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Let’s face it: the Kingdom Hearts Series seems to get more and more confusing and complicated with each new installment. Well we here at Destiny Islands would like to simplify it for you. Our “Kingdom Hearts Series Explained” pages are designed to help clarify plot points that are confusing and hard to follow. These pages use an easy-to-follow question and answer format with images to to help explain concepts even further.

This Article Contains Spoilers!

Before reading the rest of the article below, you should know that some of the topics discussed may spoil plot points in the Kingdom Hearts Series. If you do not want to spoil anything for yourself, we advise you not to read this article. Both the text and the images in this article could potentially give things away about important plot points. Read this article at your own discretion.

The Kingdom Hearts Timeline So Far…

The Kingdom Hearts series was not released chronologically. Some of the games released after the initial titles in the series actually go back and fill in timelines from before games that were released before them. The timeline below shows the overall time frame in which the entire Kingdom Hearts story (so far) takes place.

Kingdom Hearts / Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix

Kingdom Hearts is perhaps the most straight-forward game in the entire series. Despite being the first game released, it is actually the second game in terms of the overall timeline of the Kingdom Hearts Series (Birth by Sleep takes place 10 years before). That said, Kingdom Hearts sure raised its fair share of questions.

Whose Keyblade is it Anyway?

Sora with the KeybladeMost people assume that the Keyblade introduced in Kingdom Hearts is the only one, and that, of course, it is meant for Sora. That actually couldn’t be further from the truth.

First off, there are at least 10 different Keyblades that have been introduced in the series thus far (Terra’s, Ventus’s, Aqua’s, Master Eraqus’s, Master Xehanort’s, Vanitas’s, Mickey’s, Riku’s, the X-Blade, and the Soul Eater), and none of them technically belong to Sora.

Riku scene at Hollow BastionThe Keyblade that Sora inherited is actually Terra’s Keyblade, which was supposed to be passed on to Riku. When Riku opened his heart to darkness to leave the Destiny Islands, Terra’s Keyblade passed over Riku (who was unable to wield a Keyblade of light while his heart was filled with darkness) and chose Sora instead.

This is why Riku was able to take the Keyblade back from Sora in Hollow Bastion: the Keyblade was meant for Riku, but it stayed with Sora because he demonstrated a stronger heart of light.

official KH screenshot lingering sentiment boss battleIn Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix +, Sora encounters the Lingering Sentiment (who is actually Terra’s spirit left behind in his armor after Xehanort claimed Terra’s body), who challenges Sora when he learns that the Keyblade Sora is wielding was not meant for him.

What is a Princess of Heart?

Princesses of HeartThe Princesses of Heart are quite simply seven maidens of the purest hearts in all of the worlds. Each of them has absolutely no darkness in their hearts, which means that they are incapable of being corrupted by the powers of darkness.

The combined power of their hearts can open the Door to Darkness, unleashing whatever lies beyond. The seven Princesses of Heart are Aurora, Snow White, Cinderella, Alice, Jasmine, Belle, and Kairi.

Captured orbs of heart energyWhen Maleficent kidnapped each of the Princesses of Heart during Kingdom Hearts, Riku (possessed by “Ansem”) was able to use their captive hearts to forge a completely new Keyblade, the Soul Eater, which then had the power to unlock the true potential in people’s hearts.

After Sora defeated Riku, he was able to unlock his own heart with this Keyblade, releasing the six hearts within the Keyblade itself, as well as Kairi’s heart from within his own. This act also destroyed the Soul Eater Keyblade, removing it permanently from existence.

Who’s the Guy in the Black Coat?

Cloaked Unknown from Organization XIIIThe Unknown (encountered only in Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix) is later revealed to be Xemnas, as evident by his weapon of choice (the Ethereal Blades that Xemnas uses during your battles with him in Kingdom Hearts II) and the background music track from the battle, “Disappeared”, which also plays during the first Xemnas battle in Kingdom Hearts II. This encounter with Sora in Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix is referenced in Kingdom Hearts II when Xemnas tells Roxas that he has “been to see him” (“him” meaning Sora) during the initial scene of the game.