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KINGDOM HEARTS Final Mix > Worlds

Sora, Donald, and Goofy travel to many different places while searching for their missing friends. Each world has its own unique characters and problems, and it’s up to Sora and the gang to help the many inhabitants for the various worlds in their struggle against the Heartless.

Dive to the HeartDestiny IslandsTraverse Town

Dive to the Heart is a dream world inside Sora’s imagination, and serves as a basic tutorial world for new gamers. The basic controls of the game are explained in this world, and choices are made that affect your characters’ development throughout the rest of the game.

Destiny Islands is home to Sora, Riku, and Kairi, three youths who dream of what awaits them beyond their own world. It’s a peaceful world with wide-open beaches and blue skies. Our story begins here on the night of a terrible storm that devours the islands and scatters Sora, Riku, and Kairi to different worlds.

Traverse Town is the world where Sora ends up when the storm swept him away from the islands. Traverse Town is full of all kinds of useful shops to buy Items and Weapons. Sora also meets Donald and Goofy here, and the three of them set out on a quest to find their friends and battle the Heartless.
WonderlandOlympus ColiseumDeep Jungle

Wonderland is a very bizarre world filled with quirky inhabitants. The rooms flip, the flowers talk, and everything is definitely not what it seems. When our heroes arrive, Alice is on trial at the mercy of the Queen of Hearts for supposedly trying to steal her heart.

Olympus Coliseum holds tournaments that Sora and his friends can enter to get stronger. The games are mostly infested with Heartless, but there are also some legendary warriors entered to make the tournaments more challenging. Sora enters the games to prove himself a true hero.

Deep Jungle is vast world with plenty of places to explore. Our heroes unintentionally crash landed on this world after arguing over whether or not their friends might be here at all. At first, there isn’t a Heartless in sight, but as our heroes get more involved in the problems of the inhabitants, they start to appear in high numbers.
AgrabahMonstroHalloween Town

Agrabah is a bustling city in the middle of a harsh desert. Beyond its walls lies the Cave of Wonders, a mysterious place filled with untold treasures. The Cave of Wonders is also home to the Agrabah Keyhole, which makes it a prime target for the Heartless to attack.

Monstro isn’t exactly a world, but more of the inside of a giant whale that floats through space. It turns out that Pinocchio and Geppetto are trapped inside the belly of this enormous beast, and Sora and friends have to help them escape. What’s more, they have to get themselves out too.

Halloween Town is a world completely devoted to Halloween, and is the home of the Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington. The Heartless are rather docile when Sora and friends first come to town, but after an experiment, they resume their normal behavior and begin attacking.
AtlanticaNeverland100 Acre Wood

Atlantica is an underwater kingdom that is currently infested with Heartless. Upon first arriving, Donald uses his magic to transform Sora, Goofy, and himself into sea creatures who can survive in the underwater world. This world offers new controls for moving your characters and there are plenty of places to explore.

Our heroes spend most of their trip to Neverland stuck aboard Captain Hook’s pirate ship. Sora has finally found Kairi, who is on board along with Riku and the Heartless, and spends most of his time in Neverland trying to find her. But first, he must find a way to free himself and his friends from the pirates.

The 100 Acre Wood is a playful place inside a storybook where Sora meets Winnie the Pooh, a curious little bear who can’t seem to find his friends. The pages of the storybook were taken by the Heartless and scattered across many of the different worlds. Sora has to collect all of the Torn Pages to restore Pooh’s world back to the way it was.
Hollow BastionEnd of the World

Hollow Bastion is a dark castle where Maleficent and the Heartless reside. It was once home to Leon, Yuffie, Aerith, Cid, Cloud, and Kairi, but when the Heartless came, they were forced to flee to different worlds. Hollow Bastion was also home to Ansem the Wise, a researcher who was studying the Heartless and workings of the heart.

End of the World is the collective remains of all of the worlds devoured by the Heartless. When the Heartless consume a world’s Keyhole, that world is destroyed, and whatever is left becomes part of End of the World. Sora and friends tracked the Heartless back to this world, and it is on this world that they intend to end the fight once and for all.