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KINGDOM HEARTS Final Mix > Overview


KINGDOM HEARTS was the result of the unlikely (yet highly-successful) pairing of Disney and Square Enix (Squaresoft at the time). The game was met with critical and consumer praise, and spawned the expansive franchise that we know and love today.

The story centers on Sora as he travels through a variety of Disney-themed worlds with the likes of Disney icons, Donald Duck and Goofy. Along the way, players would encounter classic Disney characters, as well as a few iconic Final Fantasy characters for good measure.

The game treated players to a compelling story, fast-paced gameplay, challenging battles, and so much more!


KINGDOM HEARTS Final Mix came to the west for the first time as part of the KINGDOM HEARTS HD I.5 ReMIX collection for the PlayStation 3. This was the first time that audiences outside Japan would be able to play the Final Mix version of the original KINGDOM HEARTS without importing the game.

The game, in addition to being fully remastered in HD, featured content that was previously left out of the original release of KINGDOM HEARTS, such as new weapons, accessories, enemies, bosses, cutscenes and more! This version of the game also came with full PSN Trophy support as well.


KINGDOM HEARTS Final Mix saw a second international release as part of the KINGDOM HEARTS HD I.5 + II.5 ReMIX collection for the PlayStation 4. The game was mostly the same as its PlayStation 3 counterpart, with notable changes being the even-further enhanced graphics and the upgrade to 60 frames per second instead of the original 30.

In addition to the graphic and gameplay upgrades, the PSN Trophies were altered as well, making it easier and less tedious and repetitive to unlock all of them and achieve the Platinum Trophy.