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The Best for Last

The Olympus Coliseum has saved some of the nastiest tournaments for last, and you can now take them on. This visit is actually entirely optional and can be completed even after finishing the game, but for the sake of this Walkthrough, we’ll cover it now. After all, these tournaments prove to be an excellent source of EXP and some absolutely amazing prizes that are definitely worth getting before heading to the final world.

The Hades Cup

The Hades Cup is the most grueling, time-intensive tournament that the Olympus Coliseum has to offer, featuring an overwhelming 49 Seeds! To make matters worse, most of the opponents you’ll be fighting are actually Bosses from previous parts of the game, which means that this tournament is not for the feint of heart. If you can manage to beat it though, there are so many prizes to be collected. It is definitely worth the time and effort you’ll need to put into it! The best part is, if you don’t make it through all 49 Seeds in a single run, you can reenter from the last check point you reached. Every ten rounds completed earns you another check point.

Your first run through the Hades Cup earns you so much! Defeat Yuffie in the 44th Seed to receive the Genji Shield for Goofy. Take out another Behemoth in the 40th Seed to earn the Blizzaga Magic Spell. Win against Cerberus in the 30th Seed and you’ll get the Thundaga Magic Spell. If you can manage to beat both Cloud and Leon at the same time in the 20th Seed, you’ll obtain the Lionheart for Sora. Taking down Hades in the 10th Seed rewards you with the Graviga Magic Spell and Ansem’s Report 8. And finally, besting the Rock Titan in the 1st Seed clears the tournament and earns you the Trinity Limit Ability, the most powerful offensive Ability in the entire game!

Once you’ve completed the Hades Cup, you can compete in the Time Trial and Solo Hades Cup. If you complete the Time Trial in under 20 minutes, you’ll earn the Save the King for Goofy (his best weapon). If you can manage to tackle the tournament alone in the Solo Hades Cup, you’ll win the Save the Queen for Donald (his best weapon).

Seed 49: Shadow Brothers

Soldier (x3), Shadow (x7)

Seed 48: Wild Dance

Wight Knight (x3), Powerwild (x4)

Seed 47: Terrible Feet

Hammerlegs (x1), Pirate (x4), Shadow (x2)

Seed 46: Dirty Claws

Powerwild (x1), Pot Spider (x8)

Seed 45: Mad Truffle

Rare Truffle (x1)

Seed 44: Yuffie

Hades Cup – Seed 44: Yuffie

HP: 450          EXP: 600

Yuffie is really not that difficult of an opponent. She’s more or less the same as when you fought her in the Pegasus Cup with Leon, but this time you only have to worry about her. Cast Aerora to block her smaller shurikens automatically and bounce them back at her. She’ll keep moving, so you’ll need to keep following her to land hits. Just keep nailing her and don’t give her an inch and she’ll go down in no time.

Victory against Yuffie earns you the Genji Shield for Goofy.

Seed 43: Outlaws

Bandit (x3), Pirate (x4)

Seed 42: Dark Garrison

Defender (x1), Wight Knight (x3), Soldier (x2)

Seed 41: Bad Union

Bandit (x1), Powerwild (x2), Large Body (x1), Fat Bandit (x1), Soldier (x1)

Seed 40: Behemoth

Hades Cup – Seed 40: Behemoth

HP: 1500          EXP: 600

Taking out the Behemoth is just a simple as before, except this time it has much more HP. Use the same strategy as when you fought it during your second visit to Hollow Bastion, making sure to keep your Aerora shield cast at all times.

Victory against the Behemoth earns you the Blizzaga Magic Spell.

Seed 39: Red Legion

Search Ghost (x1), Red Nocturne (x8)

Seed 38: Blue Legion

Gargoyle (x2), Blue Rhapsody (x7)

Seed 37: Sorcerous Armor

Guard Armor (x1), Blue Rhapsody (x2), Red Nocturne (x2)

Seed 36: Mad Fungus

Black Fungus (x1), Green Requiem (x4)

Seed 35: Spiders & Magic

Red Nocturne (x3), Yellow Opera (x3), Pot Spider (x2)

Seed 34: Optical Trick

Stealth Sneak (x1), Blue Rhapsody (x2), Green Requiem (x4)

Seed 33: Magic Force

Wizard (x1), Red Nocturne (x2), Yellow Opera (x2), Blue Rhapsody (x2)

Seed 32: Shadow Summoners

Wizard (x3), Shadow (x6)

Seed 31: Mystic Mages

Angel Star (x1), Wizard (x4)

Seed 30: Cerberus

Hades Cup – Seed 30: Cerberus

HP: 1200          EXP: 1000

This is basically the same fight as when you fought Cerberus way back in the Preliminaries during your first visit to Olympus Coliseum, except he now has a lot more HP and a lot more bark to his bite. Take him down using the same pattern as before. Jump up on Cerberus’s back to wait out his more devastating attacks, then hop down to attack the heads directly.

Victory against Cerberus earns you the Thundaga Magic Spell.

Seed 29: Sky Raiders

Air Soldier (x4), Pirate (x3)

Seed 28: Spookies

Search Ghost (x6)

Seed 27: Terrible Fists

Gauntlets (x1), Gargoyle (x6)

Seed 26: Shadow Storm

Shadow (x?)

Seed 25: Avengers

Bandit (x1), Wight Knight (x1), Pirate (x1), Soldier (x1), Powerwild (x1)

Seed 24: Dark Knights

Opposite Armor (x1), Darkball (x6)

Seed 23: Black Flap

Gargoyle (x2), Air Soldier (x3), Air Pirate (x2)

Seed 22: Night Soarers

Wyvern (x3), Search Ghost (x2), Wight Knight (x2)

Seed 21: Air Corsairs

Battleship (x1), Wyvern (x2), Darkball (x4)

Seed 20: Cloud & Leon

Hades Cup – Seed 20: Cloud & Leon

HP: 600 (Cloud), 750 (Leon)
EXP: 1000 (Cloud), 800 (Leon)

Defeating Cloud and Leon at the same time can be a real daunting challenge. Focus on taking Cloud out first, as he will be the most offensive opponent during this match. Take him down the same way you have in the past, and don’t forget that Aerora also eats away at your enemies’ HP a little bit at a time while defending you.

Once Cloud is out of the way, it’s time to fight Leon, who will be just as difficult as he was in the Pegasus Cup once you took out Yuffie (he’ll be a bit more powerful this time though). Use the same strategy you did in your last fight and he’ll be down in no time.

Victory against Cloud and Leon earns you the Lionheart Keyblade.

Seed 19: The Large Trio

Large Body (x3), Wight Knight (x2)

Seed 18: Blaze Bandits

Fat Bandit (x3), Red Nocturne (x4)

Seed 17: False Angels

Angel Star (x2), Wyvern (x2), Large Body (x2)

Seed 16: Dark Storm

Darkball (x?)

Seed 15: Air Brigade

Wyvern (x1), Air Pirate (x1), Air Soldier (x1), Gargoyle (x1), Search Ghost (x1)

Seed 14: Violent Bunch

Fat Bandit (x2), Invisible (x1), Wizard (x2)

Seed 13: Heavy Warriors

Fat Bandit (x2), Defender (x1), Large Body (x2)

Seed 12: Interceptors

Defender (x3)

Seed 11: Elder Force

Invisible (x3), Angel Star (x2)

Seed 10: Hades

Hades Cup – Seed 10: Hades

HP: 800          EXP: 3000

Hades is a very annoying opponent to take on. Most of the battle, he’ll be bombarding you with relentless assaults that are often difficult to get away from given the fact that he hovers right behind you for most of the fight. The best way to land some hits of your own is to strike when an opening presents itself and then don’t let up.

If Hades ever turns red and starts making his way to the center of the arena, get to the very edge of the ring and stay there until his incredible rotating fire attack is over. It’s best to get to the side of the arena that is the opposite of the side Hades approaches the center from, as this will give the largest gap between you and him. This attack will rotate in two full circles and then Hades will cool down again, leaving him open for attack.

The massive fire balls that Hades lobs at you every now and then can be deflected and reversed back at him by using the Guard Ability at the right time. Aerora is key to bracing yourself against some of Hades’ advances, and it’ll also give you a little extra help in taking down his HP. You should also note that Hades is extremely vulnerable to Ice Magic, and now that you’ve claimed the Blizzaga spell for defeating the Behemoth several Seeds ago, you can really deal some good damage from a distance.

Victory against Hades earns you the Graviga Magic Spell and Ansem’s Report 8.

Seed 9: Night Rave

Shadow (x5), Darkball (x3), Invisible (x1)

Seed 8: The Requiem

Red Nocturne (x2), Blue Rhapsody (x2), Yellow Opera (x2), Wizard (x2), Angel Star (x1)

Seed 7: Invisible Fear

Stealth Sneak (x1), Invisible (x3)

Seed 6: Mad Mushroom

White Mushroom (x3)

Seed 5: Black Storm

Shadow (x?), Darkball (x?)

Seed 4: Twin Mirage

Stealth Sneak (x2)

Seed 3: Shadow Troopers

Wyvern (x?), Wizard (x?), Defender (x?)

Seed 2: Final Battalion

Darkball (x?), Angel Star (x?), Invisible (x?)

Seed 1: Rock Titan

Hades Cup – Seed 1: Rock Titan

HP: 2100          EXP: 4000

The Rock Titan has the most HP, Strength, and Defense out of any foe you will take on in the entire game! That said, he’s also this biggest pushover you will take on in the entire game!

The Rock Titan is enormous, so to start, you’ll have to attack his feet. Equip Aerora at the very beginning of the fight and make sure it never runs out by recasting it when it wears off. This will not only eat away at the Rock Titan’s ridiculous HP, but will also give you an incredible amount of EXP. The Rock Titan awards 1 EXP for every single time you land a hit on it, including the hits generated by your Aerora shield, in addition to the whopping 4000 EXP it rewards you with for beating it. This fight is definitely the ultimate way to gain massive amounts of EXP with relative ease.

If it seems like you’re not getting anywhere with the Rock Titan’s HP at first, don’t get discouraged. It actually has three whole invisible health bars on top of the four that are visible. Your attacks are doing damage, you just can’t see any progress on his health bar until you’ve already taken out 900 of its HP!

While you’re attack one of the legs, listen for any loud sounds that the Rock Titan might be making. These are the sounds of its movements and when you hear a really loud one, it means he’s winding back to slam his fists into the ground to create a massive shockwave. Don’t worry though, as you will have plenty of warning to simply jump over this attack when the time comes. His feet will also stomp up and down every now and then while you’re attacking them. Just back off for a little while to avoid being squished, then continue hacking away.

When the feet can’t take it anymore, the Rock Titan falls. The rocks in its body almost form stairs that you can jump up to reach its heads. Pick one of the heads and continue the assault with standard combos. Occasionally, the head you’re attacking might bob up and down to shake you off. This will most likely deal a small amount of damage (if you’re shielded with Aerora), and in some cases, it might knock you down to the ground. If that happens, climb back up to the head and continue as you were before. Eventually, the Rock Titan will stand back up and start the pattern all over again.

Victory against the Rock Titan earns you the Trinity Limit Ability.

The Gold Match

After completing the Hades Cup, there are still two unmarked events available when you talk to Phil in the “Lobby”. Select the first one available to take a stab at a very difficult opponent. Before you accept the challenge you’d best go in prepared. Fill all the slots in Sora’s Item Menu with nothing but Elixirs. Be sure to have the Dodge Roll, Glide, Guard, and Ragnarok Abilities equipped to Sora. It might be best if you remove Sonic Blade, Ars Arcanum, Strike Raid, and Trinity Limit, as you really won’t get a chance to use them in this fight. Fill your Magic Shortcut Menu with Curaga and Firaga. The third slot can be anything except Aerora. You’ll be taking on this match solo.

Gold Match: Ice Titan

HP: 1500          EXP: 5000

The Rock Titan may have been a pushover but you’ll have no such luck with the Ice Titan. Its attacks are relentless and powerful, but they are also the key to taking it down.

As stated before you should NEVER CAST AERORA MAGIC DURING THIS FIGHT!! It may give you some extra protection against the Ice Titan’s attacks, but it will also make this battle significantly harder! The ice shards that the Ice Titan launches (which are the key to easily taking it down) will become twice as big, deal twice as much damage, and become impossible to deflect.

Your target for this fight is the Ice Titan’s head, which will be, for the most part, out of reach. The primary method of damaging it will be to deflect the small ice shards that it launches using the Guard Ability, which will redirect all of the ice shards back at the Ice Titan. Repeat this step while avoid all of its other attacks (which aren’t much at this point in the battle) until the Ice Titan takes a knee to recover. At this point, you should unleash a few combos and possibly even the powerful Ragnarok Ability on its head before it has a chance to get back on its feet.

When it stands back up, the Ice Titan is no longer playing around. Any attacks it was using before will come almost twice as frequently, and to make matters worse, it will be constantly launching the small ice shards at you, even while it’s using other attacks. This will make it rather difficult to find a sufficient opening to reflect a good number of ice shards back at the Ice Titan before you’ll have to get moving again.

Be on the lookout for when the Ice Titan is about to use its worst attack. It’ll clench its fists like it’s charging up for something and then unleash a blizzard on one side of the arena that will freeze you instantly if you are caught in it, dealing massive damage. If you see this attack coming, get to the other side of the arena fast by using the Glide Ability. It’s a good idea to stay in the bleachers at this point, seeing as the Ice Titan will create ridiculous shockwaves with every step as it tries to turn around to face you.

If the ice shards become too difficult to deflect in the midst of all the Ice Titan’s other assaults, you can always lock on to its head and lob a few Firaga spells at it from a distance instead of always waiting for it to launch the ice shards.

The Platinum Match

The last option on Phil’s list of tournaments is without a doubt the hardest battle you will ever have to face in this game! We had said that the second battle against Riku during your first visit to Hollow Bastion was the hardest, but that was only because this match wasn’t available at that point! You’re going to need a lot of prep for this battle, and we’d even recommend doing some major leveling up before taking it on. You might also want to complete the 99 Dalmatians Side Quest so that you can obtain the Aeroga Magic Spell, giving you the maximum protection (for more information on this Side Quest, refer to our Kingdom Hearts Side Quests Page).

Fill every single slot in Sora’s Item Menu with Elixirs. Your Magic Shortcut Menu should include Curaga and Aerora/Aeroga. The third slot is irrelevant, as all forms of offensive magic will be completely ineffective. You should have the Dodge Roll, Guard, Counterattack, Glide, Ars Arcanum, Strike Raid, and Second Chance Abilities equipped to Sora (that last one is an absolute essential). Equip Sora with Accessories that drastically boost his stats, such as the Crystal Crown. You may want to even wait to tackle this fight until after you’ve successfully synthesized the Ultima Weapon. Like the Gold Match, this match is also only for Sora.

Platinum Match: Sephiroth

HP: 1800          EXP: 18,000

Sephiroth will not give you an inch! He is insanely fast, insanely powerful, and insanely difficult to hit! Even his most basic attacks can leave your HP in the red in a matter of seconds!

As soon as the battle begins, jump away from Sephiroth and cast Aerora/Aeroga. Make sure that this barrier never goes away by recasting it when it wears off. This will give you a buffer to lessen the damage dealt by Sephiroth’s attacks. It’s not much of a buffer, but every bit helps. Sephiroth will do a lot of quick dodging maneuvers when you try to hit him. The best way to guarantee a few hits is to attack him with aerial combos, using the Vortex Ability to close the gap between you and him.

If at any point, Sephiroth raises his arm, this means that he’s summoning a large pillar of fire that will suck you in and toast you alive. However, this is also the moment in which he is also most vulnerable. If you attack him with an Ars Arcanum assault, you’ll remain invulnerable and avoid taking damage while pounding some real damage into him. Despite what is probably your gut instinct, do not use the Elixirs to replenish any lost MP. These are needed for a much more important aspect of this fight.

About halfway through the fight, Sephiroth starts using one of his most devastating attacks. He’ll back off for a bit, usually teleporting to the other end of the arena, and begin the attack. You need to get to him as fast as you can and hit him with a few blows before he has a chance to completely say “Sin Harvest”. If you don’t make it in time, this attack will reduce your MP to zero and your HP to one! You’ll need to act fast and use one of your Elixirs to heal yourself before Sephiroth closes in to finish you off! This is where the Strike Raid Ability comes in handy. You can hurl your Keyblade at him from a distance to interrupt the attack and save yourself from near-defeat!

Eventually, Sephiroth will start to attack more often, providing even fewer opportunities to land any hits. He may back off only to come charging at you with a series of aerial spiral attacks. You should use the Dodge Roll Ability to get away from him during these assaults, as it is difficult to land a hit without getting hit yourself. You can use Ars Arcanum as your primary offensive during the more ridiculous portions of Sephiroth’s advances to provide total invulnerability.

Toward his last few bars of health, Sephiroth is really getting serious now. He’ll start to summon dark orbs that will swarm you and take out massive portions of your HP really quickly. He’ll also move at about twice the speed he was previously, so you’ll have to react twice as fast to everything he throws at you. His ultimate attack starts when he teleports rapidly. He is completely invulnerable during this attack, so it’s best to just Glide around the arena to avoid it as best you can. Sephiroth will rain meteors down from the sky, which are pretty near-impossible to avoid. Do your best and be ready with a Curaga to heal yourself if you are left with low HP after the assault. At this point in the match, you will probably have to almost entirely rely on Ars Arcanum to take out the rest of his HP, as he will be moving too fast and attacking too often for you to take him on with standard combos for more than a few hits.

With Olympus Coliseum’s worst opponents put in there place, there’s only one more world to explore. Reenter the World Map and head off to the last available world.