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Summons are special characters who Sora can call to his side in the heat of battle. Summon characters can only be called to the battlefield if there are three members in your Party and all three of those members are conscious. Summon characters also require an initial MP payment to summon them. You can collect Summon Gems and bring them to the Fairy Godmother in Merlin’s House in Traverse Town. Each Summon character’s gem, MP Cost, location, and description are listed below.

Summons are the same in the Final Mix version as they are in the original KINGDOM HEARTS, so there is no need to differentiate between the two versions.


Summon Gem Earthshine
MP Cost 2 Units
Obtained Speak to Leon in the “Secret Waterway” (Traverse Town II)
In Battle Simba is a powerful ally to have beside you. While he is on the battlefield, you can select the Charge Up option at the bottom of the Command Menu and hold down the X Button to charge up his power. Releasing it will unleash a powerful roar that will damage and temporarily stun enemies directly in front of him. The longer you hold down the X Button, the more powerful the blast!


Summon Gem
MP Cost 2 Units
Obtained Clear Agrabah
In Battle Genie will attack enemies with a variety of magical spells, mostly consisting of Thunder, Gravity, and Stop magic. Select the Showtime! option at the bottom of the Command Menu while locked on to an enemy to have Genie unleash his attacks on that enemy.


Summon Gem Watergleam
MP Cost 3 Units
Obtained Treasure Chest in the “Mouth” (Monstro)
In Battle While Dumbo is on the field, Sora temporarily shrinks down and rides on his hat. The two of them are temporarily invulnerable to enemy attacks. You can control Dumbo while he flies around, and you can splash enemies to deal damage.


Summon Gem Naturespark
MP Cost 1 Unit
Obtained Complete the 2nd Torn Page (100 Acre Wood)
In Battle Bambi will leap around the battlefield dropping MP Orbs and Items as he goes. The more enemies you defeat while Bambi is present, the better gifts he’ll drop. The table below details Bambi’s drops.
Bambi’s Item Drops
World # of Charges Items Dropped
Traverse Town 1 Hi-Potion (100%)
2 Ether (100%), Blaze Shard (40%)
3 or more Mega-Potion (100%), Blaze Shard (60%), Blaze Gem (30%)
Wonderland 1 Hi-Potion (100%)
2 Ether (100%), Frost Shard (40%)
3 or more Mega-Potion (100%), Frost Shard (60%), Frost Gem (30%)
Deep Jungle 1 Hi-Potion (100%)
2 Ether (100%), Thunder Shard (40%)
3 or more Mega-Potion (100%), Thunder Shard (60%), Thunder Gem (30%)
Agrabah 1 Hi-Potion (100%)
2 Ether (100%), Bright Shard (40%)
3 or more Mega-Potion (100%), Bright Shard (60%), Bright Gem (30%)
Monstro 1 Hi-Potion (100%)
2 Ether (100%), Lucid Shard (40%)
3 or more Mega-Potion (100%), Lucid Shard (60%), Lucid Gem (30%)
Halloween Town 1 Mega-Potion (100%)
2 Mega-Ether (100%), Power Shard (40%)
3 or more Elixir (100%), Power Shard (60%), Power Gem (30%)
Neverland 1 Mega-Potion (100%)
2 Mega-Ether (100%), Spirit Shard (40%)
3 or more Elixir (100%), Spirit Shard (60%), Spirit Gem (30%)
Hollow Bastion 1 Mega-Potion (100%)
2 Mega-Ether (100%), Lucid Shard (40%)
3 or more Elixir (100%), Lucid Shard (60%), Lucid Gem (30%)
End of the World 1 Mega-Potion (100%)
2 Mega-Ether (100%), Mythril Shard (40%)
3 or more Elixir (100%), Mythril Shard (60%), Mythril (30%)


Summon Gem
MP Cost 3 Units
Obtained Clear Neverland
In Battle Tinkerbell will fly around the battlefield and restore small amounts of Sora’s HP throughout the fight. She will also revive Sora once after being KO’d, but will disappear immediately afterwards.


Summon Gem Fireglow
MP Cost 3 Units
Obtained Defeat Maleficent (Dragon) (Hollow Bastion I)
In Battle Mushu sits on Sora’s head and shoots fireballs at nearby enemies.

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