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After your less-than-smooth landing in the Deep Jungle, Sora is all alone, separated from Donald and Goofy! And to make matters worse, the dangerous Sabor is on the prowl and he’s got Sora in his sights!

Boss: Sabor
HP: 90EXP: 15
Sabor is quick and his swiping claw attacks and lunges can really pack a punch if you're not careful. The best way to maneuver through this fight is to rely heavily on your Dodge Roll to avoid being hit while circling around behind Sabor and laying in a few hits of your own. If you've already been to Olympus Coliseum I, you should also have the Sonic Blade ability at your disposal, which is good for dealing a long string of powerful blows while remaining invulnerable to attack.

Win or lose, the battle is soon brought to an end as Tarzan swoops in to rescue Sora and scare Sabor off. After some spectacular failures in communication, Tarzan joins your Party to help you combat the dangers of the jungle. Meanwhile, we’re given insight into the whereabouts of Donald and Goofy.

When the scene switches back to Sora and Tarzan, hop down to the netting below the tree house. Tucked up on a tree branch is a Treasure Chest. After collecting that, head down the tree limb and into the Climbing Trees area. From here, move across the room to the opening up on a ledge. This leads to the Treetops area, and through there, you can access the Tunnel area. In here, there’s another Treasure Chest. Use the Save Point if you want, and then head into the giant hollow log.

Mini Games: Jungle Slider
By entering the hollow log, you are brought into the Jungle Slider Mini Game, in which Sora and Tarzan get to slide down a series of slicked tree branches. There are a few obstacles on the track that you can avoid by leaning left and right or jumping at the right time.

Camp Site Experiments

The Jungle Slider drops you in the Camp area. Head into the Tent to trigger a cutscene in which Sora is reunited with Donald and Goofy. When the cutscene ends, you’ll obtain a Protect-G. You are then prompted to choose who you will keep in your Party. From now on, you will have the option to swap characters in and out of your Party. You can only have three characters in your Party at any given time. In some worlds, swapping certain characters into and out of your Party is necessary to progress the story. Just remember that if you swap Donald or Goofy out of your Party, you will not be able to activate Trinity Marks you find. For now, you should keep Donald and Goofy in your Party.

Open the Treasure Chest inside the Tent and use the Save Point if you want. Head back out to the Camp area and start to explore some of the features it has to offer. Activate the Blue Trinity by the table to reveal a Treasure Chest. The barrel near the clothesline gives you a Potion and a bunch of HP Orbs if you break it.

If you examine the grandfather clock, you’ll acquire Recipe Card 1. Examine the bamboo flagpole in the middle of the camp to find Recipe Card 2. The shirt on the clothesline gets you Research Note 1. Check out the globe by the tent to get Research Note 2. Finally, the gramophone near the tent gives you Research Note 3. When you’ve collected these five items, head over to the stove. Use a Fire spell to light the stove. Place a Potion in the pot on the stove and a Hi-Potion comes out. Next, examine the beaker on the table near the stove. Put a Potion in and use a Blizzard spell to acquire two Ethers.

After you’ve done all this, it’s time to collect the six Slides as Jane had suggested during the cutscene in the Tent.

Slide Locations
1On top of the tent
2Under the shelter tarp by the tent
3Next to the chalkboard
4On top of the stack of crates
5On top of the shelter tarps (hop up on the tent to reach it)
6On top of the luggage pile next to the tent

After you’ve collected all six, talk to Jane inside the Tent. Cycle through all of the Slides and when you’re done, you’ll trigger a cutscene. Head back outside when it’s over and be ready to fight!

Boss: Sabor
HP: 90EXP: 15
Sabor is back, and he's still trying to take a whack at you. Fortunately, you've got backup this time, so you should have a much easier time taking him down.

Into the Jungle

Head into the Hippo Lagoon area. From here, you have two options, both of which lead to the same area in the end. You can either climb the vine right by the entrance to the Hippo Lagoon, which will lead you up to the Vines 1 area, or you can choose to hop across the backs of the hippos in the lagoon to access another vine that will lead you to the Vines 2 area. If you chose to hop across the hippos, be sure to collect two Treasure Chests up in the trees, as well as Treasure Chest on the ground. The vine by this Treasure Chest will lead you directly up to the Vines 2 area.

If you chose to climb up the vine leading you up to the Vines 1 area, then you’ll be introduced to the mechanics of Vine Swinging, which is a pretty simple thing to do. Also while you’re up in the trees, you can collect the Treasure Chest located in a nearby treetop. Once you’ve made your way across the vines, you can access the Vines 2 area.

Regardless of which path you chose, you’re ultimate objective is to reach the Vines 2 area and view the cutscene in which Tarzan tries to negotiate with the apes. When the cutscene ends, swing across a few vines in the area to reach the treetop with a Treasure Chest. Make your way back to where you viewed the cutscene and find the vine on the tree trunk that you can use to climb up to the Climbing Trees area.

Mini Games: Vine Swinging
You can return to Deep Jungle anytime and try your hand at the Vine Swinging Mini Game. You can try out the different courses and compete to beat your best time record!

You’ve been up here before when you were just with Tarzan, but now that Donald and Goofy are back in your party, you’ll be able to activate the Blue Trinity and collect the Treasure Chest. Make your way back up to the Tree House area to view another cutscene. Once it ends, head back toward the Climbing Trees area, but jump off the side of the tree limb rather than entering the Climbing Trees. This will drop you in the Cliff area, where Sabor is waiting again!

Boss: Sabor
HP: 90EXP: 15
This fight is identical to the last time you fought Sabor, despite the change in location. You should have no problem taking him down with ease.

The Jungle is a Dangerous Place

Upon defeating Sabor for the third time, climb up the bamboo to the top of the cliff to locate two Treasure Chests. After you’ve grabbed the goods, return to the “Camp” through the Bamboo Thicket area. After Jane gives Clayton quite a lecture, it’s a good idea to use the Save Point to switch Tarzan into your party. When you’re ready, head outside to find that Clayton is gone and the Heartless have arrived. You’ll have to defeat clusters of Heartless in five different locations to ensure the gorillas’ safety and claim the rewards.

Save the Gorillas
Bamboo ThicketFire-G
Climbing TreesAeroga-G
Tree HouseShell-G

Once you’ve taken out all of the Heartless at all of these locations and rescued the gorillas, return to the Tent and talk to Jane. With Tarzan in your party, exit the Tent and you’ll hear a gunshot sound off from the Bamboo Thicket area. When Sora and the gang go there to investigate, Sabor ambushes them. It’s time to put the cat down for good!

Boss: Sabor
HP: 180EXP: 150
Sabor has gotten a lot stronger since the last time you fought him, and a lot more crafty. Having Tarzan and Goofy in your party will help make this fight a little bit easier, but you'll also need to rely on your own skills. The Dodge Roll ability works wonders for avoiding Sabor's devastating lunge attacks, and if you've leveled up enough to learn the Vortex ability, it'll be easier to close the gap between Sora and Sabor so you can deal damage more often.

Sabor will constantly be moving with few to no breaks. He's also picked up a pretty annoying trick. Sabor will occasionally dive into the brush surrounding the Bamboo Thicket and pop out on the other side of the clearing, making it difficult to keep a lock on him. When Sabor is far away, pelt him with some magic (Fire spells are the most accurate) and be sure to use healing items when necessary.
Victory Reward: White Fang
Mini Games: Mushroom Heartless
With Sabor defeated for good, return to the Tent to find that Jane is missing. When you head back out to the Camp area, you may encounter a new type of Heartless with surprisingly harmless tendencies. The White Mushrooms are peaceful Heartless that will reward you for using the correct spells on them when prompted. For more details on how to handle them, refer to our Mini Games Page.

Make your way all the way back up to the Climbing Trees area to find Jane and Terk taking shelter in a small clearing. However, it is unsafe for them to leave just yet, as the whole area is full of Heartless and a mysterious dark fruit latched on to the tree trunk in the center of the area. You can defeat as many Heartless as you want during this challenge, but more will continue to come. Your target should be the dark fruit. Smash it to free Jane and Terk and stop the Heartless from coming.

Sealing the Keyhole

After the cutscene, return to the Cliff with Tarzan in your party. You’re going to want to make sure that your entire party is fully healed. It also wouldn’t hurt to have several healing items in Sora’s Item Menu. When you enter the Cliff area, Clayton and the Heartless have cornered several gorillas. Sora and the gang arrive just in time to save them, but naturally, Clayton isn’t all too happy about that. A small battle ensues in which you have two options. The first is to take the time to defeat all of the Heartless and then focus your efforts on Clayton, but this method can be costly to your HP. The second option is to simply go straight for Clayton, laying in about two full combos and ending the battle quicker and with less HP loss. You’re going to want to keep your party healthy for when the real fight begins!

Boss: Clayton & Stealth Sneak
HP (Clayton): 250
HP (Stealth Sneak): 750
EXP (Clayton): 240
EXP (Stealth Sneak): 30
This fight can either be really difficult, or really simple. Oddly enough, the easier way to go about this fight is to actually defeat both enemies rather than just focusing on Clayton.

To start the battle, you're going to want to Dodge Roll immediately to one side, as Clayton starts off by firing a buck-shot which can deal some pretty heavy damage. The invisible mount that he's riding should be your target for the first segment of the fight. Constantly jump into the air to avoid its energy beams and kicking attacks, which you won't be able to see coming seeing as it's invisible. After a few combos-worth of hits, the Stealth Sneak will become visible. Keep nailing it with combos and eventually the beast will throw Clayton off its back.

This is your chance to bombard the Stealth Sneak with blows without having to worry about it retaliating. When it throws Clayton off, it falls to the ground and remains dazed for quite a long period of time. Use this opportunity to deal as much damage as you can before the Stealth Sneak wakes up again. Even though you are focusing on the Stealth Sneak at this point, always keep Clayton in check. He'll mostly stay out of your way, but he will fire off a couple rounds from a distance. Use the Triangle Button to have Tarzan and Goofy focus on attacking Clayton while you attack the Stealth Sneak. This will help ensure that you are, for the most part, left alone while you're attacking the beast.

When the Stealth Sneak wakes up, keep hammering it with combos, all while trying your best to avoid its energy attacks. Use healing items when necessary and stay in the air as much as you can to avoid being hit. When the Stealth Sneak's HP falls, the creature will drop for good and reward you with a Mega-Potion, which you can use throughout the remainder of the fight.

With the Stealth Sneak gone, Clayton will drop with relative ease. If you relentlessly hammer him with blows, he won't get much of a chance to get in any hits of his own, making him a pretty easy opponent to defeat. He may try to use a healing item to boost his HP back up a bit, but it's still nothing to worry about. The effects don't boost his HP enough for him to get any benefit out of it anyway, as your relentless combos will simply drop his HP in a matter of a minute or two anyway.
Victory Reward: Cure

After the battle, Kerchak grabs Sora by the skull and launches him up to a new area. Head into the Waterfall Cavern through the cave entrance nearby. Inside, you’ll have to navigate your way up to the top of the cavern through a series of jumps and climbs. Be sure to open the various Treasure Chests. When you find an opening that leads to an area labeled ???, go inside. A series of cutscenes will play in which Sora seals the Keyhole to Deep Jungle and the gang receives another Navi-G Piece. After the sequence ends, you’re returned to the Tent where Sora receives his first new Keyblade, the Jungle King, and learns how to activate Red Trinity Marks. At this point, use the Save Point to access the World Map and select the last remaining world in the ring as your next destination.

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