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There are several new Abilities added to the roster in Final Mix, giving Sora even more tricks up his sleeve in his fight against the Heartless. The new Abilities are detailed below.

Slapshot (スラップショット)

AP Cost: 1
Obtained: LV 6 (Sword); LV 12 (Staff); LV 69 (Shield)
Description: When facing more than one enemy, Sora swings his Keyblade with a large arc and finish it with a upward thrust.

Sliding Dash (スライドダッシュ)

AP Cost: 1
Obtained: LV 6 (Sword); LV 39 (Staff); LV 51 (Shield)
Description: Sora does a quick slide, pulling himself near the enemy and damaging them.

Hurricane Period (ハリケーンピリオド)

AP Cost: 2
Obtained: LV 18 (Sword); LV 27 (Staff); LV 51 (Shield)
Description: Sora flips vertically, striking enemies near him (air combo finisher).

Stun Impact (スタンインパクト)

AP Cost: 2
Obtained: LV 6 (Sword); LV 18 (Staff); LV 51 (Shield)
Description: Sora strikes his Keyblade downwards, creating a small explosive sphere protecting him and stunning nearby enemies (combo finisher – 30% chance).

Gravity Break (グラビティブレイク)

AP Cost: 2
Obtained: Complete the Hercules Cup Time Trial at Olympus Coliseum
Description: Sora’s Keyblade casts a miniature gravity spell (combo finisher – 30% chance).

Zantetsuken (ザンテツケン)

AP Cost: 2
Obtained: Defeat Kurt Zisa at Agrabah
Description: Sora holds Keyblade vertically reversed and strikes through enemy, very powerful finisher (combo finisher – 30% chance).

Evolution (エボリューション)

AP Cost: 3
Obtained: LV 30
Description: Goofy uses 3 MP to give 30 HP to all characters.

Encounter Up (エンカウントアップ)

AP Cost: 1
Obtained: Synthesize 15 Items in the Moogle Shop at Traverse Town
Description: Increase the rate of spawning and encountering Heartless.

Leaf Bracer (リーフベール)

AP Cost: 5
Obtained: LV 29 (Sword); LV 39 (Staff); LV 69 (Shield)
Description: Become invincible when casting Cure.

Tech Up (テックアップ)

AP Cost: 2
Obtained: LV 12 & 81 (Sword); LV 18 & 81 (Staff); LV 27 & 81 (Shield); Complete the Phil Cup Time Trial at Olympus Coliseum; Rescue 90 Dalmatian Puppies
Description: Increase the amount of Tech Points acquired.

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