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KINGDOM HEARTS Final Mix > Magic & Summons


Magic adds a certain tactical approach to the flow of battle. Certain enemies are vulnerable to specific types of magic, making the battle go easier if you use magic to your advantage. Magic inflicts elemental damage to your enemies during battle. You can access a variety of different spells from the Magic section of the Command Menu, and you can even set up three different spells in your Magic Shortcut menu for quick and easy access for more intense battle situations. Each spell is detailed below.

SpellDescriptionMP CostTier 1 LocationTier 2 LocationTier 3 Location
FireLaunches a projectile fireball at a single target1/2 Charge UnitTraverse Town IAgrabahHollow Bastion II
BlizzardUnleashes a gust of ice at multiple targets1 Charge UnitWonderlandAtlanticaHades Cup
ThunderSummons bolts of lightning that strike multiple targets from above1 UnitOlympus Coliseum IAtlanticaHades Cup
CureRestores HP to the target1 UnitDeep JungleNeverlandHollow Bastion II
GravityDrains a percentage of HP from the target1 UnitHalloween TownOlympus Coliseum IIHades Cup
StopPrevents targets from taking any action for a short period of time2 UnitsMonstro100 Acre WoodPhantom
AeroCreates a wind barrier that lessens the power of enemy blows2 UnitsTraverse Town IIYellow TrinityDalmatians


Summons are special characters who Sora can call to his side in the heat of battle. Summon characters can only be called to the battlefield if there are three members in your Party and all three of those members are conscious. Summon characters also require an initial MP payment to summon them. You can collect Summon Gems and bring them to the Fairy Godmother in Merlin’s House in Traverse Town. Each Summon character’s gem, MP Cost, location, and description are listed below.

CharacterSummon GemMP CostDurationObtainedSpecial AttackDescription
SimbaEarthshine2Max MP x8.3 secondsTraverse Town IIProud RoarHold down "Charge Up" command. Strength of attack increases the longer the command is held.
Genie2Max MP x8.3 secondsAgrabahShowtimeGenie randomly attacks up to 10 targets with Thunder, Gravity, and Stop magic.
DumboWatergleam3Max MP x5 secondsMonstroSplashFly around on Dumbo's head, spraying enemies with icy-cold water.
BambiNaturespark1Max MP x5 seconds100 Acre WoodParadiseBambi bounds around the battlefield, dropping items and prizes. See the table below for details.
Tinkerbell3UnlimitedNeverlandTinker Bell periodically restores small amounts of HP and MP throughout the battle. She is also capable of reviving Sora once if he is knocked out.
MushuFireglow2Max MP x8.3 secondsHollow Bastion IFire BreathMushu repeatedly spits fireballs at targeted enemies.
Bambi's Item Drops
World1 Charge2 Charges3+ Charges
Traverse TownHi-Potion (100%)Ether (100%)Blaze Shard (40%)Mega-Potion (100%)Blaze Shard (60%)Blaze Gem (30%)
WonderlandHi-Potion (100%)Ether (100%)Frost Shard (40%)Mega-Potion (100%)Frost Shard (60%)Frost Gem (30%)
Deep JungleHi-Potion (100%)Ether (100%)Thunder Shard (40%)Mega-Potion (100%)Thunder Shard (60%)Thunder Gem (30%)
AgrabahHi-Potion (100%)Ether (100%)Bright Shard (40%)Mega-Potion (100%)Bright Shard (60%)Bright Gem (30%)
MonstroHi-Potion (100%)Ether (100%)Lucid Shard (40%)Mega-Potion (100%)Lucid Shard (60%)Lucid Gem (30%)
Halloween TownMega-Potion (100%)Mega-Ether (100%)Power Shard (40%)Megalixir (100%)Power Shard (60%)Power Gem (30%)
NeverlandMega-Potion (100%)Mega-Ether (100%)Spirit Shard (40%)Megalixir (100%)Spirit Shard (60%)Spirit Gem (30%)
Hollow BastionMega-Potion (100%)Mega-Ether (100%)Lucid Shard (40%)Megalixir (100%)Lucid Shard (60%)Lucid Gem (30%)
End of the WorldMega-Potion (100%)Mega-Ether (100%)Mythril Shard (40%)Megalixir (100%)Mythril Shard (60%)Mythril (30%)