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KINGDOM HEARTS Final Mix > Weapons


The Keyblade is a mysterious weapon capable of fighting off the Heartless. It also holds the power to open any lock, and cannot be wielded by just anyone. Every Keyblade in the game is detailed below, organized alphabetically.

ImageNameSTRMax MPCritical %Critical BonusRangeObtained
Diamond Dust3+3Gold Match
Divine Rose132000ShortHollow Bastion II
Fairy Harp8+11004ShortNeverland
Jungle King5500LongDeep Jungle
Kingdom Key31000MediumDestiny Islands
Lady Luck7+21000MediumWhite Trinity
Lionheart10+11000LongHades Cup
Metal Chocobo9-1100LongOlympus Coliseum II
Oathkeeper9+12000MediumTraverse Town III
Oblivion11-11004LongHollow Bastion
Olympia10150MediumOlympus Coliseum II
One-Winged Angel8-24Platinum Match
Pumpkinhead72000LongHalloween Town
Spellbinder4+21000MediumTraverse Town III
Three Wishes61000MediumAgrabah
Ultima Weapon14+22004LongItem Synthesis
Wishing Star5Always4ShortTraverse Town


Donald’s weapon of choice is the Staff, capable of channeling powerful magic spells to attack enemies. Like the Keyblade, Donald’s Staff comes in many different forms and each form has its own strengths and uses. Each Staff in the game is detailed below, organized alphabetically.

ImageNameSTRMax MPRangeBuySellObtained
Dream Rod5+2LongTraverse Town III
Fantasista3+3300Item Synthesis
Grand Mallet9-1Long4000260Item Shop
Lord Fortune7+1ShortTraverse Town III
Mage's Staff1ShortDefault
Magus Staff3+1Short1000200Item Shop
Meteor Strike10End of the World
Morning Star2Short15060Item Shop
Save the Queen10+2LongHades Cup
Shooting Star4Short750160Item Shop
Silver Mallet7-1Long1000200Item Shop
Violetta11-1ShortWhite Trinity
Warhammer4-1Long25090Item Shop
Wisdom Staff5+1Short4000260Item Shop
Wizard's Relic8+2Long1000Wizard


Goofy uses Shields as both an offensive weapon and means of protecting his friends. Goofy has access to many different Shields during the game, and each has its own strengths and uses. Each Shield in the game is detailed below, organized alphabetically.

ImageNameSTRMax MPSizeBuySellObtained
Adamant Shield5Large4000200Item Shop
Dream Shield6+1MediumTraverse Town III
Genji Shield10LargeHades Cup
Gigas Fist7Small1000200Item Shop
Golem Shield3Large1000200Item Shop
Herc's Shield9MediumOlympus Coliseum II
Knight's Shield1MediumDefault
Mighty Shield15End of the World
Mythril Shield4Medium750160Item Shop
Onyx Shield6Medium2800220Item Shop
Save the King11+2LargeHades Cup
Seven Elements4+3300Item Synthesis
Smasher3Small25090Item Shop
Stout Shield1Large25090Item Shop