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Let’s face it: the Kingdom Hearts Series seems to get more and more confusing and complicated with each new installment. Well we here at Destiny Islands would like to simplify it for you. Our “Kingdom Hearts Series Explained” pages are designed to help clarify plot points that are confusing and hard to follow. These pages use an easy-to-follow question and answer format with images to to help explain concepts even further.

This Article Contains Spoilers!

Before reading the rest of the article below, you should know that some of the topics discussed may spoil plot points in the Kingdom Hearts Series. If you do not want to spoil anything for yourself, we advise you not to read this article. Both the text and the images in this article could potentially give things away about important plot points. Read this article at your own discretion.

The Kingdom Hearts Timeline So Far…

The Kingdom Hearts series was not released chronologically. Some of the games released after the initial titles in the series actually go back and fill in timelines from before games that were released before them. The timeline below shows the overall time frame in which the entire Kingdom Hearts story (so far) takes place.

Coded / Re:Coded

Coded takes place exactly after the events in Kingdom Hearts II, and explains the mystery behind the letter that Sora receives from King Mickey. Coded is perhaps the most confusing installation of the series, raising more questions than it answers.

How Does Sora Get Into the Journal?

Data Sora screenshotThe “Sora” that you play as during the entirety of Coded is actually not the real Sora at all. This Sora, referred to as Data Sora, is simply the Sora that is already within the Jorunal’s memories (which is why he is dressed in his outfit from Kingdom Hearts even though Coded takes place after Kingdom Hearts II). The whole purpose of Coded is Data Sora exploring the corrupted Data in order to discover the mystery behind the message in the Journal so that King Mickey can let the real Sora know (through the letter that Sora receives at the very end of Kingdom Hearts II.

What are the Blox?

Re:Coded Data World Blocks heartlessThe Blox that inhabit the various worlds within the Journal are the physical manifestation of corrupted Data within the machine that is analyzing Jiminy’s Journal. Since the entirety of Coded takes place in the Data World, the Blox are simply bits of Data stored in the Journal that have been corrupted. Some of the Blox become infested even further and take the form of Heartless within the Journal, which Data Sora must then defeat.

Who is This Person that Looks Like Riku?

Riku Data Replica from Re: CodedThe “Riku” that is introduced in Coded is not the real Riku. He is actually a physical embodiment of the Journal’s Data, meant to more easily interact with Data Sora, King Mickey, Donald, and Goofy after they are sucked into the Data World.

What Did the Letter Say?

King Mickey writing a letterAfter the events in Coded, King Mickey writes a letter to the real Sora to inform of what he has discovered. By traveling to Castle Oblivion within the Journal, Data Sora and King Mickey were able to learn that within Sora is the key to Ansem’s research data, which could prove very useful in future adventures.

Also, King Mickey writes that there are people out in the various worlds that are connected to Sora, and that Sora must go out and rescue them from the hurt they are feeling. Specifically, King Mickey is referring to Terra, Ventus, Aqua, Roxas, Axel, Xion, and Namine.