feature to more accurately target the nuts as they come at you. Time your attack just right to minimize the risk of falling off the stump. After you’ve reached a total of 20 nuts, the giant pot will explode, revealing a Treasure Chest with an [kh_ap_up] inside.

Though you can leave at this point to receive your next reward for completing this [kh_torn_page], there are still other aspects of this area to explore. If you locate Owl near the area exit, he’ll tell you that he’s collecting [kh_rare_nuts] which you can find scattered throughout the area. Most of them are up in the tree tops, which you can reach by asking either Tigger or Roo to bounce you up to using the seesaw. There are a total of 5 [kh_rare_nuts] in the area, and Owl will reward you for bringing him each one.

When you finally decide to leave, this [kh_torn_page] turns into a [kh_mythril].

Pooh’s Muddy Path

The final [kh_torn_page] opens up the last available area of the book. Examine it and you’ll find Pooh wandering around in circles in the mud. You can lock on to him to make him follow you around the large bush nearby. Examine the inside of the bush to find Eeyore. It turns out that all of the residents of the 100 Acre Wood have gone missing, and you and Pooh will have to find them all.

Kingdom Hearts 100 Acre Wood - Pooh's Muddy Path Mini Game

Mini Game: Pooh’s Muddy Path

Character Strategy
Roo You can find Roo atop a nearby tree root. Use the lock-on feature to find him. After talking to him, Roo will return to the bush with Eeyore.
Rabbit There are three holes in the rock face ahead near the well. Rabbit will randomly walk in and out of these three holes. When he walks out of one, talk to him and he’ll return to the bush.
Tigger Air suddenly starts rising from the well. Use it to reach the higher areas along the muddy path. You can locate Tigger on the fallen tree that spans across the gap. Hop onto the tree and wait for him to bounce close to you, then talk to him to get him to head to the bush.
Owl Return to where you found Tigger and then continue across the log. Jump up to the ledge above and talk to Owl near the trees to send him off to the bush.
Piglet Piglet is perhaps the hardest to return to the bush. You need to bring Pooh with you on this one, so constantly use the R1 Button to drag him along. Start by leading him to the patch of blue flowers by the wall near the well. Pooh can use these to drift up to the ledge above. Use the wind current from the well to join him. Use the [kh_fira] spell on the inside of the hollow tree trunk that fell. This will clear out the cobwebs so Pooh will cross inside of it to the other side. Get to the other side and use the R1 Button to coax him into the log. Once he’s come out on the other side, lead him to the other patch of blue flowers, which will lift him up to the final ledge. You can find Piglet in the hole in the tree nearby. Once he sees his friend Pooh, he’ll enter the hole in the tree and pop out of a small hole back on the ground. Jump down and talk to him to complete the Mini Game.

With the completion of this final [kh_torn_page], you’ll receive an [kh_orichalcum], a very rare item that can be used in Synthesis. Sora seals the Keyhole during the cutscene and is transported back to the “Magician’s Study” in Traverse Town.

Back to Traverse Town

You can speak to the Fairy Godmother if you haven’t already to convert the [kh_watergleam] (which you collected in Monstro) into the [kh_dumbo] Summon Spell and the [kh_naturespark] into the [kh_bambi] Summon Spell. When you’re ready, return to the World Map. Despite there being a new location available for selection, we’re actually going to pop by Olympus Coliseum for a second visit.