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Kingdom Hearts was truly a game like no other, combining two very unlikely franchises into one overwhelming success: the beloved characters of Disney, and the characters from the world’s most popular RPG franchise, Final Fantasy. Released in 2002, the game was an instant success, rising to the list of the top best-selling Playstation 2 games of the 2002 holiday season. By April of 2003, only about a year after its North American release, Squaresoft announced that Kingdom Hearts had sold its millionth copy, earning it the Greatest Hits status in record time!

The game featured an active battle system that strayed from the traditional turn-based battles that Squaresoft had been using in their Final Fantasy franchise. Players had to constantly move around the battlefield and think quickly to resolve battle situations all in real time. The most interesting thing about the game is how seamlessly the worlds of Disney and Final Fantasy were blended together as if they had existed side by side all along. Beloved characters such as Donald Duck and Goofy fought along side you while taking down villains from both the Disney and Final Fantasy universes.

Though primarily geared toward the typical Disney audience of younger gamers, Kingdom Hearts still managed to captivate players of all ages, and was given the title of the 22nd Best Playstation 2 Game of All Time by in 2002! The controls are easy enough so that you don’t have to be a veteran gamer to play the game, and the story is enveloping enough so that you develop a personal connection to its characters. The game brings the Disney favorites that we all know and love into a brand new world, while still maintaining their originality and believability as characters. All in all, Kingdom Hearts is truly a game for the ages!

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