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Sora is a young boy who lives on the Destiny Islands with his pals Kairi and Riku. One day, his community is invaded by a hostile force called the Heartless. With his home in shambles, Sora winds up in a place called Traverse Town. Together with the aid of a few skillful warriors, he must overcome the threat of the Heartless.

The chosen wielder of the Keyblade, Sora must travel to the different worlds among the stars and seal their Keyholes so that the Heartless cannot claim them. He sets out with the help of Donald and Goofy in search of Riku and Kairi, who were separated on the night of the storm.

A young girl who appeared on the Destiny Islands when she was very young. She is best friends with Sora and Riku, and doesn’t mind that they sometimes compete for her attention. Kairi is actually originally from a world other than the Destiny Islands, and arrived on a night when a meteor shower passed over the islands.

She is also a Princess of Heart – one of seven whose pure hearts hold the power to open the final door. On the night of the storm, Kairi’s heart is actually sealed inside of Sora’s before he ended up in Traverse Town. Now, without her heart, she is helpless and unable to unlock the true power of her heart.

A self-confident youth, Riku is always competing with Sora. Riku convinces his friends to help him build a raft to journey to other places.

Riku opened his heart to the darkness in an effort to travel to other worlds. His actions inadvertently led to the destruction of his own world. Riku gradually gave in to the power of darkness in order to find a way to save Kairi’s heart. The further he plunged into the darkness, the more and more he became Ansem’s puppet.

Donald Duck
Royal wizard of the King’s court, Donald is skilled with magic. One day, Donald finds a letter from the King explaining his departure.

Donald Duck sets out with Goofy to find and assist the King in the battle against the Heartless. Donald and Goofy find Sora when they travel to Traverse Town. Remembering their mission to find the “key” and follow it, they accompany Sora on his journey to find his friends and seal the Keyholes.

Although Captain of the Royal Knights of the King’s court, Goofy avoids fighting whenever possible. Still, he is the King’s most loyal subject, and sets out with Donald Duck in the Gummi Ship to find the Keyblade master.

Goofy arrives in Traverse Town with Donald on their search for the mysterious “key” mentioned in the King’s letter. When they meet Sora, they agree to join him on his journey in the hopes of finding their King somewhere along the way.

King Mickey
Mickey is the King of Disney Castle, and good friends with Donald and Goofy. He set out to investigate some strange happenings in the Worlds.

King Mickey leaves a letter at Disney Castle before he leaves. This letter is what sets Donald and Goofy on their quest to find the wielder of a boy with a mysterious key.

Maleficent has been planning and scheming from her stronghold, deep in the ruins of Hollow Bastion. She manipulates the Heartless, as well as the other Disney villains, to suit her evil schemes.

She has been traveling from world to world in search of the 7 Princesses of Heart. Legend has it that when all 7 Princesses are brought together, a door will open to the heart of all worlds, Kingdom Hearts. It is this untold power that Maleficent seeks for herself.

Ansem, Seeker of Darkness
Ansem was conducting extensive research on the Heartless shortly before his mysterious disappearance. All of Ansem’s findings were recorded in several detailed reports. The pages of those reports were scattered throughout the various worlds.

At the very end of their journey, Sora and his friends finally meet Ansem, only to discover that he was the one controlling the Heartless. Ansem was using the Heartless to gain access to the heart of all worlds, Kingdom Hearts, and corrupt it with darkness.