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Let’s face it: the Kingdom Hearts Series seems to get more and more confusing and complicated with each new installment. Well we here at Destiny Islands would like to simplify it for you. Our “Kingdom Hearts Series Explained” pages are designed to help clarify plot points that are confusing and hard to follow. These pages use an easy-to-follow question and answer format with images to to help explain concepts even further.

This Article Contains Spoilers!

Kingdom Hearts Spoilers!

Before reading the rest of the article below, you should know that some of the topics discussed may spoil plot points in the Kingdom Hearts Series. If you do not want to spoil anything for yourself, we advise you not to read this article. Both the text and the images in this article could potentially give things away about important plot points. Read this article at your own discretion.

The Kingdom Hearts Timeline So Far…

The Kingdom Hearts series was not released chronologically. Some of the games released after the initial titles in the series actually go back and fill in timelines from before games that were released before them. The timeline below shows the overall time frame in which the entire Kingdom Hearts story (so far) takes place.

Kingdom Hearts Timeline

358/2 Days

The first game released that didn’t have Sora as the main character, 358/2 Days followed the story of Roxas from his creation to his last day as a member of Organization XIII. Chronologically, 358/2 Days takes place from the moment Roxas split from Sora’s heart (during his visit to Hollow Bastion in Kingdom Hearts) to the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II, happening simultaneously with Chain of Memories.

Who is Xion?

Organization XIII Xion screenshotIntroduced as the 14th member of Organization XIII, Xion is actually not even a Nobody. She is a replica created for the sole purpose of giving the the Organization access to a second Keyblade (in order to collect hearts even faster than before). Even the Keyblade she wields is a fake, created from data. Even stranger is her connection to Roxas, and therefore, to Sora.

Towards the end of 358/2 Days, Xemnas decides to determine who is really of more use to the Organization, Roxas, or Xion.

Xion VentusXion’s face is actually only visible to Roxas, which is why, in certain scenes, she’s hooded in moment and not in the next. Axel and everyone else sees her with her hood up, unable to recognize her face. Xigbar actually sees her as Ventus, which refers to before he was a Nobody in Birth by Sleep. Braig knew Ventus, and since Ventus’s heart is inside Sora’s and Xion has ties to Sora through Roxas, Xigbar actually sees Ventus when he looks at Xion.

Sora from Chain of MemoriesSpecifically, Xion was created using the memories of Kairi that had escaped from Sora’s heart after the events in Chain of Memories. Because she was made using Sora’s memories, she must rejoin with Sora in order for him to awaken after Namine finishes piecing together his memories. Xion’s constant instabilities and inability to use her Keyblade stem from the changes Namine is making to Sora’s memories. In the end, Roxas sees Xion with Sora’s face, indicating that her time to rejoin with Sora is almost at hand.

What are the Room of Awakening and the Room of Sleep?

Xemnas in the Room of SleepThe first thing you need to remember the Room of Awakening is that Xemnas is the Nobody of Xehanort (or at least, the Xehanort that we met in Kingdom Hearts II who is actually Terra possessed by Master Xehanort). Therefore, some part of Terra’s memories and feelings reside within both “Ansem” and Xemnas.

The second thing you need to know about the Room of Awakening is that it is the room hidden within Castle Oblivion where Ventus’s body is resting. Because Roxas resembles Ventus and because Terra’s memories and feelings remain inside Xemnas, Xemnas knows that there is a connection between Roxas and Ventus, and by association, the Room of Awakening.

Aqua outside of Castle OblivionThe third thing is that only Aqua truly knows where Ventus is, as she is the one that brought him back to the Land of Departure and converted it into Castle Oblivion by sealing its Keyhole. Therefore, it is only natural that Aqua may be the only one capable of rescuing Ventus’s body from the Room of Awakening. However, she remains in the Realm of Darkness, waiting for Sora to rescue her.

The Room of Sleep underneath Ansem's LabFinally, The Room of Sleep, revealed during one of the extra scenes from Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix +, is secret room Xemnas built beneath Ansem’s lab in Hollow Bastion.

It is also the place where Aqua’s armor and Keyblade were stored after the events in the Final Episode of Birth by Sleep. Xemnas visits the Room of Sleep during the Heartless invasion on Hollow Bastion in Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix +.