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Magic adds a certain tactical approach to the flow of battle. Certain enemies are vulnerable to specific types of magic, making the battle go easier if you use magic to your advantage. Magic inflicts elemental damage to your enemies during battle. You can access a variety of different spells from the Magic section of the Command Menu, and you can even set up three different spells in your Magic Shortcut menu for quick and easy access for more intense battle situations. Each spell is detailed below.

There are no differences between the Magic featured in the original KINGDOM HEARTS and that featured in the Final Mix version, so there is no need to differentiate between the two.

Fire / Fira / Firaga

Description Launches a projectile fireball at a single target
MP Cost 1/2 Charge Unit
Obtained Speak to Donald after defeating the [kh_bestiary_guard_armor] ([kh_tt1_5])
Defeat [kh_bestiary_jafar_genie] ([kh_ag_5])
Speak to the Princesses of Heart after clearing [kh_hb2_2]

Blizzard / Blizzara / Blizzaga

Description Unleashes a gust of ice at multiple targets
MP Cost 1 Charge Unit
Obtained Speak to the Cheshire Cat ([kh_w_2])
Defeat Jafar ([kh_ag_5])
Defeat the [kh_bestiary_behemoth] during the [kh_hades_cup] (Olympus Coliseum)

Thunder / Thundara / Thundaga

Description Summons bolts of lightning that strike multiple targets from above
MP Cost 1 Unit
Obtained Speak to Phil after completing the Training Courses ([kh_oc1_1])
Defeat [kh_bestiary_ursula_giant] ([kh_at_4])
Defeat [kh_bestiary_cerberus] during the [kh_hades_cup] (Olympus Coliseum)

Cure / Cura / Curaga

Description Restores HP to the target
MP Cost 1 Unit
Obtained Defeat [kh_bestiary_clayton] and the [kh_bestiary_stealth_sneak] ([kh_dj_5])
Defeat [kh_bestiary_antisora] ([kh_n_3])
Speak with Aerith three times in the “Library” after clearing [kh_hb2_2]

Gravity / Gravira / Graviga

Description Drains a percentage of HP from the target
MP Cost 1 Unit
Obtained Defeat [kh_bestiary_oogies_manor] ([kh_ht_3])
Complete the [kh_oc2_2b] ([kh_oc2_2a])
Defeat Hades during the [kh_hades_cup] (Olympus Coliseum)

Stop / Stopra / Stopga

Description Prevents targets from taking action of any kind for a short period of time
MP Cost 2 Units
Obtained Defeat the [kh_bestiary_parasite_cage] for the second time ([kh_m_2])
Complete the 3rd Torn Page ([kh_100aw_5])
Defeat the [kh_bestiary_phantom] (Neverland)

Aero / Aerora / Aeroga

Description Creates a wind barrier that lessens the power of enemy blows
MP Cost 2 Units
Obtained Defeat [kh_bestiary_opposite_armor] ([kh_tt2_3])
[kh_yellow_trinity] (Neverland)
Rescue 99 (Traverse Town)