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Dive to the Heart

Choose Carefully

After the opening cutscene, you are left in control of Sora, the hero of our story. Step forward using the Left Analog Stick like the mysterious voice suggests. The voice offers you a series of of choices between a sword, a staff, and a shield. You must now choose one to keep and one to give up. Use the Circle Button to jump up onto the platforms and make your decisions using the X Button to confirm your selections.

The combination you choose will determine Sora’s starting stats, the order in which he will learn abilities through level-up, and which stats will be increased during level-up.

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Battle Bravely

Once you’ve confirmed your choices, the darkness engulfs the platform and takes you to the next section of Dive to the Heart. Here, you’ll be given a brief battle tutorial. Use the X Button to attack foes while selecting the Attack Command from the Command Menu located at the bottom left corner of the screen. Once you’ve defeated one Shadow, the rest will disappear.

Now the Lock-on feature is explained. By pressing the R1 Button, you can toggle the Lock-on target. Several more Shadows will appear, but with the new Lock-on feature, defeating them should be easy.

Examine Closely

You’ll be transported to a new section of Dive to the Heart in which you’ll be introduced to the ? Command in the Command Menu. The ? Command will change depending on different situations throughout the game. At this point, it will primarily read Examine. It will also change to say Open when near a Treasure Chest.

Examine the transparent door at the back of the platform. You won’t be able to open it yet, but examining it will cause a Treasure Chest to appear nearby. Walk up to it and select the Open Command to open the Treasure Chest. Another part of the door will become solid and a box will appear. You can push it toward the door by walking toward it. You can also break it open using the Attack Command in the Command Menu. When you break it open, a Potion will fall out and a barrel will appear in the distance.

A new piece of the Lock-on feature is explained at this point. While locked on, you can press the L2 Button and R2 Button to switch between targets on the field. Lock-on to the door, then switch your target to the barrel. Destroy the barrel to complete the door, and then examine it again.

Plan Accordingly

On the other side of the door, you’ll encounter Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie, three inhabitants of the Destiny Islands. Each of them has a question for you and a series of answers available to choose. The answers you give will determine how quickly Sora will level up during the game. But don’t get too hasty, because your answers will also determine how quickly your enemies become stronger.

You’ll notice that when Sora approaches a person, the Attack Command is replaced with the Talk Command in the Command Menu. Use this command to speak with people throughout the game.

The table below explains which answers result in which leveling pace. We selected a medium pace, which is a good pace to go at for beginners, but again, you should choose the speed that you think would best suit you.

Questions & Pacing
What are you so afraid of?What do you want outta life?What's most important to you?
A: Getting Old
B: Being Different
C: Being Indecisive
D: To see rare sights
E: To broaden my horizons
F: To be strong
G: Being number one
H: Friendship
I: My prize possessions
Slow PaceMedium PaceFast Pace

Fight Fiercely

Once you’ve made your decisions, you’ll be brought back to Dive to the Heart for another brief battle. Once you defeat the Shadows that appear, a light will shine down from above, revealing a Save Point. Save Points allow you to save your progress, and also fully restore your HP and MP. It is important to save your game frequently, so it’s a good idea to save every time you locate a Save Point.

A set of stairs leading up to a far off platform will also be revealed. After you have saved your game, proceed up the stairs and walk into the center of the platform.

Boss: Darkside
HP: 240EXP: 18
Darkside is a fairly simple boss, seeing as he is the first boss in the entire game. His size is intimidating enough, but that’s really the only intimidating thing about him. His attacks are rare and few in between, and if you do happen to get hit by one, the damage is minimal. That does not mean that you should get careless when fighting him.

Darkside's primary attack involves slamming his fist into the ground, creating a dark portal through which more of the enemies you fought before can appear. Your primary target throughout the battle should be Darkside's hand, although it’s a good idea to switch targets to the Shadows he summons whenever the hand rises out of reach. The Shadows, when defeated, drop HP Orbs, which are always a useful thing to have.

Darkside uses another attack periodically in which he launches energy beams from the heart-shaped hole in his chest. These beams are probably the most devastating attack that Darkside uses, but they’re pretty simple to dodge and even if you do get hit, the amount of damage they do is not overwhelming. You can even try to time your attacks correctly to strike at one of the beams before it hits you, earning you a few extra Tech Points.

Destiny Islands

Gathering Supplies

The first task to accomplish is to locate the four raft materials Kairi has asked you to find. You can find the first of two Logs on the shore underneath the bridge, not too far from where you spoke with Kairi.

Travel across the beach and up to the dock where Selphie is sitting. Go up the stairs and take a right up another set of stairs. Head around the path at the base of large tree until you find a ladder. Climb the ladder, and head along the wooden platform and into a small tree house. Inside, on the right wall, is the Cloth.

Head all the way back down toward the dock, and climb the ladder opposite the stairs that led up to the tree house. This ladder will lead you up to where Tidus is, and just a little ways behind him is the Rope.

Finally, head back down to the beach and enter the Seaside Shack. Off to the right is a Save Point, which you can use if you want. Go up the stairs and out onto the bridge that leads out to the small island. There, you’ll find Riku sitting on the tree, and toward the back of the small island, you’ll locate the second Log. With everything collected, return to Kairi. She’ll reward you with a Hi-Potion for your efforts and ask you if you want to call it a day. While ending the day advances the story, it’s a good idea to explore the island some more and maybe even challenge some of your friends.

A Little Friendly Competition

At any point on your first day on the islands, you can talk to Tidus, Wakka, Selphie, and Riku to battle with them. Each of these battles does not affect the story even if you lose.

On the first day, you can find Tidus on the platform furthest to the west of the island, Wakka along the beach, Selphie at the end of the dock, and Riku on the small island across the bridge. On the second day, Tidus is now on the island across the bridge, Wakka is closer to the base of the waterfall, and Selphie is now standing on the beach next to the dock. Riku can only be fought on day one.

If you manage to defeat Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie, you can talk to Tidus and challenge them to a Three-on-One match. If you manage to survive it, a Potion is your reward. Likewise, you can earn a Potion every time you defeat Riku.

Friendly Battles
Battle: Tidus
HP: 60EXP: 1
Tidus uses combos in a similar style to the way Sora uses them. His attacks can easily be deflected by timing your attacks to counter them, and while he’s temporarily dazed, power on through with a combo of your own.

It’s a good idea to keep moving from time to time, because if you don’t time your attacks correctly to block Tidus, he’ll continue to lay hits on you.
Battle: Wakka
HP: 75EXP: 1
Wakka is a fairly easy. His attacks are mostly long-distance, and can easily be returned by simply striking his Blitzball back at him when he throws it at you.

Wakka has a few short-range attacks in which he spins around to shake you off of him. Keep your distance and knock his attacks back at him to dispatch him quickly.
Battle: Selphie
HP: 45EXP: 1
Selphie can be a bit irritating simply because she’s a very difficult opponent to hit. She constantly moves around the beach, making it hard for Sora’s combos to actually connect.

Like Wakka, you should keep your distance while fighting her, as this will force her to run straight at you. Try to deflect her attacks by timing yours correctly, as it will give you a good window to lay a combo or two on her.
Battle: Tidus, Wakka, & Selphie
HP (Tidus): 60
HP (Wakka): 75
HP (Selphie): 45
EXP (Tidus): 1
EXP (Wakka): 1
EXP (Selphie): 1
The best strategy here is to simply keep moving while attacking whoever happens to be closer to you at the time. Don't stay in one spot for too long, or you'll risk being overrun.

Constantly move the camera around to keep all three of them in check at all times. Never let yourself be backed into a corner, as they will proceed to pummel you with no escape. It's a good idea to stick to individual strikes instead of full combos, as it will give you more mobility.

Typically, Selphie is the first to fall simply because of her low HP. Try to take out Wakka next so that you'll no longer have his long-range attacks to worry about. When it's just you and Tidus, it should be simple enough from there.
Battle: Riku
HP: 90EXP: 5
First and foremost, be sure not to head too far out onto the bridge or fall off the edges of the small island, as this will result in an automatic forfeit. A good strategy to use is to only attack two hits at a time, instead of full combos. After a combo, Sora remains motionless for a few seconds, leaving him wide open for Riku to land a combo of his own.

Riku's most devastating attack occurs when you manage to knock him onto his back. He’ll spring back forward with a powerful kick that will deal some pretty heavy damage. Get behind him when he falls to the ground, and keep your distance. Riku also has an attack in which he blocks your attack and powers through with a strike of his own. It’s best to just stay away from him despite his constant coaxing.

When you’ve had your fill of fighting, you can speak to Kairi and call it a day.

Riku’s Race

On the second day, you can access the back of the island by going through the door Kairi was standing in front of the day before. On the other side, you’ll find Riku, who is contemplating what to name the raft. He asks you what you think it should be called. Call it anything you want, but Riku will still disagree with it.

Riku challenges you to race to the other side of the island and back. The outcome of the race is not important, but if you manage to win, a Pretty Stone is yours for the taking. You can challenge Riku as many times as you want, and each victory earns you an additional Pretty Stone.

Kairi’s whistle marks the start of the race, and from there, the easiest route is listed step by step below.

Riku's Race
1Drop down to the shallow water below the starting ledge. Running through the water is easier than trying to hop over the wooden decks.
2Swim around the small embankment and continue running in the shallow water along the beach and up the hill.
3Turn left and hop along the cliffs until you reach the big star. Make sure that the star lights up, or it won’t count that you reached it.
4Make your way back by dropping straight down and avoiding the tree trunks. If you get too close, Sora will start to climb the tree, which just wastes time.
5When you reach the ledge of the embankment, jump up to get on top of it and then proceed right back down the steps on the other side.
6Run through the shallow water and hop up to the starting ledge and back to Kairi.

Procuring Provisions

Your next task is to speak with Kairi and get a list of provisions to collect for the trip. She’s over at the raft you passed during your race with Riku. Before heading to the raft, go back to the embankment and lift the box by the stairs. Throw it toward the back wall and jump on top of it to reach a small alcove in the wall. There is a Treasure Chest in the alcove.

Kairi wants you to find a lot more things this time around. She’ll give you a Empty Bottle to collect Drinking Water, which you can find in two places. You can either fill it up at a small spring below the wooden decks by Riku, or you can go back to the front of the island and fill it up in the waterfall.

The three Fish can all be found in the water on the front side of the island, and they’re all fairly close together. Just swim up to them to collect them. While you’re on the front side of the island, go back into the Seaside Shack and up the stairs. Climb the skinny tree all the way to the top and jump across to the top of the fatter tree. The Seagull Egg is sitting on top of it.

On the back side of the island, you can find one of the three Mushrooms you need to find inside the bushes by the zip line tower. You can find a second Mushroom in a small cave behind a large rock by the raft. Push the rock to one side to access the cave.

To gather the two Coconuts, you’ll need to attack the trees near the raft until two of the yellow ones fall. Finally, return to the front of the island and head to the Secret Place at the base of the big tree by the waterfall. Head all the way to the back wall by the door to obtain the last Mushroom. A cutscene will also play at this point.

When you’ve gathered everything, return to Kairi. You’ll need to speak with her a few times, but she’ll reward you with another Hi-Potion and ask you if you want to call it a day. At this point, you can choose to wait and return to the front of the island to fight Tidus, Wakka, Selphie, or the three of them together again. Riku is no longer available to battle, but you can also race him as many times as you want. When you’ve had enough, tell Kairi you want to call it a day.

End of the World

That night, a storm hits the islands and Sora ventures out to check on the raft. When you reach the islands, you learn that the strange creatures from Sora’s dream are invading. At first, Sora’s wooden sword is no match for the Shadows, so just ignore them. Head to the small island across the bridge, passing through the Seaside Shack. Now is good time to save your game using the Save Point. Go up the stairs and out to the small island to meet up with Riku.

After the cutscene, Sora obtains the Kingdom Key, which can be used to attack the Shadows that keep appearing. It might be a good idea to defeat enough of them to gain a level or two. When you think you’re ready, head back to the Secret Place to find Kairi. When that cutscene has ended, Sora comes face to face with a familiar foe.

Boss: Darkside
HP: 300EXP: 60
Darkside is essentially the same as when you fought him in Dive to the Heart, just with more HP and slightly more strength behind his attacks. His attacks are generally the same, with the exception of one new one, in which he rains down small balls of gravity. These balls don’t home in on you, they just fall from the sky, but they can deal some fairly significant damage, so watch out for them.

Like last time, your target is Darkside's hand, and like last time, he’ll summon Shadows to keep you preoccupied, although he summons them less often, which means fewer opportunities to collect HP Orbs. You shouldn’t need to use one, but remember that you have Potion available if you need one.

Traverse Town I

Another World

After Sora’s rather rude awakening, head out of the alley and into the main square. It is here that Sora realizes he has been brought to an entirely new world. Take some time to explore the First District, taking note of the strange Blue and Red marks on the ground and the Treasure Chest at the cafe that won’t open. Don’t worry too much about them at this point. They’ll become more important later.

Head into the Item Shop, which is located by the alley you first woke up in. Here, you can buy items and new weapons. Unfortunately, Sora doesn’t have a Munny to his name, but if you collected a large amount of Pretty Stones back on Destiny Islands, you can sell them here for 30 Munny apiece! While you’re in here, you can use the Lock-on feature and switch targets until you’ve locked on to the ceiling fan. Strike it to obtain a Postcard.

After getting a fairly decent idea of your new surroundings, head into the Accessory Shop in the center of the First District. Inside, you’ll meet Cid, who encourages you to take a look around Traverse Town to try and find your friends. Take him up on his offer, but before you run off, utilize the Save Point by the fireplace if you want to. Also, jump up onto the sales counter and then jump to grab the edge of a nearby cupboard to reach a Treasure Chest.

Once outside, head to the left and up around the back of the Accessory Shop. When you reach the top of the last set of steps, take a slight left and locate a barrel next to a man. Jump up on top of the barrel and rotate the camera to the left until you are aimed up with the edge of the Accessory Shop roof.

Jump up to grab the edge and pull yourself. Make your way toward the front of the Accessory Shop. Over the door, there should be a small ledge that you can jump out to. If you aimed correctly, you should grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Continue to jump to the other side of the roof. Behind the chimney, there is a Treasure Chest.

Drop down the roof and head back up the steps behind the Accessory Shop. This time, when you reach the top of the steps, head right and through the large double doors that lead into the Second District.

Second District Shadows

Upon entering the Second District, a small cutscene will play and a small group of Shadows will appear. When you defeat them, they will drop something other than HP orbs: Munny! From now on, when you defeat Heartless, they will drop a certain amount of Munny in addition to HP Orbs or MP Orbs. Defeat lots of enemies to collect a ton of Munny and use it to buy items, accessories, and weapons.

Shadows will appear at various points throughout Traverse Town from here on out, so when they do, you’ll have to defeat them. Once you’ve completely cleared the Second District of all Heartless, you can collect the two Treasure Chests in the area. Both are in rather difficult places to reach, but it’s not impossible.

The first Treasure Chest is on top of the awning over the Boots & Shoes store. Hop up onto the street lantern nearby and use the camera to line yourself up. Jump forward and you should be able to grab the edge of the awning, and pull yourself up to reach the Treasure Chest.

The other Treasure Chest in the Second District is on the outside wall of the Gizmo Shop at the back. At the end of the upper level there is a set of stairs that lead down to the lower level. Across a small gap there is a balcony that you can jump from the upper level to reach. From that balcony, leap straight out at the stained glass window and you will grab the ledge just below it. Pull yourself up and move the camera to look to the left. You’ll see the Treasure Chest sitting on a small ledge. Jump over to that ledge and pull yourself up to reach it.

You’ll notice that as you enter and exit certain places in the Second District, like the Gizmo Shop and Hotel, that Donald and Goofy will be practically right on your tail. They’re searching for a man named Leon. You should probably keep an eye out for him as well.

It’s All Starting to Make Sense

Head back to the First District, where you’ll find more Shadows. Dispatch them or run from them, but either way, you’re heading for the Accessory Shop. Go inside and tell Cid that you couldn’t find anyone. Save your game if you want, and when you’re ready, head outside.

Battle: Leon
HP: 120EXP: 30
Leon doesn’t attack often, but when he does, it’ll deal a significant amount of damage. Leon's attacks usually come in two forms. His long range assault consists of throwing fire balls at you, which you can actually knock back at him if you time your attack right. Watch out though, because if you don’t repel the fire ball, it only takes three of them to take your HP to zero!

Leon's other attacks are similar to Sora’s, striking you with his sword when you get too close. The best way to take him down is to land a combo on him and then get away from him. Use a Potion if necessary.

After the battle, a cutscene plays. It will explain a lot of what’s going on and why the Heartless are always coming after you. After the cutscene ends, save your game using the Save Point in the Green Room. Talk to Yuffie to learn about the Keyblade’s ability to open any lock. She suggests you try it out on the Treasure Chest on the table. Take her up on her offer and open the Treasure Chest.

When you’re ready, talk to Leon. The Heartless will break in and Leon and Sora will run off to chase them. From here on out, you’ll find Soldiers throughout Traverse Town. They’re a bit more difficult to take down than Shadows, and their attacks can pack more of a punch, but you should be able to handle them.

When you’ve cleared the Alleyway of all Heartless, head toward the end of the Alleyway where all of the boxes are stacked into a small opening in the wall. Turn left and you’ll find another Treasure Chest. Then head to the middle of the Alleyway and jump up to grab one of the edges of the roof. Pull yourself up and jump into the balconies. Head all the way to the right to find another Treasure Chest. Then head all the way to the left and you’ll find another Treasure Chest.

Use the door on the balcony to re-enter the Green Room. With Leon gone, you can strike the right side of the clock above the door until it reads 7:00. When that happens, a Treasure Chest will appear. Go into the Red Room and you’ll find another Treasure Chest.

Collectables: Dalmatian Puppies
Head back out to the Alleyway by using the door at the back of the Red Room. Drop down and head for the far end by the sewer gate. Turn right and head through the ornate door at the end of the alley. Go through the three empty rooms. When you reach the fourth, you’ll learn that there are 99 Dalmatian Puppies missing. Be on the lookout for them when you visit the many other worlds.

Head back to the First District and talk to Leon. He’s secured this district, so there won’t be any Heartless here. You can return to the First District whenever the going gets tough. You can also talk to Aerith by the Accessory Shop to receive a Mega-Potion. While you’re in the First District, hop over the wall at the top of the steps behind the Accessory Shop and you’ll see a mailbox. Examine it, and it will open, giving you another Postcard. When you’re ready, head back into the Second District and make your way through the gap between the staircase and the balcony. Turn right and head through the large double doors and into the Third District.

The Trio Unites

Once inside the Third District, take a few steps forward to trigger a cutscene. Donald and Goofy finally join your party. This will be the first time that you battle with a full party. It’s not all that different from fighting by yourself, as Donald and Goofy generally take care of themselves. You can now use Items on Donald and Goofy whenever they need assistance. If their HP happens to fall to zero, they’ll revive automatically in a short amount of time. You can also lock on to enemies and press the Triangle Button to have Donald and Goofy turn their attention to that enemy.

When the cutscene ends, a group of Soldiers appear in the newly closed-off Third District. Take them out, but try to take as little damage as possible. You’ll need all the HP you can get to survive the battle to come.

Boss: Guard Armor
HP (Body): 700
HP (Each Arm): 84
HP (Each Leg): 196
EXP: 110
Despite your gut feeling to tackle Guard Armor one body part at a time, it is more efficient to simply attack whatever is attacking you at the moment. Guard Armor's three main attacks are all fairly easy to avoid with exception of one. When Guard Armor winds his arms back, clear out to avoid being hit by the spinning claws. When Guard Armor sticks his arms out and squats, it means he’s about to sick his legs on you. Just keep running to avoid being stomped on.

The final attack is the hardest to avoid. Guard Armor will start jumping in place and then jump high into the air and come crashing down wherever you’re standing. To avoid this attack, you need to jump at the right time in order to clear the impact zone.

When both of his arms and both his legs are gone and all that remains is the body, Guard Armor will only perform one attack. The body will start spinning in place and then it will ram straight into you. Typically, this attack doesn’t do a whole lot of damage, and you can just ignore it and power on through with combos until it’s HP reaches zero.
Victory Reward: Brave Warrior

More to Do

Slaying the Guard Armor has temporarily cleared the town of all Heartless, which will make strolling the town a lot easier. For starters, Leon, Yuffie, and Aerith all give you some good advice for your journey. Aerith hands over 100 Munny and if you managed to defeat Leon during your battle earlier, he’ll give you an Elixir.

Like Leon and the others suggested, it’s a good idea to check out some of the shops around town. The Item Shop sells Potions and other restorative items, as well as new weapons for Donald and Goofy, if you can afford them. You can also buy accessories in the Accessory Shop and equip them to your party.

Donald teaches Sora the Fire spell and Goofy teaches Sora the Dodge Roll ability. The Fire spell is Sora’s first magic spell, which means now you have a new tactical advantage over certain foes. Some enemies are vulnerable to certain kinds of magic, so attacking with that magic will deal extra damage instead of using physical attacks. Likewise, certain enemies are resistant to specific types of magic, and can sometimes even be healed by it. Don’t be over eager when it comes to magic, as you are limited when it comes to its use. The blue units around Sora’s HP Gauge are his MP, and using spells causes the MP Gauge to deplete. Use it wisely.

Over by the large double doors in the First District, there is a Blue Trinity on the ground. Now that Donald and Goofy have joined your party, you can activate Trinity Marks when you find them. You can only activate Trinity Marks that you have learned, and you can only activate them when both Donald AND Goofy are in your party. For now, you can only activate Blue Trinity. There are other colors, as you have probably noticed, but those can be activated later in the game.

Activate the Blue Trinity by the World Exit to obtain a large amount of Munny, and activate the Blue Trinity by the cafe to access a Treasure Chest with another Postcard inside.

Head back into the Second District and go through the Gizmo Shop. The ladder that was once broken has been repaired, so you can now climb to the roof of the Gizmo Shop. Jump across the gap to another rooftop and then again to a third rooftop. On the third rooftop, toward the left, there is a Treasure Chest. Head all the way across the rooftop and through the opening to access a secret balcony in the Third District. Use the lock-on feature to locate a hidden Postcard. Drop down and head up the path that leads behind the fountain. You’ll find a Blue Trinity that, when activated, reveals Munny and a Camping Set.

There is a large set of double doors in the Third District that you can’t seem to get through. If you remember, there was another set of double doors in the First District that you couldn’t go through either. If you examine the lock by the door, you can unlock the door, making it much easier to travel between the two districts.

Back in the First District, now that you have located six Postcards around town, you can examine the mail booth by the steps leading up to the Accessory Shop. Each Postcard you mail earns you an item. Fore more details, visit our Collectables Page.

Blast Off!

When you think you’re ready to go, head out for the World Exit. You’ll be brought to the World Map, which lets you select locations to travel to using the Gummi Ship. We chose to head to the world at the top of the ring with a Battle Level of one star, so select that world if you wish to continue using this walkthrough in sequence.

Flying the Gummi Ship is fairly simple. Use the Left Analog Stick to move the ship around. The X Button controls the ship’s blaster, which you can fire at obstacles and enemies that get in your way while you fly. The Circle Button slows the ship’s engine down, allowing you to navigate through tight spots more easily or reach items that are too far away from you before you pass them.

Outer Space is full of all kinds of obstacles and enemies that you’ll have to avoid and destroy to make from world to world. Naturally, as the game progresses, these obstacles and enemies will be harder to overcome.


Down the Rabbit Hole

Upon entering Wonderland, our heroes come across the White Rabbit, who is apparently extremely late for a very important date! Naturally, you should follow him to the end of the hallway and into the Bizarre Room. During the cutscene that plays when you enter the Bizarre Room, you are prompted to drink one of the two bottles on the table to shrink down to the right size. Before you do this, push the bed flat into the wall to reveal a small doorway.

Drink the blue bottle to shrink down small enough to go through the door you just uncovered. However, when you shrink down, the room will suddenly fill with Heartless, which you can either fight or run away from. It’s a good idea to dispatch of at least a few groups of enemies to gain some EXP before moving on.

On the other side of the door is the Queen’s Castle, which is currently in the middle of a trial to see if Alice is innocent or guilty. The Queen of Hearts has accused Alice of attempting to steal her heart, and Sora and the gang step in to defend her. Now it’s your responsibility to search all over Wonderland for pieces of evidence to help prove Alice’s innocence. Head through the opening in the wall to the next area.

Collecting Evidence

Inside the Lotus Forest, Sora and his friends encounter the Cheshire Cat, who likes to speak more in riddles than provide straight answers. This much is clear though: there are four pieces of evidence scattered throughout Wonderland. Three are easy to find, but the last is a little more complicated. You can progress the story by only collecting one piece of evidence, but if you manage to collect all four, the Cheshire Cat has promised to reward you for your impressive detective work.

The flowers in the Lotus Forest will ask you for Items if you examine them. If you give them what they ask for, they’ll reward you with prizes. The red flower right by the entrance will give you a Camping Set and a bunch of HP Orbs if you give it a Potion. Ignore the nearby yellow flower for now. You’ll need its effect later. Head further into the forest and into the little clearing off to the right. In this area, there’s a Blue Trinity which gives you an Ether, a Potion, a Tent, and some MP Orbs. Give the nearby flower a Potion to get a Hi-Potion and some more MP Orbs. The Treasure Chest on the ground in this area contains your first piece of evidence: the Footprints.

Climb the mushrooms up to the treetops and head through the opening in the tree to drop down on top of the stove back in the Bizarre Room. The Treasure Chest here contains Stench, your second piece of evidence. Drop down to the floor and make your way back to the Lotus Forest by going through the Queen’s Castle area. Head to the very back of the Lotus Forest, defeating any Heartless that appear along the way, and hop up onto the mushroom sticking out of the back wall. This Treasure Chest holds your third piece of evidence: the Antenna. Make the long jump up to the treetops in the back corner of the room and open that Treasure Chest. Jump across the treetops to find another Treasure Chest.

Hop back down and find the yellow flower by the front entrance to the Lotus Forest. Give it a Potion and it will make Sora big again. You can stomp on the nearby tree stump to raise two mushrooms, allowing you to reach a new area in the upper treetops. To shrink back down, examine the fruit up into the treetops and eat it. Now head back into the clearing and climb the mushrooms up to the treetops and hop across the new mushrooms you raised to access a new entrance to the Bizarre Room.

The doorway drops you down on top of a faucet jutting out of the Bizarre Room wall. Beside you is a cupboard with a Treasure Chest on it. Jump across the gap and open it to receive your final piece of evidence: the Claw Marks. The Cheshire Cat will now appear and reward you with the Blizzard spell for finding all the pieces of evidence. Drop down and make your way back to the Queen’s Castle.

Making Your Case

Speak to the Red Card Soldiers in front of the Queen’s podium to present your evidence. The Queen of Hearts will be unhappy with your findings regardless of how many pieces of evidence you collected, so she will instruct her Card Soldiers to bring forth more evidence. Furthermore, she won’t let you present all five boxes. She instructs you to pick one box to make your case with.

Whatever box you pick, one of three things will come out of it. In the first and most ideal outcome, a Soldier Heartless appears, proving that the Heartless are the real culprits. The second outcome will be either Donald or Goofy, implicating them as being responsible. The last and easily the worst possible outcome will incriminate both Donald and Goofy. Regardless of the results of your presentation, the Queen of Hearts will not be happy with the results. Be ready for a brawl in the courtroom!

Boss: Card Soldiers & Crank Tower
HP (Each Card Soldier - Spades): 45
HP (Each Card Soldier - Hearts): 60
HP (Crank Tower): 51
HP (Queen of Hearts): 10
EXP: 0
The battle starts based on the results of your evidence presentation. If the Heartless appeared in the box you chose, you'll get Donald and Goofy by your side for the duration of this fight. However, if Donald, Goofy, or both appeared in the box you picked, you'll start this battle with a bit of a handicap. Whoever appeared in the box will be imprisoned in cages off to the side of the courtyard. You can break them out of these cages by simply attacking them, allowing them to rejoin your party and help you throughout the rest of the battle.

What you may not realize is that your actual target in this battle is not the Card Soldiers, but the Crank Tower in the middle of the room. Unfortunately, you are going to have to deal with the Card Soldiers attacking you while you attempt to destroy the Crank Tower. To make this a little easier, you can attack the Queen of Hearts up on her podium. When you knock her out, all of the red Card Soldiers will become knocked out until she recovers, giving you fewer foes to deal with while you're attacking the Crank Tower. Donald and Goofy can handle the black Card Soldiers for the most part while you focus your attacks on the Crank Tower. Target the three gears on the sides and take them out one by one. Then attack it directly to take the Crank Tower down for good.

Alice is Missing

After the battle, Alice’s cage lowers and Alice is nowhere to be found. Outraged, the Queen of Hearts orders her Card Soldiers to stop their fight with you and search. You’ll need to look as well. Head back into the Lotus Forest. Upon entering, a flower will come flying out a large boulder (don’t question it, it’s Wonderland). The Cheshire Cat appears again to tell the gang that Alice has been taken by the shadows.

Give the yellow flower by the entrance another Potion to grow again and knock the boulder into the nearby water, raising two smaller mushrooms which act as stairs into a new area in the Lotus Forest.

Shrink back down to normal size and jump up the two newly-raised mushrooms to access a new room in the Lotus Forest. The Blue Trinity will give you a Camping Set and a bunch of MP Orbs, and the flower will give you a Mega-Potion and some more MP Orbs if you give it a Hi-Potion. Head into the doorway to access a secret area in the Queen’s Castle area, where you’ll find a Treasure Chest. Hop down and head back into the Lotus Forest and make your way to the back of the room. Before going through the opening where the large bolder once was, jump up to the platform above it (where you found the Antenna). Jump up to the nearby tree branch, then turn back around and jump to the canopy high up on the back wall. There’s a doorway there that will take you to a new part of the Bizarre Room.

When you enter the Bizarre Room, you’re now on the wall. Defeat any Heartless that appear, then explore several of the wall’s key features. The first is a shelf with a teddy bear on it. Target and attack the latch that holds the shelf up, and the teddy bear will fall to the bookcase below, suddenly making a two-dimensional book become three-dimensional. Before leaving this wall, light the two lamps. When both are lit, a previously blank canvas will suddenly have a painting in it, and will act as a doorway to a previously unreachable section of the Lotus Forest. Before you go though, grab the Treasure Chest that fell out of the lion statue’s mouth.

In the Lotus Forest, give one of the flowers an Elixir in exchange for a Mythril Shard, and the other a Potion in exchange for a Hi-Potion and a bunch of MP Orbs. The rest of the things in this room are unavailable at the moment, so head back to the wall of the Bizarre Room through the small pond. Head back to the main Lotus Forest through the exit near the bookshelf.

Cross the top of the Lotus Forest by walking along the treetops in order to reach another exit above and to the left of the main exit to the Queen’s Castle. This exit will bring you to the opposite wall of the Bizarre Room, where the fireplace is. Again, defeat any Heartless that appear, then examine the faucet that you landed on previously when you were collecting the Claw Marks. The water that comes out will make the urn on the floor into a doorway that leads to top of the hedges in the Queen’s Castle, where you can find another Treasure Chest.

Jump down and return to the regular Bizarre Room. Defeat the Heartless that appear, then use the orange bottle to become big again. Examine the book sitting next to the teddy bear to obtain a Mythril Shard. Next, examine the teddy bear to move it into one of the chairs on the wall, which will make the previously flat clock three-dimensional. Push the clock to the side, then use the blue bottle on the table to shrink back down and go through the newly discovered doorway.

This brings you to the Tea Party Garden, where you will immediately find a Treasure Chest. Jump down to the ground and examine the picture on the back wall twice to initiate a puzzle sequence. Each of the chairs at the table will trigger some sort of event when you sit in them. You can sit in every chair except for the big one on the end of the table and the middle one on the same side as the picture you examined. The other chairs will reward you with a grand total of 3 Potions, an Ether, an Elixir, plus a ton of HP Orbs, MP Orbs, and Munny! After you’ve sat in the 5 safe chairs, head through the door in the cottage to access the ceiling of Bizarre Room.

Locking Wonderland

On the Bizarre Room ceiling, you’ll have to light the two lanterns by examining them, but you’ll need to clear the room of any Heartless first.

After you’ve lit both lanterns, examine the latch on the wall furthest from where you entered the ceiling area to pop open a secret entrance into the Queen’s Castle, where you can find a Treasure Chest. Drop down and use the Save Point to save your game if you want. Enter the Bizarre Room and examine the plant in the pot by the Doorknob to collect a Mythril Shard, 2 Potion, and a bunch of HP Orbs. When you’re ready, talk to the Cheshire Cat on top of the table.

Boss: Trickmaster
HP: 600EXP: 150
The Trickmaster is not a very difficult Boss to take down, though it is a rather time-consuming fight. Your target is its midsection and you're going to want to rely on physical attacks to take it down. Magic such as the Fire spell deals decent damage and is good for hitting it from a distance, but it can also set its batons ablaze, making the damage it can deal to you even more devastating. If you must use magic, rely on your Blizzard spell (which you should have from collecting all four pieces of evidence).

The Trickmaster will swat at you with its batons while you are attempting to attack its midsection, but for the most part, you should be able to avoid being hit by these attacks if you simply keep jumping up to attack. After a while, the Trickmaster will become temporarily knocked out, dropping HP Orbs and falling to the floor. Use this time to unleash a few combos to deal maximum damage before it gets up again.

The Trickmaster may resort to playing with fire whether you light its batons or not. When its HP falls low, it can go over to the stove by the fireplace and light its batons all by itself, making its attacks a little more dangerous. It can now launch fireballs from a distance in addition to simply swinging at you with its flaming batons. If you keep close, the Trickmaster usually won't use this attack. Keep hitting its midsection with attacks until it drops to the ground again, collecting HP Orbs whenever it drops them. Repeat this pattern until the Trickmaster drops for good.
Victory Reward: Ifrit's Horn, Blizzard

After the battle, the Doorknob awakens and Sora’s Keyblade reacts to the Keyhole deep within the Doorknob’s mouth. Upon sealing the Wonderland Keyhole, Sora and the gang acquire a Navi-G Piece. After the cutscene, Sora and company return automatically to the Save Point in the Rabbit Hole area. Use this to return to the Gummi Ship so you can move on to the next world. From Wonderland, you have two choices. You can either return to Traverse Town and then go to the world at the bottom of the ring with a Battle Level of 2, or you can simply go to the world at the right end of the ring opposite Traverse Town. For the purposes of this Walkthrough, we’re going to choose to go on to the world on the right side of the ring, Deep Jungle.

Deep Jungle


After your less-than-smooth landing in the Deep Jungle, Sora is all alone, separated from Donald and Goofy! And to make matters worse, the dangerous Sabor is on the prowl and he’s got Sora in his sights!

Boss: Sabor
HP: 90EXP: 15
Sabor is quick and his swiping claw attacks and lunges can really pack a punch if you're not careful. The best way to maneuver through this fight is to rely heavily on your Dodge Roll to avoid being hit while circling around behind Sabor and laying in a few hits of your own. If you've already been to Olympus Coliseum I, you should also have the Sonic Blade ability at your disposal, which is good for dealing a long string of powerful blows while remaining invulnerable to attack.

Win or lose, the battle is soon brought to an end as Tarzan swoops in to rescue Sora and scare Sabor off. After some spectacular failures in communication, Tarzan joins your Party to help you combat the dangers of the jungle. Meanwhile, we’re given insight into the whereabouts of Donald and Goofy.

When the scene switches back to Sora and Tarzan, hop down to the netting below the tree house. Tucked up on a tree branch is a Treasure Chest. After collecting that, head down the tree limb and into the Climbing Trees area. From here, move across the room to the opening up on a ledge. This leads to the Treetops area, and through there, you can access the Tunnel area. In here, there’s another Treasure Chest. Use the Save Point if you want, and then head into the giant hollow log.

Mini Games: Jungle Slider
By entering the hollow log, you are brought into the Jungle Slider Mini Game, in which Sora and Tarzan get to slide down a series of slicked tree branches. There are a few obstacles on the track that you can avoid by leaning left and right or jumping at the right time.

Camp Site Experiments

The Jungle Slider drops you in the “Camp” area. Head into the Tent to trigger a cutscene in which Sora is reunited with Donald and Goofy. When the cutscene ends, you’ll obtain a Protect-G. You are then prompted to choose who you will keep in your Party. From now on, you will have the option to swap characters in and out of your Party. You can only have three characters in your Party at any given time. In some worlds, swapping certain characters into and out of your Party is necessary to progress the story. Just remember that if you swap Donald or Goofy out of your Party, you will not be able to activate Trinity Marks you find. For now, you should keep Donald and Goofy in your Party.

Open the Treasure Chest inside the Tent and use the Save Point if you want. Head back out to the Camp area and start to explore some of the features it has to offer. Activate the Blue Trinity by the table to reveal a Treasure Chest. The barrel near the clothesline gives you a Potion and a bunch of HP Orbs if you break it.

If you examine the grandfather clock, you’ll acquire Recipe Card 1. Examine the bamboo flagpole in the middle of the camp to find Recipe Card 2. The shirt on the clothesline gets you Research Note 1. Check out the globe by the tent to get Research Note 2. Finally, the gramophone near the tent gives you Research Note 3. When you’ve collected these five items, head over to the stove. Use a Fire spell to light the stove. Place a Potion in the pot on the stove and a Hi-Potion comes out. Next, examine the beaker on the table near the stove. Put a Potion in and use a Blizzard spell to acquire two Ethers.

After you’ve done all this, it’s time to collect the six Slides as Jane had suggested during the cutscene in the Tent.

Slide Locations
1On top of the tent
2Under the shelter tarp by the tent
3Next to the chalkboard
4On top of the stack of crates
5On top of the shelter tarps (hop up on the tent to reach it)
6On top of the luggage pile next to the tent

After you’ve collected all six, talk to Jane inside the Tent. Cycle through all of the Slides and when you’re done, you’ll trigger a cutscene. Head back outside when it’s over and be ready to fight!

Boss: Sabor
HP: 90EXP: 15
Sabor is back, and he's still trying to take a whack at you. Fortunately, you've got backup this time, so you should have a much easier time taking him down.

Into the Jungle

Head into the Hippo Lagoon area. From here, you have two options, both of which lead to the same area in the end. You can either climb the vine right by the entrance to the Hippo Lagoon, which will lead you up to the Vines 1 area, or you can choose to hop across the backs of the hippos in the lagoon to access another vine that will lead you to the Vines 2 area. If you chose to hop across the hippos, be sure to collect two Treasure Chests up in the trees, as well as Treasure Chest on the ground. The vine by this Treasure Chest will lead you directly up to the Vines 2 area.

If you chose to climb up the vine leading you up to the Vines 1 area, then you’ll be introduced to the mechanics of Vine Swinging, which is a pretty simple thing to do. Also while you’re up in the trees, you can collect the Treasure Chest located in a nearby treetop. Once you’ve made your way across the vines, you can access the Vines 2 area.

Regardless of which path you chose, you’re ultimate objective is to reach the Vines 2 area and view the cutscene in which Tarzan tries to negotiate with the apes. When the cutscene ends, swing across a few vines in the area to reach the treetop with a Treasure Chest. Make your way back to where you viewed the cutscene and find the vine on the tree trunk that you can use to climb up to the Climbing Trees area.

Mini Games: Vine Swinging
You can return to Deep Jungle anytime and try your hand at the Vine Swinging Mini Game. You can try out the different courses and compete to beat your best time record!

You’ve been up here before when you were just with Tarzan, but now that Donald and Goofy are back in your party, you’ll be able to activate the Blue Trinity and collect the Treasure Chest. Make your way back up to the Tree House area to view another cutscene. Once it ends, head back toward the Climbing Trees area, but jump off the side of the tree limb rather than entering the Climbing Trees. This will drop you in the Cliff area, where Sabor is waiting again!

Boss: Sabor
HP: 90EXP: 15
This fight is identical to the last time you fought Sabor, despite the change in location. You should have no problem taking him down with ease.

The Jungle is a Dangerous Place

Upon defeating Sabor for the third time, climb up the bamboo to the top of the cliff to locate two Treasure Chests. After you’ve grabbed the goods, return to the “Camp” through the Bamboo Thicket area. After Jane gives Clayton quite a lecture, it’s a good idea to use the Save Point to switch Tarzan into your party. When you’re ready, head outside to find that Clayton is gone and the Heartless have arrived. You’ll have to defeat clusters of Heartless in five different locations to ensure the gorillas’ safety and claim the rewards.

Save the Gorillas
Bamboo ThicketFire-G
Climbing TreesAeroga-G
Tree HouseShell-G

Once you’ve taken out all of the Heartless at all of these locations and rescued the gorillas, return to the Tent and talk to Jane. With Tarzan in your party, exit the Tent and you’ll hear a gunshot sound off from the Bamboo Thicket area. When Sora and the gang go there to investigate, Sabor ambushes them. It’s time to put the cat down for good!

Boss: Sabor
HP: 180EXP: 150
Sabor has gotten a lot stronger since the last time you fought him, and a lot more crafty. Having Tarzan and Goofy in your party will help make this fight a little bit easier, but you'll also need to rely on your own skills. The Dodge Roll ability works wonders for avoiding Sabor's devastating lunge attacks, and if you've leveled up enough to learn the Vortex ability, it'll be easier to close the gap between Sora and Sabor so you can deal damage more often.

Sabor will constantly be moving with few to no breaks. He's also picked up a pretty annoying trick. Sabor will occasionally dive into the brush surrounding the Bamboo Thicket and pop out on the other side of the clearing, making it difficult to keep a lock on him. When Sabor is far away, pelt him with some magic (Fire spells are the most accurate) and be sure to use healing items when necessary.
Victory Reward: White Fang
Mini Games: Mushroom Heartless
With Sabor defeated for good, return to the Tent to find that Jane is missing. When you head back out to the Camp area, you may encounter a new type of Heartless with surprisingly harmless tendencies. The White Mushrooms are peaceful Heartless that will reward you for using the correct spells on them when prompted. For more details on how to handle them, refer to our Mini Games Page.

Make your way all the way back up to the Climbing Trees area to find Jane and Terk taking shelter in a small clearing. However, it is unsafe for them to leave just yet, as the whole area is full of Heartless and a mysterious dark fruit latched on to the tree trunk in the center of the area. You can defeat as many Heartless as you want during this challenge, but more will continue to come. Your target should be the dark fruit. Smash it to free Jane and Terk and stop the Heartless from coming.

Sealing the Keyhole

After the cutscene, return to the Cliff with Tarzan in your party. You’re going to want to make sure that your entire party is fully healed. It also wouldn’t hurt to have several healing items in Sora’s Item Menu. When you enter the Cliff area, Clayton and the Heartless have cornered several gorillas. Sora and the gang arrive just in time to save them, but naturally, Clayton isn’t all too happy about that. A small battle ensues in which you have two options. The first is to take the time to defeat all of the Heartless and then focus your efforts on Clayton, but this method can be costly to your HP. The second option is to simply go straight for Clayton, laying in about two full combos and ending the battle quicker and with less HP loss. You’re going to want to keep your party healthy for when the real fight begins!

Boss: Clayton & Stealth Sneak
HP (Clayton): 250
HP (Stealth Sneak): 750
EXP (Clayton): 240
EXP (Stealth Sneak): 30
This fight can either be really difficult, or really simple. Oddly enough, the easier way to go about this fight is to actually defeat both enemies rather than just focusing on Clayton.

To start the battle, you're going to want to Dodge Roll immediately to one side, as Clayton starts off by firing a buck-shot which can deal some pretty heavy damage. The invisible mount that he's riding should be your target for the first segment of the fight. Constantly jump into the air to avoid its energy beams and kicking attacks, which you won't be able to see coming seeing as it's invisible. After a few combos-worth of hits, the Stealth Sneak will become visible. Keep nailing it with combos and eventually the beast will throw Clayton off its back.

This is your chance to bombard the Stealth Sneak with blows without having to worry about it retaliating. When it throws Clayton off, it falls to the ground and remains dazed for quite a long period of time. Use this opportunity to deal as much damage as you can before the Stealth Sneak wakes up again. Even though you are focusing on the Stealth Sneak at this point, always keep Clayton in check. He'll mostly stay out of your way, but he will fire off a couple rounds from a distance. Use the Triangle Button to have Tarzan and Goofy focus on attacking Clayton while you attack the Stealth Sneak. This will help ensure that you are, for the most part, left alone while you're attacking the beast.

When the Stealth Sneak wakes up, keep hammering it with combos, all while trying your best to avoid its energy attacks. Use healing items when necessary and stay in the air as much as you can to avoid being hit. When the Stealth Sneak's HP falls, the creature will drop for good and reward you with a Mega-Potion, which you can use throughout the remainder of the fight.

With the Stealth Sneak gone, Clayton will drop with relative ease. If you relentlessly hammer him with blows, he won't get much of a chance to get in any hits of his own, making him a pretty easy opponent to defeat. He may try to use a healing item to boost his HP back up a bit, but it's still nothing to worry about. The effects don't boost his HP enough for him to get any benefit out of it anyway, as your relentless combos will simply drop his HP in a matter of a minute or two anyway.
Victory Reward: Cure

After the battle, Kerchak grabs Sora by the skull and launches him up to a new area. Head into the Waterfall Cavern through the cave entrance nearby. Inside, you’ll have to navigate your way up to the top of the cavern through a series of jumps and climbs. Be sure to open the various Treasure Chests. When you find an opening that leads to an area labeled ???, go inside. A series of cutscenes will play in which Sora seals the Keyhole to Deep Jungle and the gang receives another Navi-G Piece. After the sequence ends, you’re returned to the Tent where Sora receives his first new Keyblade, the Jungle King, and learns how to activate Red Trinity Marks. At this point, use the Save Point to access the World Map and select the last remaining world in the ring as your next destination.

Olympus Coliseum I

All Heroes Start Somewhere

Olympus Coliseum is actually the smallest world in the entire game, featuring only three areas to explore. The Coliseum Gates area is where our heroes first enter this world, and it should be noted that there are treasures everywhere! There is a Blue Trinity on either side of the coliseum door, both of which reveal Treasure Chests. There’s also a Treasure Chest hiding behind a pillar nearby.

Once you’ve collected your treasures, head into the Coliseum Lobby area. Phil is distracted in all of his preparations for the upcoming games and directs you to move that massive pedestal on the opposite wall. Go ahead and give it a try, but that thing isn’t going anywhere. Talk to Phil again and he’ll realize that he’s mistaken you for someone else. Phil then offers you some training courses for Sora to take on. In these training courses, you’ll be breaking barrels while under a time limit. Believe it or not, it is actually easier to accomplish these courses if you remove the Vortex ability (if you have it equipped) from Sora.

The first course is relatively simple. You have to destroy all 20 barrels in 30 seconds. When striking barrels, it’s good to know that some of the barrels will fly off in whatever direction Sora is facing after he unleashes a full combo. If you aim your attacks right, you can actually launch barrels into other barrels to help cut down your time. Take them all out, then return to Phil and tell him you’re ready for the next challenge.

The advanced course is a little harder, but still nothing Sora can’t handle. Start by making your way around the base of the structure, destroying any barrels you find along the way. Next, make your way up to the top, still taking out barrels as you pass them. The final barrel is on a floating platform out in the middle of the arena. You can’t reach it by jumping to it, but if you aim the barrel on the highest level of the structure correctly, you can knock it into the barrel on the floating platform to take it out. Or, you can take the easy way out and lock on to the barrel out on the floating platform and use a Fire spell to break it with ease.

Entering the Preliminaries

Phil rewards the party with the Thunder spell. Unfortunately, despite all of your hard efforts, Phil still won’t let you join the games. Disgruntled, the party heads back out to the Coliseum Gates area, where they encounter Hades. For no particular reason, Hades bestows an Entry Pass upon Sora, which you can bring back to Phil to gain access to the games. Be warned that the Preliminary Tournament is not for pushovers. There are seven rounds that you need to clear all in one shot. Get defeated anywhere along the way, and you have to start all the way back at the beginning.

The Preliminaries
1Soldier (x4), Blue Rhapsody (x3)
2Shadow (x10), Blue Rhapsody (x3)
3Red Nocturne (x5), Blue Rhapsody (x5)
4Shadow (x2), Soldier (x2), Red Nocturne (x3), Blue Rhapsody (x3)
5Blue Rhapsody (x9)
6Red Nocturne (x4), Blue Rhapsody (x4), Large Body (x1)
7Cloud (See Below)

Battle: Cloud
HP: 300EXP: 80
The final round of the Preliminaries is a match against Cloud, who is quite possibly the hardest enemy you have faced so far. He's quick and he's capable of dealing a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Fortunately, there is one major flaw to Cloud's fighting style that allows you to get the upper hand. He'll shout out before every single attack he uses, giving you the heads up so you can adjust your fighting style accordingly.

Cloud's standard attack is his charging attack which typically can last for up to seven bursts at a time. During this attack, it's a good idea to simply Dodge Roll away from him and then advance on him as he starts to slow down again. Cloud will sometimes string many of these attacks together which makes it seem like an endless assault, but it's very important that you do not engage him during this attack. Be patient and wait for him to stop.

Cloud will occasionally jump up into the air and come crashing down right on top of you. A well-timed Dodge Roll will allow you to avoid being hit. Use the time that he's standing still to hit him with a combo or two.

A Turn for the Worse

Win or lose, your match with Cloud is cut short as Hades and his nasty dog, Cerberus, crash the tournament. The cutscene dumps Sora and the gang back in the Coliseum Lobby area, but you can talk to Phil to re-enter the arena and take on the mighty three-headed beast!

Boss: Cerberus
HP: 600EXP: 200
Cerberus is a very difficult enemy, especially if you didn't go to Deep Jungle before coming to Olympus Coliseum. The Cure spell comes in mighty handy during this battle, plus all of the extra leveling up you did in Deep Jungle will help as well.

Cerberus will start the battle by launching fireballs from its mouth for a while. Simply use the Dodge Roll to avoid them and wait for Cerberus to lower its heads. He'll then start biting with some rather vicious attacks, but if you focus on one head and attack only when it doesn't move, you should be able to avoid damage for the most part.

Eventually Cerberus will get back up and lift up its front legs, creating a massive shockwave when he hits the ground again. Jump over it and then get on top of Cerberus as fast as you can by jumping up on the bend in one of his hind legs and using it as a step to reach his back. Cerberus will puke up some nasty dark sludge which will burst out of various spots on the ground, and it is significantly easier to avoid this attack if you're simply not on the ground. When Cerberus stops again, jump off and use the same strategy as before until he lifts up his front legs again and comes crashing back down. This pattern continues until Cerberus's HP reaches 0.
Victory Reward: Inferno Band

After vanquishing Cerberus, the gang returns to the Coliseum Lobby where Phil bestows upon them the Hero’s License, which allows you to participate in future tournaments held at the coliseum. Head out to the Coliseum Gates and talk to Cloud on the steps. After the cutscene, he’ll give you the Sonic Blade ability, which is a very useful attack to have in your arsenal! When you’re ready, return to the World Map using the World Exit and head back to Traverse Town for another visit.

Traverse Town II

Back in Town

Upon returning to Traverse Town, you should probably check out some of the shops. Now that you’ve been to several worlds, you’ve most likely accumulated quite bit of Munny. You should consider buying some new weapons for Donald and Goofy over at the Item Shop. Also, now that you have the Blizzard spell, head over to the cafe area. The Treasure Chest sitting on the counter that you couldn’t open before will open now if you extinguish all of the candles at the tables. Also, head back into the small alley where Sora first awoke in Traverse Town to activate the Red Trinity. It opens up a secret area of the Alleyway area where you’ll find a Treasure Chest.

Head back to the Accessory Shop and talk to Cid. He’ll recommend that you seek out Leon, who is training in the Secret Waterway area. Head into the Alleyway via the Second District and make your way over to the sewer grate. Bust it down using the Red Trinity and head inside. You’ll find Leon and Aerith nearby; talk to them and they’ll explain a bit more about what’s going on. As for the Navi-G Pieces you’ve collected, Aerith recommends you check with Cid. Before you leave, Leon hands over the Earthshine. Check by the stairway at the back of the Secret Waterway to find a Treasure Chest.

Make your way all the way back to the Accessory Shop and talk to Cid again. After the conversation, he’ll hand over an Old Book, which you need to bring to the Magician’s Study, a new area that you haven’t been to before. Head back to the Third District and make your way to the door with the fire insignia on it. Cast a Fire spell and the door will open, granting you access to the Mystical House area. Hop across the moving rocks to the island and enter the Magician’s Study through the gaping hole in the side of the house.

Brief Reunions

A cutscene is triggered as soon as you walk in the door, and after it ends, Merlin appears and sets up shop inside the once vacant house. He explains that he’s been asked to train Sora in the art of using magic. At any time from this point on, you can talk to Merlin to practice using new spells you’ve acquired. This is a good way to try new spells out before you have to rely on them in the heat of battle.

If you continue talking to Merlin, you’ll hand over the Old Book, which Merlin will place over on a dresser nearby. You can choose to examine the book now if you want (if you do, refer to the 100 Acre Wood section of this walkthrough), but we recommend you wait until later. If you examine the little coach on the floor near the door, you’ll meet the Fairy Godmother, who will teach you all about Summons. From now on, you can find Summon Gems during your journeys to various worlds. You can bring them back to the Fairy Godmother and she will transform them into Summon spells that you can use in combat. Right now, she’ll transform the Earthshine you just got into the Simba Summon spell. You’ll be able to Summon Simba in the middle of a battle from now on. For more details on Summon spells, refer to our Summons Page.

Upon leaving the Mystical House, the gang encounters Riku, who has apparently been looking for you. After the cutscene, make your way over to the exposed spark plug by the door to the First District. Use a Thunder spell to activate them (you’ll need to do this for later). Head up to the Small House at the top of the steps by the entrance to the Second District and talk to Leon and the gang. Cid hands over a Warp-G, which will allow you to warp to any world you’ve already visited, making it a lot easier to get around.

The Gizmo Shop Grind

Head into the Second District and make your way to the Gizmo Shop along the back wall. Inside, all of the electronic contraptions have turned on because of that wire you jolted back in the Third District. Defeat all of the Heartless in the room, and then activate all of the switches on the upper level. While you’re here, examine the clock on the wall to receive two Postcards.

Head up onto the roof of the Gizmo Shop and activate the Red Trinity on the back wall to access a pull rope. Pull it three times to reveal the Traverse Town Keyhole. Jump down to the ground and make your way over to the keyhole, but be prepared to fight off a familiar enemy.

The Guard Armor returns, but it’s nowhere near as big a threat as it was when you battled it the first time. With all of the levels you’ve gained since then and all of your new abilities, you should be able to take it down with minimal effort and without taking too much damage. After a while, the Guard Armor simply gives up and collapses into a heap of parts on the ground. This is when the real battle begins!

Boss: Opposite Armor
HP (Body): 900
HP (Each Arm): 135
HP (Each Leg): 270
EXP: 390
The Opposite Armor is a much more formidable opponent than its previous form. The strategy for defeating it is pretty similar to before (attacking whatever limb is attacking you). However, the Opposite Armor has a few tricks up its sleeve that it didn't have before.

For the most part, Opposite Armor will attack charging lunge attacks, which are easily avoided with a well-timed Dodge Roll. The Opposite Armor may also separate and sling its head around in circles, hitting whoever gets caught in the way several times in a row. The most devastating attack to watch out is the Opposite Armor's new beam cannon attack. It takes a while to charge up, but when it fires, it can deal some pretty nasty damage. However, this attack has one major flaw. If you're too close to the Opposite Armor when it fires, the beam won't be able to hit you and will fly right over your head. Right after it fires, jump up and nail the Opposite Armor with a few combos.
Victory Reward: Aero, Navi-G Piece

Return to the First District after felling the Opposite Armor and talk to Cid, who turns out to be an expert in all things Gummi Ship. You’ll receive a free Comet-G just for talking to him, but now you can buy and sell Gummi Blocks from him for all of your ship building needs. Also, be sure to stop back in the Accessory Shop for a brief scene with Pinocchio. When you’re ready, head to the World Exit and select the new Warp Hole that opened up on the World Map as your next destination.


A Whole New World

With the completion of your second visit to Traverse Town, you are now able to travel to a whole new ring of worlds beyond the warp hole, the first of which is the desert world of Agrabah. Upon first arriving, you learn that Maleficent and Jafar are up to no good (of course), and that they are desperately searching for both Princess Jasmine and the Keyhole.

With the stepped-up search party, it’s no wonder that Sora and company are ambushed by a group of Heartless within seconds of touching down in the Agrabah streets. The new Bandit Heartless are far craftier opponents than any of the enemies you’ve come across thus far. Like Sora, they specialize in sword fighting, and are therefore very dangerous. They can not only attack you with sword combos up close, but they can also lunge great distances to close in on an enemy.

Once you’ve cleared out the area of all enemies, you can open up a nearby Treasure Chest. Across from this Treasure Chest is a wooden door that leads to the Storage area. Inside, you’ll find another Treasure Chest, as well as a Save Point. Head back out to the Plaza and make your way across to the far front corner. Climb up to the top and open the Treasure Chest.

Hop back down and continue through the main archway into the Main Street area. Here, you’ll most-likely encounter more Heartless to take down, including the new Pot Spiders, which can be taken down with relative ease and reward you with a lot of Munny. Your next destination is the Alley, which is off to your left after you enter Main Street.

A City to Explore

In the Alley, you’ll briefly encounter Jasmine, followed by a battle against the several Heartless that Jafar summons. Once you dispatched them all, jump up to where Jafar was and examine the lock in the wall to open up a new section of Agrabah. Grab the Treasure Chest nearby and then hop across the platforms to access a new part of Main Street.

Hop from the pink awning to the yellow one after defeating the Pot Spider that’s waiting for you when you first emerge. Defeat another Pot Spider here, then jump across to the multicolored row of awnings. Jump down into the lower alcove with a Treasure Chest. From here, you can jump down to the ground and head straight across the street to the archway with a pole inside it. Climb the pole to enter Aladdin’s House.

Aladdin isn’t home right now, but you can open the two Treasure Chests. Examine the carpet to assist it in breaking free of the cabinet it was stuck under. The carpet takes off toward the outskirts of the city. Examine the lock on the wall to unlock the gate in the Plaza.

Jump out the back window of Aladdin’s House and return to the Plaza. Jump up the stacked crates to get up top and hop across the window shutters to reach the unlocked gate, but be sure to collect the Treasure Chest overhead first. Go through the newly-unlocked gate to access a new section of Main Street.

Destroy the two Pot Spider enemies that appear on the other side, but make sure you don’t fall off the platform. Use the stacked crates to reach the platform overhead and leap across the other platforms in sight until you eventually come across one with a Treasure Chest. Open it, then hop back down to the street and make your way back to the city exit and head into the Desert.

Trouble in the Desert

Upon entering the Desert, you’ll encounter the magic carpet. Talk to it and it’ll take you to Aladdin, who is currently in quite a jam. Upon arriving, you’ll be immediately ambushed by wave after wave of Bandits. Constantly keep on the move to avoid being taken down. After a while, a cutscene will interrupt the battle and Aladdin will use his first wish to put a more permanent fix to your Heartless problem.

After a rather lengthy cutscene, Sora and the gang are brought back to Agrabah, which has recently undergone a few changes. Several of the previously open routes are now blocked off with piles of crates and barrels. You’ll need to jump up to the rooftops using the stacked boxes by the entrance to the Desert to proceed to Main Street.

Once there, you’ll have to return to Aladdin’s House for a brief scene, then head back outside using the exit closest to the Save Point to quickly access the rooftop awnings. Run across them and jump down to the lower alcove to access a new area called the Bazaar.

Mini Games: Mushroom Heartless
In the Bazaar, there's a chance that you'll run into the less-friendly relative of the White Mushroom, the Black Fungus. These Heartless will still drop the elusive Mystery Goo from time to time, but the method for appeasing them is totally different. Unlike their friendlier counterparts, magic spells are not the key to getting the [kh_black_fungus] to drop what you're looking for. The trick is to defeat them with a critical hit to increase the chances of them dropping the Mystery Goo - or if you're really lucky, the Mystery Mold. For more information on how to deal with these enemies, refer to our Mini Games Page.

Be sure to hop down into the center area to access the Blue Trinity and collect a ton of Munny and a Mega-Ether. Remember, you can only activate it if you have both Donald and Goofy in your Party, so if you swapped someone out for Aladdin, you’ll need to come back for it later. Use the crates to hop back up to the entrance platform and jump across the window shutters to reach another ledge with a Treasure Chest. Continue up the platforms and jump the gap. Head right to find another Treasure Chest. Head left to find another lock that needs unlocking.

After you’ve finished in the Bazaar, head back out to Main Street. You’ll need to hop down and then head back to Aladdin’s House. Utilize the Save Point if you want, then exit using the pole nearby. Hop across the gap back out in Main Street to access the newly opened doorway leading you to the upper entrance to the Palace Gates.

Boss: Pot Centipede
HP: 600EXP: 250
The Pot Centipede is a very strategy-driven battle. Your objective is to take out the head and tail pieces, which will be providing most of the challenge. The head and the tail both have antennae that will lash at you if you get too close. The key to this battle is to get in, land a few hits, and get out before the antennae begin to flail.

The other key thing to always keep the Pot Spiders in check. They will continue to drop from the rooftops throughout the battle, and there's no way to stop them from joining the fight. For the most part, they will completely ignore you and simply join the body of the Pot Centipede. Unfortunately, if enough Pot Spiders join with the Pot Centipede, it will be able to break through the barriers blocking off certain sections of Agrabah. This allows for more room to fight, which is good, but it also means that more Pot Spiders will be able to jump down and join the battle. It is recommended that you allow the Pot Centipede to break through the first barricade into the Main Street area, but do not let it get any further. This will allow you to duck back into the Palace Gates to heal when you need to get away from the Pot Centipede.

You can break the Pot Spiders connected to the Pot Centipede by hitting its head or its tail with enough blows. Doing so will reduce the Pot Centipede to nothing but its head and tail pieces, preventing it from breaking through any other blockades to other sections of Agrabah. Sonic Blade is a very useful ability to have in this fight, as it will allow you to bash the Pot Centipede multiple times (usually enough to break its Pot Spider body) without taking any damage yourself. Continue to hammer it with well-timed hits and it will fall with ease.
Victory Reward: Ray of Light

Back to the Desert

Aladdin suggests that you should return to the desert, and you should. Unfortunately, another battle awaits you as soon as you touch down.

Boss: Cave of Wonders
HP: 380EXP: 400
The Cave of Wonders has been corrupted by the powers of darkness, giving it a very vicious temper and some pretty nasty tricks in its arsenal. The most recurring offensive that the cave head will take is the constant energy bolts that will pulse out of its eyes and follow you. These can be deflected with a well-timed Guard (if you've learned it) or attack of your own. The other, more easily-avoidable attack is the incredible burst of fire that will occasionally blast out of its mouth. Typically, you should be nowhere near the cave's mouth throughout most of the battle, so this attack really shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Your targets during this fight are the cave-head's eyes, which will continue to emit energy bolts until you defeat them. The more complicated problem with this is getting up on top of the cave's head to actually reach the eyes in the first place. Occasionally, the Cave of Wonders will smash its face down into the sand in front of it, giving you a brief window to climb up to the top of the head before it gets back up again. Once on top, you should focus on taking out one eye at a time. Aero magic is particularly good at providing a bit of a buffer against the constant barrage of energy bolts.

Eventually, the Cave of Wonders will most likely shake you off, knocking you back down into the sand. Take out some of the Bandits until your opportunity to get back on the cave's head presents itself again.

Once you’ve taken out the Cave of Wonders, you’ll be able to go inside. Several Heartless will appear when you first enter the cave. Take them out, but make sure not to fall over the edge into the Relic Chamber below. Proceed to the “Hall” through the doorway up ahead, and be sure to the pick up the Treasure Chest on a platform to the left. Inside the Hall, more Heartless will appear, and again, you should be sure not to fall over the edge while fighting them. Also, be careful of the rolling boulders. The track in the floor marks the boulder path, so be sure to avoid lingering on it for too long. Grab the Treasure Chest on the ledge up above the wooden bridge, and then proceed to the Bottomless Hall.

The Bottomless Hall features stone idols that will periodically spit water out, which will knock you off of the edge into the lower levels of the cave if you get hit by them. Jump up on top of the first idol to reach the platform above them, which will make it easier to traverse the bridge. Take out any Heartless that appear up here without falling off, and be sure to grab the Treasure Chest. Next, return to the Hall and jump off the edge into the darkness below to access the next area you need to visit.

The Dark Chamber is one of the lower areas of the cave, and it features a Save Point that you’ll need to utilize to switch Donald and Goofy into your Party if they’re not both already with you. Jump across the water to the small platform nearby and open the Treasure Chest. Next, jump over the water to reach the long strip of land that stretches across of the cavern. There is another Treasure Chest here; Once you’ve grabbed it, jump into the water and swim up the waterfall near the Save Point to reach the Silent Chamber.

In the Silent Chamber, activate the Blue Trinity. Now jump into the water on the other side, into the Hidden Room. Swim up to the steps and turn around to face a nearby pillar that you can target. Hit it with a Fire spell to trigger a cutscene, then return to the Silent Chamber and head up the stairs, leading back to the Hall. Make your way back into the Bottomless Hall and then proceed to the Treasure Room. With Donald and Goofy still in your Party, activate the Red Trinity to collect a ton of Munny and a Mythril Shard. Swap Aladdin into your Party to activate one of the jewels nearby to be blasted up on top of the pile of gold where you’ll find a Treasure Chest. Hop down and activate the other jewel to be blasted up to the other pile of gold where a Treasure Chest can be found. Jump over to the ledge along the wall and grab another Treasure Chest. Jump back to the pile of gold and then jump to the top of the fireplace to the last Treasure Chest in the room. When you’re ready, hop back down and head into the Lamp Chamber.

Diamond in the Rough

Upon entering the Lamp Chamber, Jafar is waiting with Genie. He’s already found the Keyhole, so you’ll need to put a stop to his scheme here and now!

Boss: Jafar
HP: 500EXP: 600
Jafar is your main target in this battle, but he's not the only adversary you need to watch in this battle. Because Jafar still has the lamp, Genie is forced to do his dirty work for the duration of this battle, making him an enemy to avoid while you target Jafar. Genie will give you plenty of warning to get out of the way, as he will shout apologies before actually attempting to hurt you. Even if you do get hit, Genie will drop several HP Orbs to replenish your HP after his rather weak attacks.

Jafar will not be so nice though. He hovers high above the ground and circles the room, making him difficult to hit. You can interrupt most of Jafar's attacks by landing some of your own, but the trick is luring him towards you when you're on one of the large stone platforms, allowing you to reach him more easily. Watch out for Jafar's lasers that he will fire from his staff. If you can avoid them, this provides you with a great opportunity to nail Jafar with a combo or two while he's motionless.

Jafar's most devastating attack is also the easiest of his assaults to avoid. Jafar will summon a swirling ice storm that will deal some pretty nasty damage if you get caught in it, but it only applies to the inner circle of the room, so as long as you stay on the outer edge or up on the stone platforms, it can't hit you. Attack Jafar to stop the storm and get him to move again to a more vulnerable position.

When his HP lowers, Jafar will transform into a ball of energy to escape being hammered. You can't hurt him in this state, but relax because he can't hurt you either. Heal up if you need to, but always keep the energy ball in your sights. Follow it and jump up on the nearest platform before Jafar returns to normal so that you're ready to attack when he becomes vulnerable again.

Jafar's final attack is also your best opening to land a good string of blows of your own. He'll ignite the tip of his staff and come in for a closer assault. This is your chance to interrupt his assault with an assault of your own and really take his HP down.
Victory Reward: Blizzara

After you’ve defeated Jafar, an the floor of the Lamp Room caves in, revealing an even deeper level of the cave completely overrun with lava. Jafar has used his final wish to be transformed into an all-powerful genie, so jump into the hole to take him down once and for all!

Boss: Jafar (Genie)
HP: 750EXP: 730
Jafar (Genie), despite being the main offender in this battle, is not your target at all this time around. Genie is no longer under Jafar (Genie)'s control, and is therefore not in this fight, but Iago is flying around the room holding Jafar (Genie)'s new lamp. Take Iago out, and the lamp is yours to imprison Jafar (Genie) for good!

The platforms will continue to adjust their position throughout the battle, which will provide its own set of challenges in reaching Iago to attack him. There will be a lot of platforming in this fight and a lot more dodging than attacking, so be prepared for the long haul. Jafar (Genie) will continue to pelt you with massive fire balls throughout the battle. These will deal some pretty decent damage, but if you equip an Aero spell to Sora, they will not do nearly as much. This battle is really more time-consuming than challenging. Just keep following Iago and hitting the lamp when you can and Jafar (Genie) will be down before you know it.
Victory Reward: Fira, Ansem's Report 1

After defeating Jafar for good, the entire Cave of Wonders begins to collapse. After sealing the Keyhole, Sora and the gang hop on the magic carpet to make their narrow escape. Use the Left Analogue Stick to steer the carpet away from the different obstacles along the way. When you come across obstacles that are otherwise unavoidable, you can aim the Left Analogue Stick up and press the Circle Button to perform a flip and avoid the object.

Upon escaping the cave, the gang returns to Aladdin’s House. After the cutscene, Sora acquires the Genie Summon, as well as the Three Wishes Keyblade. You can now also perform the Green Trinity ability. Head back to the Storage area by the Plaza and use the Green Trinity to reach the Treasure Chest up on the shelf. Then access the Gummi Ship through the Save Point.


In the Belly of the Beast

Monstro has swallowed up Sora and the gang, but there’s a lot more going on inside this whale’s stomach than meets the eye. Pinocchio and Geppetto have also been swallowed up, and are desperately looking for a way out. When you first arrive, you’ll have to follow Pinocchio over to the ship for a small scene with Geppetto. Pinocchio runs off to explore, so naturally, you’ll have to go after him.

The next series of areas to explore is a very complicated and twisting maze that will get most people lost. Some chambers circle back on themselves while others lead to dead ends. For the quickest path to your destination, follow the step-by-step navigation guide provided below.

Navigating Monstro's Chambers
1Entering from the Mouth starts you in Chamber 1. Take out any Heartless that show up, and then hop up onto the higher ledge and enter Chamber 2.
2Inside Chamber 2, defeat all of the Heartless that appear and be sure to grab the nearby Treasure Chest. When you're done, head into Chamber 3 straight ahead.
3The doorway in Chamber 2 has brought you to the mid-level of Chamber 3. While fighting and traversing in this area, it is important not to fall off, as this will force you to return to Chamber 1 and start all over. Use the barrels nearby to reach some of the higher platforms, like the one with a Treasure Chest. Hop back down to the mid-level platform and proceed through to Chamber 2 (this is not the same door you used to enter Chamber 3 though. There is another door that also leads to Chamber 2 directly across from the door you used to enter Chamber 3).
4Back in Chamber 2, it is important not to fall off this higher level. Knock out all of the Heartless that appear and then jump from atop one of the barrels to reach the platform across the gap with a Treasure Chest. Jump on top of one of the barrels on this platform to jump back across the gap and use the nearby doorway to enter Chamber 5.
5Clear out all of the Heartless in the room and head straight through to Chamber 6.
6Entering Chamber 6 will drop you right in a battle with some Barrel Spiders. Take them out, but be sure not to fall off the top step in this area and fall to the lower level. You will not be able to get back up and you'll have to pretty much start all over. Once you've made your way down the steps, taking out all of the Heartless that show up, collect the Treasure Chest nearby. Head back up the steps and climb up on one of the remaining barrels to access a platform above with another Treasure Chest. Drop back down and head through the doorway at the bottom of the steps to access Chamber 5.
7This lower area of Chamber 5 is filled with Heartless, so clear them out when you first enter. Use the Blue trinity to obtain a ton of Munny and a [kh_cottage]. Be sure to grab the nearby Treasure Chests also. Use the nearby barrel to jump up to the higher ledge and take out all of the Heartless up here without falling off the edge. Use the barrel near the doorway to reach the higher platforms on the walls. There are Treasure Chests here as well. Hop back down and go through the doorway you passed earlier to access Chamber 4.

Chamber 4 has a Save Point that you should probably use before entering the Bowels. Inside, a nasty Heartless waits for you!

Boss: Parasite Cage
HP: 450EXP: 500
The Parasite Cage is a relatively easy battle compared to some of the bosses you've taken down lately. It attacks mostly by flailing its arms around, knocking you away and dealing only minor damage. You can usually hammer through with aerial combos pretty successfully without being interrupted too much.

You should target the head until it faints temporarily, at which point you should shift your attention to its caged stomach. Attacking this section will deal a little more damage than when you were attacking the head, and will also cause the Parasite Cage to drop MP Orbs with each hit. Don't worry too much about healing during this fight, as Riku will heal you pretty frequently.
Victory Reward: Cheer (Goofy)

More to Explore

Defeating the Parasite Cage forces it to release Pinocchio and flee somewhere deeper into Monstro. The middle of the Bowels area opens up and the gang is returned to the Mouth, where the water level has recently dropped, allowing you explore some new areas. You can also obtain the High Jump Shared Ability from the Treasure Chest that has recently appeared on the ship by Geppetto after the cutscene.

With the lowered water level, you can now reach the platforms in the piles of wood scattered throughout the Mouth. There are lots of items to collect high up near the roof of the mouth, and now that you have the High Jump, you can reach them more easily. Start by jumping up to the roof of the ship from the side railing. Up there is a Green Trinity which will grant you access to a Treasure Chest.

Jump back down and jump across the gap from the ship to the recently revealed platform on the left and climb up the platforms to find a Treasure Chest. Jump and curve around the pile of wood to the next platform and hop up to the top to find another Treasure Chest.

From the top of the pile, jump down to the water and swim around the center pile until you come across a newly revealed platform with a Blue Trinity on it. Activate it to obtain tons of Munny, a Cottage, and two Potions. From there, jump across the water to the platforms up against the walls of the mouth and climb up to reach a Treasure Chest.

Drop back down to the platform where the Trinity Mark was and jump across the water to the other platform along the wall and climb up there to reach a Treasure Chest. Continue along the wall until you reach the large archway above the entrance to Chamber 1. This new opening will lead you to the new Throat area.

Mini Games: Mushroom Heartless
Inside the "Throat", several Heartless will appear. They may be standard Heartless, but there's also a chance that a new breed of Mushroom Heartless will appear known as the Rare Truffle. These bouncy little guys love to remain airborne as much as possible, and to get them to leave you any kind of rewards, you'll need to keep them aloft. Knock them up into the air consecutively without dropping them, and if you rack up enough hits, they'll drop some amazing prizes. The Rare Truffle is the only one of the three types of Mushroom Heartless that will drop the rare Mystery Goo 100% of the time, but that's only if you can manage to keep them up in the air long enough for them to drop it. For more information on these enemies, visit our Mini Games Page.

Once you’ve cleared the room, drop back down to the floor and activate the Blue Trinity to collect another Mythril Shard and a bunch of Munny. When you’re ready, jump back up all of the platforms until you reach the top of the room, where the entrance to the Stomach can be found.

Boss: Parasite Cage
HP: 900EXP: 1000
The Parasite Cage has gotten considerably harder this time around, and the acidic goo lining the floors of the Stomach don't help! Stand in it for too long, and it'll begin to suck your HP down before you know it. Be sure to constantly be moving in this fight, and don't be afraid to utilize the platforms along the walls to avoid being hit by some of the Parasite Cage's more deadly attacks.

Aside from its typical arm thrashing, the Parasite Cage has picked up a few new tricks. If you ever see it stick its arms into the acidic goo, get behind it. This means its about to release a poisonous gas attack that will leave a lasting poison on Sora, sucking his HP away gradually until it wears off. Likewise, if you ever see it stick its arms into the walls, this means that its about to wind up for a swinging thrust attack that will deal some pretty heavy damage. Avoid this attack by getting off to the side of the Parasite Cage, as it will be unable to hit you there.

Despite all of these new things to watch out for, the Parasite Cage is still vulnerable in the head at first. Once you manage to knock it out, it'll faint temporarily and leave its stomach wide open for a more effective assault. Attacking the stomach will also cause it to drop lots of HP Orbs and MP Orbs to replenish your characters for when it gets back up.
Victory Reward: Stop

After defeating the Parasite Cage for the last time, Monstro sneezes and the party is forced back out to the Gummi Ship to continue on to the next world.

Halloween Town

This is Halloween

Upon first entering Halloween Town, there’s only one direction to go, so head for Guillotine Square through the main gate up ahead. Once you pass through, you’ll be ambushed by some Heartless, though they don’t seem to have much fight in them. In fact, they don’t really seem to do anything at all. Just ignore them and continue exploring until you trigger the next cutscene, where you’ll be introduced to Jack Skellington. He’s off to consult the Doctor on how to make the Heartless dance.

Head into the Lab Entryway and up the steps into the Research Lab for another cutscene. Turns out, you need a few more ingredients to make a successful heart, so you’ve been tasked with finding Sally to acquire some memory. Head back to Guillotine Square and enter the alley behind the wall to find the gate leading to the Graveyard. Unfortunately, due to the doctor’s recent mishap in the lab, the docile Heartless roaming the town are not so docile any more.

Just a Few More Ingredients

In the Graveyard, you’ll acquire the Forget-Me-Not, which you’ll need to bring back to Doctor Finkelstein in the Research Lab. Upon finishing the cutscene, Heartless are bound to show up on your way back to town, so take them out. Back in the Research Lab, the doctor realizes that you need another ingredient: surprise! The Mayor has this item, though you’ll need to venture further outside of town to get it.

Back in the Graveyard, take out all of the Heartless that appear. You’ll need to clear the room in order to examine the coffin by the wall. This will provide passage to the Boneyard, where you can find the Mayor. Speak to him to trigger a small game that you’ll have to play in order to obtain the surprise you’re looking for.

The objective is to watch for ghosts rising out of the tombstones and then repeat the pattern in order. Make sure you position yourself so you can see them all. This may take several attempts, but you can try it as many times as you need. Once you get it right, the giant pumpkin behind you will explode to reveal a Treasure Chest containing the Jack-in-the-Box, which is the item you need to bring back to Dr. Finkelstein.

Hunt for the Heart

Upon returning to the Research Lab and speaking to Dr. Finkelstein, a cutscene will take place in which the heart is finally completed. Unfortunately, Halloween Town’s resident pranksters Lock, Shock, and Barrel have taken it and ran off. Before giving chase, examine the book shelf in the Research Lab to obtain a Torn Page. Also, be sure to swap both Donald and Goofy into your Party. You’ll need them for an upcoming Red Trinity that you can’t afford to miss. Head out to the Lab Entryway and from there, back into Guillotine Square. Zero is able to pick up their scent, so follow him to the Graveyard. Pass through to the Boneyard, then continue through the next door to reach Moonlight Hill.

Unfortunately, to advance to the next area, you’ll need to examine a specific tombstone at the base of the hill. And unfortunately, in order to examine it, you’ll need to completely clear the room of all Heartless that appear, which can be quite a lot at times. Once you’re done, examine the tombstone to make the spiral hill unravel, granting you access to the Bridge area.

The Bridge is also full of Heartless, and fighting them will most likely cause you to fall into the canal below. Not to worry though. There are steps down there that will bring you back up to the higher ledge. Clear the room, then collect all of the Treasure Chests in the area. Return to the top ledge and cross the bridge to access Oogie’s Manor.

Collectables: Red Trinity
Oogie's Manor is an enormous area to explore, and you're first destination is the door at the very top of the tower. Upon first entering, you'll have to take out all of the Heartless on the bridge before you can examine the front doors and press onward. If at any point, you fall off the tower and land on the ground below, just locate the walking bathtub. It will return you to the bridge so you can start over.

When you first walk into the manor, turn to the right immediately and locate the Red Trinity on the cupboard to reveal a Treasure Chest. You need to activate this before you confront Oogie Boogie, or you will never be able to activate it! Be sure to also grab the other two nearby Treasure Chests.

It should be noted that if you are playing the Final Mix version of the game, this Red Trinity has been moved to a different location that is available after you confront Oogie Boogie. For more details about this change, refer to our Collectables Page.

Use a Fira spell to ignite the oil lamp platform, which will make it rise and fall, giving you access to the higher platforms. Make your way up to the top by following the pretty straight-forward path, taking out Heartless along the way and making sure not to fall off! Once you get to the top, you can enter the Evil Playroom through the door at the top of the steps.

Boss: Lock, Shock, & Barrel
HP (Lock): 150
HP (Shock): 120
HP (Barrel): 180
EXP (Lock): 80
EXP (Shock): 120
EXP (Barrel): 240
This battle is more of a nuisance than a challenge. These three little brats aren't really difficult compared to most of the enemies you've faced recently, but they are fast and relentless, so you should constantly keep moving.

In order to make the most of this fight, we recommend that you take out Shock first. The first two you defeat only reward you with 1/10 their normal EXP, which means defeating them in the order of Shock, Lock, and finally Barrel will net you the maximum 260 EXP possible for this battle. Your first target, Shock, will constantly spin around the room, hitting hard if you're in her way. Just keep moving and attack or Guard as she approaches to interrupt her. After Shock is down, take out Lock, who can be difficult to keep up with since he's constantly hopping around. Finally, take out Barrel, who will be rolling around on the ground at high speeds throughout the entire fight. His defeat can be made even easier with the use of the Sonic Blade ability.

Manor Mayhem

After defeating Lock, Shock, and Barrel, pull down the lever on the machine on the back wall. This will unlock a new door somewhere in the tower. Head outside and back down the wooden path. When you come to a ledge by a large wooden cage to your left, jump over the edge to your right. As you’re falling, try to land on the rock ledge behind you. Down there, you’ll find a large green door, which will lead you to the Torture Chamber.

Boss: Oogie Boogie
HP: 450EXP: 2500
Oogie Boogie is a very time-consuming battle. You'll be spending more time dodging attacks than you will dishing them out. Oogie Boogie will remain on the upper tier of the room throughout the entirety of the battle, staying out of your reach until your opportunity to strike presents itself.

Oogie Boogie will lob dice down into the casino pit below, which will trigger one of several attacks. Sometimes the dice will simply explode. Other times, they'll summon Heartless. Other times, they'll activate some of the machines in the room, such as the scythes that bob up and down from the ceiling or the giant buzz saw that ricochets around the pit. Both of these attacks can be avoided by jumping a lot at the right time.

When the buttons near the center of the casino light up, it's time to attack Oogie Boogie directly. He'll run back and forth along the upper tier, so you should lock on to him at this point. When you're in the same section as Oogie Boogie, press the button to cage off that section and trap him. The casino platform will rise up to meet the higher circle, allowing you to finally knock the bugs out of Oogie Boogie! Stick to physical combos, as he is immune to all forms of magic. Eventually, Oogie Boogie will knock you back down into the pit to repeat the pattern all over again.
Victory Reward: Holy Circlet, Ansem's Report 7
Boss: Oogie's Manor
HP (Each Shadow Glob): 90
HP (Each Lantern): 18
EXP: 2500
EXP (Each Lantern): 250
Oogie and his manor have been transformed by the power of the seven Shadow Globs that have appeared all over the walls of the tower. You need to destroy them all to defeat Oogie's Manor once and for all.

The Shadow Globs will require a lot of platforming to reach, but for the most part, it's a pretty straight path up the manor's exterior to locate them all. A few short combos is usually enough to take on Shadow Glob out before moving on to the next one. The Shadow Globs will launch small energy bolts, but these rarely ever connect and even when they do, they don't deal much damage at all. Gargoyles will appear constantly throughout this battle, which you can defeat to get some extra EXP, but it might be more beneficial to ignore most of them and focus on the task at hand.

When you start attacking the Shadow Globs towards the top of the manor, you may notice that there are random fire balls raining down on you during your assault. These are coming from the lanterns nearby. You can attack them to stop this barrage, but be warned that the closer you get to them, the more frequently you will be hit with the fire balls. Attack them or not; it's up to you, but destroying them will help rack up some extra EXP (250 per lantern), and they each only have 18 HP!
Victory Reward: Gravity

With Oogie Boogie defeated for good and the Keyhole sealed, Sora and the gang are ready to head off to the next world. Before leaving, Jack hands over the Pumpkinhead, which is a much better Keyblade than the Three Wishes that you are most likely still using. Your next destination is the world across the ring from Halloween Town, which you can access by traveling back to Agrabah on the World Map.


Under the Sea

Atlantica presents its own unique set of challenges, particularly with controlling your characters. Underwater combat and maneuvering can be a difficult thing to get a hang of. Fortunately, upon entering Atlantica, you are given a brief tutorial on how to handle the new changes to your characters. Shortly after this introduction, the Heartless show up and ruin the fun, so get rid of them and then attack the large white shell where Sebastian and Flounder are hiding in order to let them out and reveal a Save Point.

Ariel suggests heading back to the palace, which you can find by simply following the large gold trident markers engraved on the walls throughout all of Atlantica. Follow the first one to reach the Undersea Valley. This is a massive, wide-open room with lots of nooks and crannies to explore. Though there’s a lot of places to explore, for the sake of getting to the palace, follow the trident markers to an opening in the wall that leads to the Calm Depths.

The Calm Depths are actually not all that calm. There are high-speed currents preventing you from exploring the two areas to your left (at least until later), so follow the current to the right and hug the right-side wall, which will dump you in a circular cavern with an upward-facing current in the center. If you get caught in the current, it will blast you back up into the Undersea Valley, so avoid it and pass through to the other side to enter the Undersea Cave.

The Search for Sunken Treasure

Head straight up in the Undersea Cave to access the Undersea Gorge, another rather large area that is full of areas to explore. For now, follow the trident marker to Triton’s Palace and swim straight through to Triton’s Throne for a cutscene. Afterwards, return to the Undersea Gorge locate the dolphin swimming around. Examine it to grab a hold of its fin and ride it around a few times. It doesn’t go anywhere now, but this step is imperative for progressing through Atlantica later. Release your hold on the dolphin, then make your way to the large boulder in front of a cave and push it aside to access Ariel’s Grotto. Inside, you’ll find a rather depressed Ariel.

After the cutscene, be sure to scour the grotto for the various Treasure Chests. Leave the grotto and return to the Undersea Valley, where you’ll find the dolphin that was previously in the Undersea Gorge. If you didn’t ride it around in the gorge, it would still be there, and you wouldn’t be able to move forward. Clear the Undersea Valley of Heartless in order to examine the dolphin to grab hold. The dolphin will drag you against the strong current in the Calm Depths and give you access to the Sunken Ship area.

Boss: Shark
HP: 200EXP: 100
Head down into the ship through the opening in the top. Approach the Treasure Chest to trigger an event in which a giant Shark attempts to attack. After it fails to get through the window, it'll swim away, leaving the Treasure Chest behind. Open it to receive the Crystal Trident. When you try to leave, the Shark will be waiting for you outside the ship. Despite its nasty biting attacks, the Shark isn't much of a threat. A few combos will make quick work of this battle. The Shark will reappear randomly in the Sunken Ship area every time you return to it, so be on the lookout. Defeating him isn't that hard, and you get 100 EXP and a chance for a Mega-Potion every time you defeat it!

Looking for the Keyhole

Return to Ariel’s Grotto for a cutscene in which Triton destroys the Crystal Trident in a fit of rage. After the lengthy cutscene, return to Trident’s Throne to find Ursula stealing the trident after her search for the Keyhole. With Ariel now in your Party, return to the Sunken Ship area. Take out the Shark again if it appears, then locate the large rock toward the back of the room near a half-buried ship. Sebastian can reach the button on the rock wall behind it to open up an entrance to the Den of Tides area.

Follow the path to the right until you reach a small room with a single white shell in it. Attack it to open it up and reveal a Save Point. Use it if you wish, then head back to the fork in the Den of Tides and head down the other path until you reach Ursula’s lair.

Boss: Ursula, Flotsam, & Jetsam
HP (Ursula): 450
HP (Flotsam): 60
HP (Jetsam): 60
EXP (Ursula): 1000
EXP (Flotsam): 150
EXP (Jetsam): 150

Your rumble against Ursula and her lackeys can be a little chaotic. Ursula will mainly attack by spinning around the room, knocking out some decent HP whenever she makes contact. Flotsam & Jetsam will swim around and attack with tail whips and lunging attacks. These two nuisances can be easily defeated for a quick MP Recovery (and trust us: you're going to be using a lot of MP in this battle). Whenever you defeat Flotsam & Jetsam, it only knocks them out temporarily. They'll rejoin the battle after a few minutes of being knocked out.

Your target, despite what you might think, is not Ursula, but her cauldron in the center of the room. By launching magic into it, the cauldron will overload and explode, knocking Ursula out for a little while. That's when you can attack her directly with everything you've got. Eventually she'll wake up again, most likely reviving Flotsam & Jetsam when she does. Repeat this pattern until her HP is reduced to zero.
Victory Reward: Mermaid Kick

Locking Atlantica

Ursula has fled to a section of Atlantica that you have thus far been unable to access. But with the newly acquired Mermaid Kick, you can now swim upstream in the Calm Depths and reach the cavern opposite of the entrance to the Sunken Ship area. This new room, labeled ???, is where you can find the sea witch and take her down for good.

Boss: Ursula (Giant)
HP: 900EXP: 1500
Ursula (Giant)'s a much more formidable foe this time around, and with the trident in her possession, her magic is even more deadly! The Aero spell is key in this fight, as it provides a much-needed buffer against Ursula (Giant)'s assault.

Your target is her face, which can be difficult to reach at times when she is constantly raining lightning bolts down around her. Aero can reduce the damage dealt by these attacks for the most part, but every now and then, you should break away to use a Cure and then swim back in.

The rest of Ursula (Giant)'s attacks can be pretty easy to avoid, especially with the new Mermaid Kick. Whenever she tries to suck you into her mouth, swim in the other direction using the Mermaid Kick to avoid being chomped on. Ursula (Giant) will give you ample warning for the rest of her attacks, such as the bubbles that will follow you and deal damage when they pop. Mermaid Kick away and they'll disappear on their own. The massive lightning blast that she fires from her mouth is also announced well in advance, and can be avoided by swimming away. Finally, if she ever raises the trident, swim away from her quickly to avoid being hit by a very nasty lightning storm.

Continue hammering her face with combos, and make sure to keep Aero equipped for the majority of the battle. Before you know it, the once mighty Ursula (Giant) will fall.
Victory Reward: Ansem's Report 3

Defeating Ursula returns you to Triton’s Throne. With his trident returned, King Triton gifts you with the Thundara Magic Spell. He also asks that you seal the Keyhole, which you can find in Ariel’s Grotto. Return there to lock Atlantica for good and receive the Crabclaw. Locate the nearest Save Point and return to the World Map and select the last available world in the second ring of worlds.


Pirate Ship Prisoners

Sora and the gang have been taken hostage by Captain Hook and the Heartless. After the rather lengthy cutscene, you can swap Peter Pan into your Party (and we recommend that you do, for he is an excellent fighter). With all of the Pirates lurking around the ship, as well as Shadow Sora, you’re going to need all of the help you can get.

Leave the Hold through the only available door and be prepared for a fight on the other side. The Heartless in Neverland don’t hesitate to start a fight. Take them all out, including Shadow Sora, and climb the nearby ladder to access the higher level. Head through the door to your right and take out any Heartless that appear, then jump down through the hole in the floor to access the Freezer area.

The Freezer is absolutely crawling with wave after wave of Heartless. Take them all out and climb the other ladder in the room to reach the Galley. Once here, you’ll be treated to a brief reunion with Kairi. Grab the nearby Treasure Chest, then hop up on the shelves and jump up through the hole to the right in the ceiling to reach the Cabin.

Your Own Worst Enemy

In the Cabin area, use the Green Trinity on the floor to drop a ladder from the ceiling. Climb up to access the Captain’s Cabin where a familiar face is waiting for you … yours!

Boss: Antisora
HP: 750EXP: 2000
Antisora fights ... like Sora. Many aspects of this fight will make you feel like you're fighting yourself, which in some ways is a good thing, as this will allow you to somewhat predict what he'll do before he does it. But since Antisora is also a Heartless, he's got some nasty tricks up his sleeves as well. For the first portion of the battle, Antisora will mostly attack with standard combos, occasionally fading into the floor like a Antisora Heartless would. When you knock his HP down a couple of bars, he'll start to make things a little more interesting.

Antisora will start to split into three clones of himself. Each one packs the same punch as the original, but two of them are only duplicates that will disappear after taking only one hit. You're almost better off hunting down the fakes and taking them out quickly before returning your attention to the real thing. That way, you only have one opponent to deal with instead of three. Aero magic is a very useful thing to have equipped during this battle, as it will lessen some of the damage that Antisora inflicts. Keep wailing on him and you'll have him defeated in no time!
Victory Reward: Raven's Claw

To Catch a Codfish

With Antisora gone, it’s time to rescue Wendy. Locate the trap door on the floor and examine it to drop down to the room below for a cutscene. Head out the door and return to the Captain’s Cabin using the same route you did before. Head out the main door this time and enter the Deck.

Upon entering the Deck, Captain Hook is waiting to ambush you with his band of Pirates. Riku has left the ship and Captain Hook has kidnapped Tinker Bell. With Peter Pan missing in action, things don’t look good. Before you know it, Sora is forced to walk the plank.

Peter Pan returns just in time to save Sora and rejoin the Party. You can now fly in Neverland like Peter by jumping and then pressing the Circle Button again while in the air. From there, flying controls just like swimming in Atlantica (the Circle Button ascends and the Square Button descends). Smee hightails it out of there and leaves you to take care of all of the Heartless that are waiting on the Deck. Defeat them all to receive the Cura Magic Spell and trigger another cutscene. There’s only one opponent left on the whole ship, and it’s time to finally cut him down to size.

Boss: Captain Hook
HP: 900EXP: 3400
Captain Hook is actually a very difficult opponent to defeat if you choose to take him on head-on. Fortunately, you've got the ability of flight on your side in this fight, and it comes in mighty handy.

Captain Hook's most deadly attacks can only be performed while his feet are firmly planted on the ship, which can easily be avoided if you knock him into the air and keep him there with a long string of combos while in flight. If you ever need to heal, fly around behind the ship and use your new Cura spell to heal a good amount of HP, then fly back around to jump back in the fight.

The Battleships will not stop coming throughout the battle, no matter how many you defeat, but taking them out will clear the way so you can focus on Captain Hook (and reward you with some extra EXP). If you get caught in one of Captain Hook's vicious sword assaults, try to get away to heal if necessary or to lob a Fira spell at him. True to Disney's sense of humor, the Captain's pants will ignite, causing him to run around the ship screaming in pain while receiving small amounts of gradual damage. Be sure to stay out of his way though, as he will deal damage if he runs you over in his rampage.

As long as you stay airborne for the majority of the fight, Captain Hook really shouldn't be all that difficult to defeat.
Victory Reward: Ars Arcanum, Ansem's Report 9

Taking care of Captain Hook triggers another cutscene in which the gang travels to the Clock Tower. You should collect the Treasure Chest inside the clock tower (if you don’t do this now, it forces you to battle a really nasty enemy in order to return here to get them later). You can also find the Keyhole here, but only after you’ve knocked all of the hands of the clock faces to read midnight on all four sides. Sealing it will trigger another cutscene and award you another Navi-G Piece. Sora receives the Fairy Harp Keyblade and the Tinker Bell Summon Spell. As an added bonus, the whole group gets the Glide Shared Ability, allowing you fly for a short time no matter what world you’re in. It’s time to return to the World Map and journey back to Traverse Town for another visit.

100 Acre Wood

Quick Stop in Traverse Town

With the collection of another Navi-G Piece, talk to Cid behind the Accessory Shop to trigger a cutscene while he installs it. When he returns, he gives you Transform-G. You can now access a new world on the World Map. But before you head out, stop by the Dalmatian House and speak with Pongo and Perditta. By now, you should have located enough Dalmatians to collect the final Torn Page and a few other prizes as well.

Once you’ve grabbed this last Torn Page, head over to the Magician’s Study and examine the story book sitting on the desk by the bed. This will lead you to the 100 Acre Wood, which should be 100% completable at this point.

Deep in the 100 Acre Wood

The 100 Acre Wood is in shambles when you first visit. Sections of this world have been sealed inside each Torn Page and scattered across the worlds. Assuming you’ve collected all of them, you should be able to finish this world in a single shot. If you missed any, the location of each Torn Page is provided below:

Torn Page Locations
AgrabahDark ChamberTreasure Chest
MonstroChamber 6Treasure Chest
Halloween TownResearch LabExamine the bookshelf
AtlanticaAriel's GrottoTreasure Chest
Traverse TownDalmatian HouseReward for rescuing 51 Dalmatians

The only available place to explore when you enter is a wide open grassy field with a log, where you’ll find Winnie the Pooh deep in thought. After the cutscene, grab the Treasure Chest inside the hollow log, then head to the outskirts of the field to return to the book. A new location has opened up on the left-hand page, so head there.

This new area is Pooh’s House, which doesn’t feature much to do. Head around back up the hill and attack the chimney to knock a Treasure Chest down into the house. Enter the house and examine the shelf on the back wall to obtain an Elixir. Head back outside to meet with Owl, who tells you to collect the remaining Torn Pages to restore the 100 Acre Wood to the way it once was (fortunately, you’ve already done this, so that’s one less thing you’ll need to worry about).

Pooh’s Hunny Hunt

Collecting one Torn Page allows you to access the Hunny Tree area near the top of the right-hand page of the book. Enter it to trigger a brief cutscene. Locate Piglet to the side of the tree by going around the back of the tree to head him off. This triggers another cutscene, and eventually, your first 100 Acre Wood Mini Game.

Mini Games: Pooh's Hunny Hunt
The objective of this game is to defend Pooh from the bees while he floats to the top of the tree collecting honey along the way. The new Rush Command makes it easy to catch up to Pooh if you fall back down to the ground and need to get back to the top of the tree in a flash. For the most part, if you lock on to the bees and attack them at the right time, the upward thrust of your attack should launch you to the next branch you'll need to reach. Use this strategy to lead Pooh all the way to the top of the tree.

Completing this Mini Game will trigger a small cutscene and cause this Torn Page to transform into the Naturespark, which you can bring to the Fairy Godmother to obtain the Bambi Summon Spell.

Block Tigger

Collecting a second Torn Page will open up Rabbit’s House on the left-hand page of the book. The neat rows of vegetables can actually be removed. Pulling up vegetable will sometimes reward you with items such as Potions, and sometimes even Elixirs if you’re really lucky.

Head around to the side of Rabbit’s house to find Pooh and Piglet talking to a hole in the hill. Oddly enough, the hole insists that nobody is home. Pooh and Piglet climb through the hole to enter Rabbit’s house, but you’ll have to circle back around and enter using the door. Inside, you’ll find Rabbit, who claims he’s all out of honey for Pooh. Locate the jar of honey up in the rafters by locking on to it. Rabbit will get it down and Pooh will lick the whole thing clean in no time at all. Leave Rabbit’s house and try to leave the area; Piglet will come to find you when things start to take a turn for the worse.

It seems that all of Pooh’s honey eating has gotten him stuck in the hole, and now he can’t get out. Rabbit insists that carrot juice will slim him down to get him out, but as luck would have it, Tigger shows up at that exact moment and starts bouncing all over the garden. This triggers another Mini Game in which you must protect the carrots from Tigger’s bouncing so Rabbit can collect enough to slim Pooh down.

Mini Games: Block Tigger
Tigger will bounce from carrot to carrot, and it takes two bounces to completely bury a single carrot. The Rush Command is the key to success in this Mini Game. Use it when Tigger is at the top of his jump to quickly get under him and keep him off the carrots. At the end of the Mini Game, you'll receive a score based on how many carrots you saved. The score is calculated by multiplying the number of carrots you rescued by the number of times you managed to successfully block Tigger.

Return to Rabbit’s house and knock Pooh through the hole. Your work here is now finished and this becomes a Mythril Shard.

Pooh’s Swing

Returning with a third Torn Page opens up a new area on the lower right-hand page of the book. Something is drifting in the river and Pooh and Piglet have spotted it from the bridge. Jump in the water to rescue what turns out to be Eeyore. It seems he’s lost his tail and now you’ll have to find it.

Mini Games: Pooh's Swing
As Owl suggests, lead Pooh to the top of the hill by locking on to him. He will follow you up the hill to a swing hanging from a branch of the tree. This will trigger what is perhaps the easiest Mini Games in all of the 100 Acre Wood. Pooh will sit on the swing and owl will be perched on the branch overhead. Your goal is to give Pooh a huge push so he can go look for Eeyore's tail. If you press the R1 Button, you'll be able to push Pooh higher. Watch Owl for the timing: when he lifts his wings, that's your queue to press the R1 Button to give Pooh the maximum boost. Repeat this until Pooh flies off the swing and comes crashing down on Eeyore's hut.

With the tail found, this Torn Page is complete, and awards you with the Stopra Magic Spell.

Tigger Bounce

A fourth Torn Page will open up a new area in the very center of the book. Examine it to enter Tigger’s bouncing spot. Approach Tigger and Roo and tell them you want to bounce. This will trigger another Mini Game in which Tigger and Roo will bounce on up to the hill in a certain pattern and then you have to follow.

Mini Games: Tigger Bounce
There are three patterns to follow in all. The first and second are pretty straight forward. When you get to the third, the trickiest part is jumping down onto the correct stump from the tree branch after Roo bounces you up there from the seesaw. Use the first person view by pressing the Select Button to locate the right one. The most important part is that you drop onto the stump from the tree branch. DO NOT JUMP! If you jump, you're likely to miss the stump and have to start over. Once you're on the stump, the rest of the path is just like the first one.

Tigger’s Giant Pot

Mini Games: Tigger's Giant Pot
After completing the bouncing portion of this area, it's time to move on to another Mini Game. There's a giant pot in the middle of the area and nuts will start to fly out the top of it. Your job is to bash the nuts back at the pot until you've hit a total of 20 nuts. Use the lock-on feature to more accurately target the nuts as they come at you. Time your attack just right to minimize the risk of falling off the stump. After you've reached a total of 20 nuts, the giant pot will explode, revealing a Treasure Chest.

Though you can leave at this point to receive your next reward for completing this Torn Page, there are still other aspects of this area to explore. If you locate Owl near the area exit, he’ll tell you that he’s collecting Rare Nuts, which you can find scattered throughout the area. Most of them are up in the tree tops, which you can reach by asking either Tigger or Roo to bounce you up to using the seesaw. There are a total of 5 Rare Nuts in the area, and Owl will reward you for bringing him each one.

Rare Nut Rewards
Rare Nut LocationReward
Have Roo launch you up to the treetops with the seesaw.Power Up
Have Roo launch you up to the treetops with the seesaw.Defense Up
Step on a raised stump near Piglet to trigger a geyser that raises a plank of wood. Jump up the plank to reach a higher ledge. Jump to the nearby treetop to reach the Rare Nut.Mythril Shard
Step on another raised stump to trigger another geyser. Jump up the platform to reach another treetop with the Rare Nut.AP Up
Have Roo launch you up to the treetops with the seesaw. Spot the last Rare Nut across the room in a treetop. Use the Glide ability to reach it.Orichalcum

When you finally decide to leave, this Torn Page turns into a Mythril.

Pooh’s Muddy Path

The final Torn Page opens up the last available area of the book. Examine it and you’ll find Pooh wandering around in circles in the mud. You can lock on to him to make him follow you around the large bush nearby. Examine the inside of the bush to find Eeyore. It turns out that all of the residents of the 100 Acre Wood have gone missing, and you and Pooh will have to find them all.

Mini Games: Pooh's Muddy Path
RooYou can find Roo atop a nearby tree root. Use the lock-on feature to find him. After talking to him, Roo will return to the bush with Eeyore.
RabbitThere are three holes in the rock face ahead near the well. Rabbit will randomly walk in and out of these three holes. When he walks out of one, talk to him and he'll return to the bush.
TiggerAir suddenly starts rising from the well. Use it to reach the higher areas along the muddy path. You can locate Tigger on the fallen tree that spans across the gap. Hop onto the tree and wait for him to bounce close to you, then talk to him to get him to head to the bush.
OwlReturn to where you found Tigger and then continue across the log. Jump up to the ledge above and talk to Owl near the trees to send him off to the bush.
PigletPiglet is perhaps the hardest to return to the bush. You need to bring Pooh with you on this one, so constantly use the R1 Button to drag him along. Start by leading him to the patch of blue flowers by the wall near the well. Pooh can use these to drift up to the ledge above. Use the wind current from the well to join him. Use the Fira spell on the inside of the hollow tree trunk that fell. This will clear out the cobwebs so Pooh will cross inside of it to the other side. Get to the other side and use the R1 Button to coax him into the log. Once he's come out on the other side, lead him to the other patch of blue flowers, which will lift him up to the final ledge. You can find Piglet in the hole in the tree nearby. Once he sees his friend Pooh, he'll enter the hole in the tree and pop out of a small hole back on the ground. Jump down and talk to him to complete the Mini Game.

With the completion of this final Torn Page, you’ll receive an Orichalcum in the original KINGDOM HEARTS, or the EXP Ring if you’re playing the Final Mix version of the game. Sora seals the Keyhole during the cutscene and is transported back to the Magician’s Study in Traverse Town.

You can speak to the Fairy Godmother if you haven’t already to convert the Watergleam (which you collected in Monstro) into the Dumbo Summon Spell and the Naturespark into the Bambi Summon Spell. When you’re ready, return to the World Map. Despite there being a new location available for selection, we’re actually going to pop by Olympus Coliseum for a second visit.

Olympus Coliseum II

Back on the Old Stomping Grounds

There’s a lot to do in the Olympus Coliseum now that you’ve accomplished so much in all of the other worlds. With the acquisition of the Green Trinity ability, you can activate the mark between the large pots to the left of the World Exit to reach a Treasure Chest. Head inside and talk to Phil, who’s got quite a few new tournaments for you to take on.

The Phil Cup

Phil Cup Rewards
Phil CupClear Traverse Town IIWinGravira
Phil Cup (Solo)Beat Phil CupWin with only Sora in your PartyMythril Shard
Phil Cup (Time Trial)Beat Phil CupWin in under 3 minutesAP Up

Phil Cup
9Powerwild (x4), Soldier (x3)
8Powerwild (x1), Green Requiem (x2), Red Nocturne (x2), Yellow Opera (x5)
7Hammerlegs (x1), Powerwild (x4)
6Red Nocturne (x5), Yellow Opera (x5)
5Large Body (x1), Powerwild (x5)
4Gauntlets (x1), Blue Rhapsody (x3), Shadow (x4)
3Large Body (x2), Green Requiem (x6)
2Gauntlets (x1), Hammerlegs (x1), Powerwild (x4)
1Armored Torso (x1), Yellow Opera (x4), Blue Rhapsody (x4)

The Pegasus Cup

Pegasus Cup Rewards
Pegasus CupClear MonstroWinStrike Raid
Pegasus Cup (Solo)Beat Pegasus CupWin with only Sora in your PartyMythril
Pegasus Cup (Time Trial)Beat Pegasus CupWin in under 3 minutesDefense Up
Pegasus Cup
9Search Ghost (x2), Bandit (x1), Air Soldier (x3)
8Bandit (x2), Barrel Spider (x2), Shadow (x4)
7Fat Bandit (x1), Large Body (x2), Pot Spider (x1), Barrel Spider (x1)
6Pot Spider (x5), Yellow Opera (x3), Green Requiem (x2)
5Fat Bandit (x2), Search Ghost (x4)
4Black Fungus (x3)
3Pot Spider (x5), Barrel Spider (x5)
2Fat Bandit (x3), Large Body (x2)
1Leon, Yuffie (See Below)

Boss: Leon & Yuffie
HP (Leon): 600
HP (Yuffie): 400
EXP (Leon): 400
EXP (Yuffie): 300
Your first target should be Yuffie, as she can become extremely annoying when she throws her ninja stars at you. They don't deal much damage, but they are rather relentless, so it tends to add up after a while. Just keep hammering her and use Aero to reduce any damage you might take.

Once Yuffie is out of the way, it's just you and Leon, which plays out pretty much exactly the same way it did when you fought him in Traverse Town. He'll attack with sword attacks and launch fireballs from a distance. When you've taken out a good portion of his HP though, it's no more Mr. Nice Leon. His sword gets bigger and starts packing a ridiculous punch. Keep your distance and only attack when openings present themselves. Also, using Sonic Blade or Ars Arcanum comes in mighty handy to get in some hits while you're invulnerable.

The Hercules Cup

Hercules Cup Rewards
Hercules CupClear Halloween Town & NeverlandWinHerc's Shield, Yellow Trinity
Hercules Cup (Solo)Beat Hercules CupWin with only Sora in your PartyOrichalcum
Hercules Cup (Time Trial)Beat Hercules CupWin in under 3 minutesPower Up
Hercules Cup
9Gargoyle (x5), Shadow (x3)
8Wight Knight (x4), Air Pirate (x1), Barrel Spider (x2)
7Battleship (x1), Pirate (x4)
6Gargoyle (x4), Wight Knight (x3)
5Rare Truffle (x1)
4Cloud (See Below)
3Wight Knight (x1), Gargoyle (x2), Pirate (x2), Air Pirate (x1)
2Battleship (x2), Pirate (x2), Air Pirate (x1)
1Hercules (See Below)
Boss: Cloud
HP: 450EXP: 500
Cloud uses the same basic attack patterns that he used when you fought him back in the Preliminaries during Olympus Coliseum I. He does have a few new tricks up his sleeve, like the ability to become invulnerable and glide around the arena raining heavy sword strikes from above. Use Dodge Roll or Glide to avoid these assaults and for the most part, stick to the same strategy you used to defeat him the first time.
Victory Reward: Metal Chocobo
Boss: Hercules
HP: 450EXP: 700
Hercules is a pretty easy fight as long as you're prepared for it. Sora's ego has pit you one-on-one against the legendary hero, so you won't have back-up in this fight.

Hercules will spend most of the battle with a yellow glow around him. This means that he is invulnerable and should not be attacked or approached. The barrels that appear throughout the fight will come in handy, but only when Hercules stops to show off his rather impressive muscles. That's your queue to pick up a barrel and lob it at him from close range, following up with a few combos. The barrel's impact will remove the yellow glow, meaning that you can now pound a few hits into him.

Watch out though, because Hercules will not sit idly by while you attack him. His counterattacks really pack a punch! It's best to nail him a few times right when the invulnerability wears off and then get away from him by using the Glide or Dodge Roll abilities. His tornado attack presents another opening to knock some hits in, but only after he's stopped spinning. Hercules will stagger dizzily for a little bit, which is your window of opportunity.

If he ever stops moving and you see a yellow ring appear around him on the ground, get out of the way. This attack will deal a lot of damage if you get caught in it, and will recast his yellow glow, making him invulnerable to start the whole pattern all over again.

At this point you should have completed all of the tournaments available at the Olympus Coliseum (so far). The Treasure Chest in the Lobby will finally open, awarding you with the Olympia, one of the most powerful Keyblades in the entire game in terms of brute strength!

With these three tournaments under your belt, you’ve mostly likely gained a few levels and several new Abilities and Items. With the Yellow Trinity ability, you should return to Neverland to access a previously locked room. Inside you’ll find a plethora of Treasure Chests, one of which contains the Aerora Magic Spell, which is absolutely essential before you head off to your next destination. Once you’ve collected these goodies, head off to the only unexplored world on the World Map.

Hollow Bastion I

An Uneasy Feeling

Hollow Bastion is a scary looking place, and upon arrival, Sora has the strangest feeling that he’s been to this castle before, or at least remembers it somehow. The Rising Falls is home to all kinds of Treasure Chests, most of which are found underneath the water. You can use the floating bubbles in the area to get at them. Climb the floating rock platforms until you reach a large rock with what looks like a small fountain on it. A rather lengthy cutscene will play here, and Sora will be left with no Donald and Goofy, and worst of all, no Keyblade!

Armed with a Wooden Sword, Sora’s attacks are hardly effective. Fortunately, you’ve got the Beast on your side, who can charge and bash through the swarms of Heartless you’ll encounter throughout the castle. When you reach the top of the Rising Falls, use the machine nearby to summon the lift that will take you up to the castle. Upon arriving, take an immediate right and go through the gates to locate another set of machines. The one closest to the edge will summon another lift that will take you down below the castle.

The Base Level is full of Heartless, but Beast can handle them easily. Just keep on the outskirts of the skirmish to avoid taking damage. With the Wooden Sword, you won’t really be able to fight back much, so you’ll need to rely on Beast to do all of the fighting for you. Once the room is cleared, head into the bubble floating near the back wall. This will take you down to the Waterway.

A Puzzling Dungeon

The Waterway is blocked off when you first arrive. You can use the Call Command while Beast is in your Party to bash through certain walls, like the one at the end of the hall. Jump through and take a right to locate another bubble that will take you to the next room.

This section of the Waterway features a bit of a puzzle in order to progress to the final chamber. There are gems located on various walls throughout the maze, and you’ll need to press them in the right order to reach the bubble at the end of the room. Start by touching the gem to your left when you first enter the room. As the gate opens, you’ll see the second gem you need to touch. After the second gate moves, round the corner to the right, and you’ll locate the third gem. Touch it, and another gate will fall, revealing the fourth and final gem on the floor.

Head into the bubble to access the last section of the Waterway. Hop on the elevating platform in this room to reach one last gem. Unfortunately, Defenders will be waiting for you, but Beast can handle them for the most part. Once they’ve been cleared activate the final gem to unlock the large double doors back up at the Castle Gates.

A cutscene will play at this point, but after it’s finished, head all the way back up to the Castle Gates. You’ll have to undo the gem puzzle to get back, but if you follow the above steps in reverse, it should be easy. Once you’re back at the Castle Gates, make your way up to the giant double doors and head inside.

Boss: Riku
HP: 500EXP: 2000
Riku is no pushover, but you've got the Keyblade, Donald, and Goofy back on your side. He's quick and relentless with his attacks, and his fast dodging maneuvers can sometimes make it very difficult to land a hit of your own. You should constantly have the Aerora spell equipped. In addition to lessening the damage you take, the Aerora spell will damage your enemies simply by bumping into them with the wind shield. It's not much, but this added damage adds up faster than you might think.

For the most part, the best way to attack Riku is to nail him with a Sonic Blade or Ars Arcanum assault. This will ensure that you can attack uninterrupted while dealing some very significant damage. The best strategy is to keep moving. Riku will spend more time chasing you than he will attacking you, and if you can land a few hits before he manages to initiate a combo, you can beat him back with ease.
Victory Reward: White Trinity

Books and Puzzles

After putting Riku in his place, proceed into the Library, which is up the stairs and down the hall to the left. The books here are all out of order, and putting the right ones back on the right shelf will open some new areas for you to explore. Follow the steps below to completely rearrange the Library to open up all of the new areas.

Library Puzzle
1Pick up Khama vol. 8 on the floor right by the entrance to the Library. Place it in the empty spot on the nearby bookcase in the middle of the row or red books.
2Make your way through the rest of the bookcases and head up the stairs. Activate the Green Trinity at the foot of a nearby bookcase to reach Azal vol. 3.
3Pick up Theon vol. 6 on the desk near the Save Point.
4Locate the single green book in a row of brown books. Examine it to obtain Mava vol. 6. Examine the same spot again to replace it with Theon vol. 6.
5Press the switch that appears behind the bookcase after it slides to the side.
6Jump on top of the rows of bookcases to locate a square, closed-in gap. Jump down into it and locate the one blue book in a row of green books. This is Salegg vol. 6, which you can place in the nearby row of blue books on a different bookcase to reveal an exit to the enclosed space.
7Return to the entrance of the Library and place Azal vol. 3 in the row of yellow books.
8Make your way to the back of the bookcase you just moved and locate Nahara vol. 5. Head back upstairs and place it in the row of orange books to reveal a hidden bookcase.
9Pick up Mava vol. 3 off of this bookcase and head back downstairs. Locate the row of green books with two gaps in it and place Mava vol. 3 and Mava vol. 6 into the right spots. This bookcase will slide out of the way, revealing a small study area.
10Grab Hafet vol. 4 off of the desk and return it to the row of purple books on the previously hidden bookcase. The bookcase will swing open, revealing a hidden passage to the Lift Stop.

This door to the Lift Stop inevitably leads to a dead end, but there are a few Treasure Chests down that way. The next important thing to do lies beyond the door in the upstairs Library, so head through to access the upper level of the Entrance Hall.

This upper level has a few neat features that you’ll need to examine if you want to open the sealed door at the top of the stairs in the lower Entrance Hall. Heading clockwise around the outer circle, cast a Thundara spell on the stone with a lightning bolt engraved on it. Two platforms will appear and begin to hover up and down. This makes it easier to access this upper level from the lower Entrance Hall without having to go through the Library.

Keep heading clockwise around the outer circle until you come to a statue. There is a spot marked next to it on the floor. Push the statue onto that spot to reveal a Treasure Chest in the lower Entrance Hall. Locate another stone further clockwise and activate the Red Trinity on the floor to push it over the edge. The stone will smash when it hits the floor below, revealing an item you’ll need to collect in a moment.

Coming back around to the Library door, there’s another statue with two pots on either side of it. Smash both of the pots to start up the fountain in the lower Entrance Hall. It’ll spit out another item that you’ll need to grab when you return to the Entrance Hall. Lastly, ignite all of the candles in the upper Entrance Hall with a Fira spell. This will extinguish the flame in the center urn.

Now that all of the puzzle solving is done, all that’s left is to go around collecting all of the pieces. The first Emblem Piece is located in the center urn once you’ve extinguished the flame. Hop down to the lower Entrance Hall and grab the Emblem Piece on the floor that came out of the smashed stone. Grab the next Emblem Piece from the fountain. Lastly, open the Treasure Chest that was revealed early to obtain the fourth and final Emblem Piece. When you’ve collected all four, examine the door at the top of the stairs a few times to insert all of the pieces and open up the path to the Lift Stop.

A Long Way to the Top

The Lift Stop is a recurring area that features many sections that all lead to different parts of the enormous castle. Head straight through this first section and into the next area, which is another section of the Castle Gates. While out here, it is very important to fight off the Heartless that appear without falling off of the edge. If you do, you’ll be dropped down to the Base Level and you’ll have to climb all the way back up to this area. When you’ve cleared the area, examine the nearby machine to be brought to the next level. From there, head up the small flight of steps and examine the next machine to be transported into the large lift.

The lift will start slowly passing in front of the castle. When it gets halfway, it will stop and Heartless will appear. Defeat them all and a machine will appear in the center of the lift. Examine it to activate the lift for the rest of the ride. When you land on the other side, head up the steps and activate the Blue Trinity on the ground to obtain two Cottages, a Megalixir, and a bunch of MP Orbs. The Treasure Chest on the back wall can be reached by casting a Gravira spell on it. Head down the stairs on the left and enter the door to be brought to a new section of the Lift Stop.

Use the machine to be brought to the level directly above you and head through to door to reach the Great Crest area. Grab the nearby Treasure Chest and then examine the machine to be brought up to the High Tower. Defeat the enemies that appear here and examine the machine nearby. Use a Gravira spell on the nearby Treasure Chest to bring it down, then head in through the available door to access another part of the Lift Stop. Defeat the Heartless that appear and head straight through to the other side of the High Tower. Defeat the Heartless that appear here as well, then examine the nearby machine to drop a section of the castle, forming a set of steps up to a new area. Before you head up there though, use a Gravira spell to reach the nearby Treasure Chest. Head up the newly formed steps and around the corner into the Castle Chapel.

Puppet of Darkness

As soons as you enter the Castle Chapel, you’d best be prepared. After a brief cutscene, Maleficent unleashes her powers of darkness!

Boss: Maleficent
HP (Maleficent): 900
HP (Platform): 120
EXP (Maleficent): 6000
EXP (Platform): 0
Maleficent is not to be taken lightly. Despite the fact that she hardly ever attacks, when she does, it hits hard and it's pretty near impossible to avoid. In addition to taking her out, you'll need to worry about the steady stream of Heartless she summons (usually two Defenders or two Darkballs at a time). Plus, in order to even hope to reach her, you must first take out the platform she rides around the room.

The platform is easy to take out with a few combo attacks (using a Gravira spell is even faster), but the Heartless and Maleficent are not just going to sit there and let you destroy it. Maleficent will sporadically rain lightning bolts down from the ceiling, which won't hit you if you are under the platform. If you ever hear her say "Meteors of Heaven, unleash thy fury", run for dear life to the large circular part of the room and tuck yourself off to the side. This will allow you to complete avoid this assault, and it's imperative that you do! Getting nailed by her Dark Meteor attack even once can leave your HP in the red in a matter of seconds.

When you manage to knock out the platform, it'll crash to the ground, allowing you to jump up and attack Maleficent with a few combos. She'll swat you away with her staff, but just jump right back up and keep wailing on her. Eventually the platform will rise again and you'll have to take it down again. This pattern continues until Maleficent is down for the count.
Victory Reward: Cheer (Donald), Ansem's Report 5

After putting Maleficent in her place, a dark portal appears at the back of the room. Use the Save Point nearby to replenish any lost HP and MP, as well as save your game (after all, you’ve come along way since the Save Point in the Library). When you’re ready, head through the dark portal for a final clash with Maleficent.

Boss: Dragon
HP: 1200EXP: 6000
The Dragon is a much more formidable opponent now that she's transformed into her Dragon form. This is an extremely chaotic fight, and her attacks can cause some serious damage if you don't keep up with them. The key to surviving this battle is agility and a steady stream of Aerora magic to protect Sora from attacks.

There are two strategies you can use to take on the Dragon. The first is to simply fight it head on ... literally. The Dragon's head is your target for this fight, so if you chose to charge right in, you'll be dealing with a steady stream of attacks as you try to hack the Dragon down to size. The Dragon's fire is hazardous if you stay in it for too long, and can sometimes sap HP from you even after you've gotten out of it. A steady stream of aerial combos will start to take the Dragon's rather impressive HP down, but you'll be healing yourself constantly in order to survive the Dragon's relentless offensive. If you ever need to get away to heal, use the Glide ability to reach the outer edges of the room, where the Dragon can't reach you. The Dragon will turn to face you, creating massive shockwaves with every step, but if you are close enough to the walls, you should be safe enough to quickly cast a Cura spell and then jump back in the fight.

The second method to take down the Dragon is a lot more time-consuming and MP-consuming. If you hop onto the Dragon's back (similar to how you did with Cerberus during Olympus Coliseum I), you can lock on to the head and rain a steady stream of Fira spells from behind. Because you're up on the Dragon's back, most of her attacks will not hit you, but you should still be careful of a few things. The Dragon will sometimes summon magic flames that will seek out targets, which can still hit you even from the safety of her back. Also, the Dragon may perform a quick swishing tail attack to knock you off. If this happens, you can either use the strategy described above to take on the Dragon's head directly, or try to hop back up on to her back and pelt the head with more Fira spells. Be sure to have some way to constantly replenish your MP if you chose this method. Even hopping off the back to attack the head physically will replenish a lot of MP relatively quickly.

Making use of the Tinker Bell summon is also extremely helpful during this battle, as she'll provide you with a steady stream of healing to compensate for the Dragon's rather relentless assault.
Victory Reward: Fireglow

Darkness and Light

Return to the Castle Chapel to discover that a new path has opened up just beyond the Save Point. Before heading through this new door though, you should be completely prepared for what lies ahead. For starters, you should make sure you have the Olympia equipped to Sora, as this is easily the strongest Keyblade you have at the moment. Fill Sora’s Item Slots with as many Elixirs as you can. If you still have empty slots, place some Ethers in there as well. Lastly, make sure that the Guard, Counterattack, Glide, Dodge Roll, Sonic Blade, and Ars Arcanum abilities are equipped. Adjust your Magic Shortcut Menu to contain Cura and Aerora. The third slot doesn’t matter.

When you’re ready, head through the door to reach a new part of the Lift Stop. Heartless will appear, but you need to be in top condition for the next room, so simply ignore them and head into the Grand Hall. Keep walking forward until a cutscene occurs, after which you’ll be left to fight Riku all alone in what is quite possibly the most difficult Boss battle in the entire game!

Boss: Riku
HP: 900EXP: 8500
Riku is not kidding around anymore. Any punches he may have pulled before are a thing of the past. His attacks are quick, relentless, and deadly. With Keyblade in hand, he is ready and willing to take you out!

At the beginning of the battle, you should start by casting Aerora. This will give you those extra small hits that you used against him in the last fight back in the "Entrance Hall" while shielding you from his attacks. Riku starts with pretty basic combos, which you can Guard and Counterattack against to interrupt him and nail him with a few hits of your own. Riku will recover pretty quickly, so it's almost better if you don't commit to a full combo. Be sure to replenish your Aerora shield and use your Items to keep Sora's MP high. Don't rely on Sonic Blade or Ars Arcanum just yet. You'll need them more when Riku starts to get serious.

When his HP reaches about half way, Riku calls on the powers of darkness to aid him (as if he wasn't bad enough already). This is when things really start to get interesting. Most of the time, Riku will hardly let you move, let alone attack or heal. If you do manage to get a break, use a Cura spell if you need to, then jump back in the fight. Stick to standard combos to hit him for now, and when his HP starts really getting low, start using Sonic Blade or Ars Arcanum to take down almost an entire bar of HP in a single assault.

Be cautious of the tremendously powerful and devastating Dark Aura attack! The entire room will go dark and Riku will rise up in the middle, becoming invulnerable to everything. At this point, jump high up and use Glide to circle the arena until Riku returns to normal. If you get hit by this attack, it will most likely end the battle for you, as a single hit causes you to be hit by every subsequent attack, which can drain your HP like clockwork! Be very careful of this attack, as it could very well be a game changer.

An important thing to keep in mind while fighting Riku is that he gets harder as the fight goes on, giving you fewer openings to heal or recast Aerora or use an Item to regain some MP. If you rely heavily on Sonic Blade or Ars Arcanum to deal damage, you can easily take down his HP in no time, but it will also eat through your MP like it's nothing. You don't want to get down to brass tacks and suddenly have no MP left. This will very likely cost you the battle.
Victory Reward: Ragnarok

After the rather long cutscene, Sora is left in the form of a Shadow Heartless. You now have to make your way all the way back down to the Entrance Hall, which is actually a lot easier than it sounds. Because you are a Heartless, no enemies will appear on your way down, and to get down, all you really have to do is return to the High Tower and literally jump off the edge. This will land you in the Great Crest area, where you can jump off the edge again to land at the Castle Gates. From there, head into the Entrance Hall through the large double doors. Approach Donald, Goofy, and Kairi for a cutscene in which Sora is returned to his normal self. The gang is forced to leave Hollow Bastion and seek refuge back in Traverse Town.

Traverse Town III

Safe and Sound

The events in Hollow Bastion cause the gang to take refuge in Traverse Town. After talking with Leon and the gang, head to the First District and speak to Cid. He’ll know what to do with the Navi-G Pieces you’ve been collecting along your journeys. Head out to the Secret Waterway and talk to Kairi. Approach the mural on the wall to receive a Navi-Gummi. Return to Kairi to trigger a cutscene, after which you’ll receive the Oathkeeper Keyblade. Before you leave, activate the White Trinity to reveal a Treasure Chest.

A Few Quick Stops

Before you head back out to the World Map, it’s probably a good idea to stop by the Magician’s Study and speak with the Fairy Godmother. She’ll convert your Fireglow into the Mushu Summon Spell. This should be your last summon, in which case, the Fairy Godmother will also hand over the Lord Fortune for Donald.

Speak to Merlin next. Having acquired all seven basic types of magic, he’ll hand over the Spellbinder for Sora. If by chance you’ve done a few Side Quests and adventuring outside the main story, you might have acquired all seven Spell Arts from the White Mushrooms. If you have, Merlin will also hand over the Dream Shield for Goofy. Later, when you acquire all of the highest-tier magic, he’ll also hand over Donald’s Dream Rod.

Outside, you can now activate the Yellow Trinity nearby to reach a Treasure Chest on the roof. You can also use the Glide ability to reach the small island with another Treasure Chest on it.

You also might want to stop by the Accessory Shop and buy some new Accessories for your party. There are a bunch of new weapons for Donald and Goofy at the Item Shop too.

Once you’ve made all of the stops you want, head back to Cid. He’ll install the new Navi-Gummi so you can go back to Hollow Bastion, but there’s a catch. You’ll have to return to Hollow Bastion all over again as if you’ve never been there before, which includes replaying the Gummi Ship sequence. You can use the Warp Hole that appears next to Traverse Town on the World Map to reach Hollow Bastion even faster.

Hollow Bastion II

Back at the Bottom

Hollow Bastion is a lot safer this time around without the likes of Maleficent and Riku waiting in the castle. Plus, you’ve already completed all of the puzzles, which makes returning to the Castle Chapel even easier. There will still be Heartless around, but you can handle them. The only thing in your way is a very long trip back to the top.

While still in the Rising Falls, you can activate the White Trinity in the fountain where you lost your Keyblade to Riku to reveal a Treasure Chest. Proceed all the way back up to the Castle Chapel using the same route you used the last time you were here. Nothing relevant to the story happens until you get there.

Princesses of Heart

The Princesses that Maleficent had captured are now gathered in the Castle Chapel. Speak to them for a brief cutscene, then head into the Grand Hall via the Lift Stop. Now that you can actually explore the Grand Hall, you should collect some of the Treasure Chests scattered throughout the room. Hop up onto the higher outer ledge and walk up to the back balcony of the room. At the very top, you’ll find a Treasure Chest with the powerful Oblivion Keyblade inside it. It’s more powerful than Olympia, but it does take away one unit of MP. When you’ve grabbed everything, head to the giant Keyhole to access the Dark Depths.

Boss: Behemoth
HP: 1350EXP: 16,000
The Behemoth may have more HP than even the Dragon, but compared to some of the battles you've taken on recently, this one should be a cakewalk.

The Behemoth's weak spot is the horn on its head, which you can reach by jumping up on its back knees and then jumping up again to its back. From there, equip an Aerora spell to make use of the continuous damage. Attack the horn with a relentless stream of combos. Every now and then , the Behemoth might lower its head, knocking you off. If this happens, jump right back up and continue the assault.

The Behemoth hardly ever attacks, but when it does it can hurt a lot if your Aerora shield has worn off. Be sure to constantly recast it to keep yourself protected. When the Behemoth takes enough damage, it will collapse to the ground and remain motionless for a while, allowing you to hit with aerial combos from the ground, including your new Ragnarok ability, which can land a lot of powerful its in a short amount of time.
Victory Reward: Omega Arts

With the Behemoth defeated, Sora seals the Keyhole to Hollow Bastion. The Princesses reward you with the Firaga Magic Spell. Return to the Library to find Aerith standing by a bookcase near the stairs. Talk to her several times in a row to receive Ansem’s Report 2, Ansem’s Report 4, Ansem’s Report 6, Ansem’s Report 10, and the Curaga Magic Spell! Head up the stairs to view a cutscene in which Belle and the Beast are reunited. Talk to Belle afterwards and she’ll hand over the Divine Rose Keyblade for Sora.

Side Quests: Coliseum Tournaments
After clearing Hollow Bastion for the second time, the final three tournaments at Olympus Coliseum can be unlocked. If you've already cleared the Phil Cup, Pegasus Cup, and Hercules Cup (which you should have if you've been following this walkthrough), the Hades Cup is now available. Sealing Hollow Bastion's Keyhole also unlocks the mysterious Platinum Match. Clearing the Hades Cup will also unlock the Gold Match. These three tournaments are a serious undertaking, but they net you a lot of really good weapons, accessories, and abilities that you might want to collect before heading off to the final world. For more details, see our Side Quests Page.

Exit to the World Map through the Save Point in the Library. A new location appears next to Hollow Bastion, so it’s time to head off to the last world.

End of the World

The Dark Abyss

Journeying to End of the World drops you at the threshold of the Gate to the Dark. Head out of the small cave for a cutscene, and then set out to explore the vast expanse ahead of you. Despite there being very few visible areas to walk on, an invisible path stretches from stone to stone, so you can just walk normally. The various Treasure Chests scattered around contain some pretty awesome Items, but some will release dark orbs that will engulf your party and force you to battle some rather nasty Heartless (which you’ve fought before if you’ve already taken on the Hades Cup before coming here). Defeating them will reward you with the Item that should have been in the Treasure Chest.

Sometimes, dark orbs will simply fall from the sky in an unavoidable cutscene, which will again, force you to take on the native Heartless. When you reach the end of the Gate to the Dark area, a final dark orb will rain down and you’ll be forced to battle another Behemoth, this time with even more strength and HP than the one you fought during your second visit to Hollow Bastion. Defeating this Behemoth brings you to the Giant Crevasse area, which is absolutely enormous and full of nooks and crannies to explore.

There are many Treasure Chests scattered throughout the Giant Crevasse that will require the use of [kh_abiliy]High Jump and Glide to reach. As an added bonus, there aren’t really any enemies in this area, making exploring that much easier. Your eventual target is a giant hole in the ground with swirling white mist pouring out of it. Use the Save Point close to the hole if you want to save, then jump right in.

Blast from the Past

The World Terminus area up ahead is a very peculiar place. There are a series of pillars in this area, each with their own swirling portal in the center. You can enter these portals to revisit fake versions of all of the worlds you’ve visited prior to End of the World (except for Destiny Islands, Monstro, and Hollow Bastion). If you chose to enter these portals, you can defeat the Heartless that appear and then locate the Treasure Chest in each portal. You can also choose to simply walk around these portals and use the glowing lights on the other side of the pillars in the World Terminus to advance to the next pillar.

Whatever route you take, we recommend you at least enter the last portal, which will take you to the 100 Acre Wood. There are no enemies here, but there is a Treasure Chest and a Save Point to save your game. This is the last Save Point for a while, so you might want to consider using it.

Back in the World Terminus area, the final pillar beyond the 100 Acre Wood portal features a burning red portal. Enter it to be brought to a dark corridor where you’ll have to fight off some Heartless. When you’ve gotten rid of them all, a door to the side opens. Examine the machine to learn a few neat things, then be ready for another fight against the Heartless. Don’t forget to grab the nearby Treasure Chest. After clearing the room, return to the World Terminus through the same portal that brought you to the dark corridor. At this point, we recommend you return to the 100 Acre Wood portal and use the Save Point again. Make sure that Sora’s Magic Shortcut Menu features Firaga, Curaga, and Aerora (if you’ve managed to track down all of the missing Dalmatians, you’ll have Aeroga, which is even better). Place a few Mega-Potions in your Item Slots, and maybe even some Mega-Ethers or Megalixirs. When you’re ready, return to the World Terminus and return to the final pillar. The once fiery portal is now a swirling blue vortex. Jump inside and be prepared for quite the battle!

Boss: Chernabog
HP: 1500EXP: 15,000
Battling the Chernabog may feel a lot like fighting Ursula for the second time in Atlantica. The controls are pretty much the same and your target is the creature's head. The only difference is that the Chernabog has a lot more HP, a lot more strength, and a lot more ferocity!

Cast Aerora/Aeroga as soon as the battle begins. Fly right in and begin attacking the head. For the most part, the Chernabog won't fight back for the first portion of the battle. Be on the lookout for two very powerful and very devastating attacks though. The Chernabog will either lean forward or lean backward to signal these attacks. If it leans forward, this means that it is about to cause a massive volcanic eruption from the mountain below. Fly away fast to avoid being hit by this, as it is unavoidable if you stay close by. If it leans backward, it is about to attack with its fiery breath, which will either sweep from left to right or right to left depending on where it starts. This attack can be avoided by getting behind the head, where you can continue your assault without being hit.

The Chernabog may occasionally blow you away with a large gust of wind. Simply fly back in to continue attacking. When you've reduced a good chunk of its HP, the Chernabog will begin summoning fiery orbs that follow you in addition to its usual attacks. Keep moving and attack the head when you can to keep his HP dropping.
Victory Reward: Superglide

Battle After Battle

Now that the Chernabog is defeated, enter the mountain that it was perched upon and make your way down to the bottom. Enter the white vortex at the floor of the mountain to be brought to a series of small rooms. Keep making your way through them and entering the vortexes to advance to the next room. When you come to the final room, another Behemoth battle awaits you. Take it out using the same strategy as always and then be prepared for a rather grueling series of battles against wave after wave of Heartless. The emblem on the back wall of the room will gradually crumble as you fight. Keep defeating Heartless until the entire emblem falls apart. This will reveal a door to the Final Rest area.

Inside, there is a Treasure Chest and one last Save Point. Beyond the door is the final series of confrontations before the end of the game! You’ll need to make sure that you’re prepared for whatever lies ahead. We recommend you make the following adjustments to your characters before entering the final door:

Final Preparations
1Make sure that Sora's Magic Shortcut Menu contains Curaga and Aerora/Aeroga. The third slot is up to you.
2Fill Sora's Item Menu with Elixirs, fill Donald's Item Menu with Mega-Ethers, and fill Goofy's Item Menu with Mega-Potions.
3Remove the Sonic Blade, Ars Arcanum, Strike Raid, and Trinity Limit abilities if you have them equipped to Sora. You won't need them, and this will allow you to equip other abilities like Combo Plus, Air Combo Plus, Second Chance, Leaf Bracer (if you're playing the Final Mix version), and more. Be sure to have the Ragnarok ability equipped though.
4Goofy should definitely have the MP Gift ability equipped. Remove Abilities like Rocket, Charge, and Tornado to prevent him from spending unnecessary MP.
5Both Donald and Goofy should have their Second Wind and Second Chance abilities equipped. If you're playing the Final Mix version of the game, Donald should also have his Leaf Bracer ability equipped as well.
6Equip your characters with the most powerful weapons you've got. If you've cleared the Hades Cup, you should at least have the Lionheart for Sora. If you completed the Hades Cup (Time Trial) and the Hades Cup (Solo), then you should also have the Save the Queen for Donald and the Save the King for Goofy. If you managed to collect the necessary materials, you can also synthesize the Ultima Weapon for Sora back in Traverse Town.
7Equip Accessories such as the Crystal Crown, Gaia Bangle, Atlas Armlet, and Omega Arts to give your characters' stats a great boost.
8Lastly, get in any leveling-up you may want to do before entering the final door. You should be at least between Level 50 and Level 60 before taking on the final boss sequence.

When you’re ready to go, examine the door.

Destiny Islands

The door in the Final Rest area has brought you back to Sora’s home, though it might not be as home, sweet home as Sora first thinks it is. Approach the entrance to the Secret Place by the waterfall for a brief cutscene in which the entire layout of the Destiny Islands is changed for the worse. You’ll also notice Riku standing on the shoreline. Approach him to trigger the first of many battles!

Boss: Ansem
HP: 1500EXP: 10,000
Ansem goes relatively easy on your for your first encounter with him. His attacks will still seem relentless and powerful, but there are steps you can take to ensure that you come out on top of this battle in the end. First, use the Tinker Bell Summon at the very beginning of the battle. She'll constantly replenish your HP periodically while you're fighting. Also, cast Aerora/Aeroga to reduce any damage you may receive and gradually damage Ansem as well. Now you're ready to take him on!

Ansem floats around the beach with his familiar close behind him. If you attack with standard combos at first, Ansem's rather high MP Recovery rate will quickly replenish any MP you've lost. Occasionally, Ansem's guardian will emerge in front of him, blocking all frontal attacks. He is, however, still vulnerable from behind, though he'll rotate quickly to ensure that he is always facing you.

You don't want to use up any Items during this encounter, as you will need them for the fights to come. You also don't want to use up too much MP, but don't be afraid to pound Ansem back with the Ragnarok ability if need be. Also, be on the lookout for Ansem's favorite catch phrase, "Submit!". He'll sick his familiar on you, which can put you in a real bind if it manages to latch on to Sora. Not only will it gradually reduce Sora's HP, but it will also occasionally replace the Attack Command with the Freeze Command instead. If you attempt an attack while the Freeze Command is present, the familiar will grab on to Sora and lift him up in the air, draining even more HP from him. If you continue to attack Ansem while the familiar is following you, it will lessen the amount of time you'll be stuck with it.

Ansem will still attack, even if his familiar is latched onto you. He'll hide in a massive energy shield and ram into you, dealing damage. When he calls his familiar back, he might also rush away and unleash a barrage of dark energy disc attacks. You can use the Superglide ability to glide right over this attack and nail him with a combo or two.

After defeating Ansem, he’ll retreat into the giant crater nearby. Use this downtime to use Cottage if you have one in your Item Inventory to fully restore your Party’s HP and MP. If you used any Items from your Item Menu, replenish them before jumping into the crater. From here on out, you will not get a chance to replenish Items or heal your characters. It’s battle after battle after battle from this point on!

Boss: Darkside
HP: 900EXP: 8000
Darkside is back for one final rumble, and not much has changed since the last time you fought it. Take it down using the same strategy you used way back at the beginning of the game and Darkside will fall with ease. You should be able to make it through this fight without taking too much damage or using any MP.
Boss: Ansem
HP: 1200EXP: 20,000
With Darkside defeated, Ansem emerges yet again to take you on. This time, you don't have Donald and Goofy, which means you can't use the Tinker Bell Summon spell to constantly replenish your HP. You should still cast Aerora/Aeroga as soon as the battle begins.

Taking Ansem on one-on-one is much like fighting him before, as he'll attack with many of the same moves. He does, however, have a few new tricks up his sleeve. One new attack that he'll use frequently starts when he summons a protective barrier in front of him and starts speeding around the area, bashing into you as he passes. You should be able to use the Dodge Roll ability to avoid this, but you can also use the Superglide ability to simply glide away swiftly.

Like last time, Ansem will randomly yell "Submit!" from time to time, signaling his familiar to latch itself onto you like it did in your previous battle. Handle this the same way you did in your first fight, but keep an eye on Sora's HP this time. Without the Tinker Bell Summon, you'll have to heal yourself the good old fashioned way with a Curaga spell here and there.

Ansem's biggest attack is also the easiest to avoid. He'll start to glow and make his way to the center of the area. He is invulnerable during this attack, so don't bother advancing. Simply Dodge Roll constantly to avoid being hit by the familiar and its assaults. When he's finished, Ansem will attack as he normally does, meaning that you can hit him with a combo or even a Ragnarok attack!

With the defeat of Ansem, Sora and the gang are plunged into the darkest depths! Though the point of no return has long since been passed by now, this officially marks the home stretch that is the Final Boss Sequence just outside the Door to Darkness!

The Final Battles

This is it! The home stretch! The battles outside the Door to Darkness come in rapid succession with no breaks in between. The entire ordeal could take you anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to complete, depending on your play style, so be ready for the long haul!

Boss: World of Chaos
HP: 1500EXP: 20,000
Ansem and his familiar have undergone quite the transformation, but they're actually easier to take out than they were in your previous encounters. Cast Aerora/Aeroga to start the battle, then charge straight at Ansem. You'll be flying throughout the entirety of this series of battles.

Sora is still all alone in this fight, but that shouldn't be a problem. The World of Chaos doesn't attack much, but when it does, it hits hard with a series of rapid blows. You can pretty much attack it uninterrupted, but be sure to back off when it winds up for a series of attacks. Also, keep an eye out for small energy orbs that fire laser beams from them. These little pests can be annoying and interrupt your combos, so fly around to avoid being hit by them.
Boss: Room Core
HP: 30EXP: 0
Sora is brought to a pitch-black room filled with Shadows. Take them all out with ease to reveal the Room Core. Attack it with a few aerial combos to take it down. The Room Core will explode and Sora will return to the World of Chaos.
Boss: Cannons
HP (Each Small Cannon): 120
HP (Each Large Cannon): 240
EXP (Each Small Cannon: 90
EXP (Each Large Cannon): 240
Back outside, rows of Cannons line up and lob shots at you. Fly around and take them all out to advance to the next portion of the fight. Periodically throughout the battle, Ansem's guardian might knock you away with a fierce gust of wind. Simply fly back in to continue battling the Cannons until they are all defeated. A portal will appear just above them when you destroy them all. Fly inside for the next battle!
Boss: Room Core
HP: 30EXP: 0
Inside this dark room are Darkballs instead of Shadows. As an added bonus, Goofy is back in your Party for this fight, so you should have no trouble defeating them. Take out all of the enemies, then destroy the Room Core when it appears. When the explosion clears, Sora will be back outside with Goofy at his side!
Boss: Face
HP: 1200EXP: 3000
With Goofy beside you, it's time to take on the front of the ship. The Face will attack very seldom, raining lightning bolts down in front of it. Cast Aerora/Aeroga to render the damage dealt by these attacks insignificant. Keep hammering it with combo after combo and it will be destroyed in no time. After the Face explodes, another dark portal is revealed. Fly inside to continue the fight.
Boss: Room Core
HP: 30EXP: 0
The final dark room is swarming with Invisibles, but with your fully-restored Party, you should have no problem defeating them all. Destroy the Room Core when it appears, which will bring you back outside. The shield surrounding the Main Core is now down, allowing you to attack the heart of the ship!
Boss: Main Core
HP: 300EXP: 0
The Main Core is surrounded by Cannons, but other than that, you won't have any opposition while you take it out. Attack it with combo after combo and it will explode in no time. The only thing left to do is take on the World of Chaos itself for the last time!
Boss: World of Chaos
HP: 1200EXP: 24,000
With the entire ship in pieces, the World of Chaos emerges from behind its now-broken seal. It'll attack with the same assaults it used before, only this time, it has one very dangerous new attack to watch out for. Cast Aerora/Aeroga to start the battle and hammer the World of Chaos as you did before, watching out for its halberd attacks and laser beam assaults.

If you ever notice that Sora is suddenly being pulled away from the World of Chaos, do your best to fly straight toward it, as you are being sucked into a black hole. This will do some serious damage if you get sucked all the way in, so fly in the opposite direction of the pull to avoid being hit. With some perseverance, the World of Chaos will fall for the final time!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have now officially beaten KINGDOM HEARTS! If you found all of the Dalmatians, cleared the Hades Cup, AND sealed every single Keyhole to every single world, then there’s a special secret ending waiting for you at the end of the credits!