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When Kingdom Hearts was released outside of Japan in North America and Europe, there were several things included in those versions of the game that were not included in the original Japanese version. To compensate for all of the things that the Japanese fans missed out on, Square-Enix decided to create Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix.

This title was an alternate version of Kingdom Hearts that included all of the extra goodies that Japanese gamers were left out on the first time around, and then some. In addition to including everything that was missing from the original Japanese version Square-Enix included two new weapons each for Sora, Donald, and Goofy. Plus 10 new Abilities for Sora, 15 new Accessories, 11 new Heartless, 5 new cutscenes, and 1 new boss battle. We have cataloged all this information in our links list which can be found in the sidebar area. Also you’ll find specific OST music tracks from KH: FM on the Soundtracks page.