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KH 3D > Spirits > Pricklemane


Base HP

Base Strength

Base Magic

Base Defense

37.0 9.7 8.1 7.6

Primary Attribute

KO Drop

Physical Rampant Fantasy

Spirit Link

Link Style

Hammer Throw Shinning Hammer

Ingredient 1


Ingredient 2


Success Rate

Rampant Figment 2 Intrepid Figment 3 Recipe
Rampant Fancy 3 Intrepid Figment 4 100%
Charming Fantasy 1 Intrepid Figment 3 100%
Wild Fantasy 1 Intrepid Figment 4 80%
Intrepid Figment 5 Vibrant Figment 4 40%

Recipe Location

Traverse Town I – Moogle Shop

Recipe Character




Panels Unlocked

Volcano Strength
Scrapper Magic
Intellectual Defense C2 & D2
Bouncer Magic Defense





HP Boost A3 Teaches HP Boost Stat Ability 30 LP
Attack Boost A5 Teaches Attack Boost Stat Ability 100 LP
HP Boost A6 Teaches HP Boost Stat Ability 50 LP
Strike Raid B2 Teaches Strike Raid Attack Command 10 LP
Item Boost B3 Teaches Item Boost Stat Ability 30 LP
Time Bomb B4 Teaches Time Bomb Magic Command 100 LP
Attack Haste B5 Teaches Attack Haste Stat Ability 30 LP
Secret (Green) B6 Reveals A6, B7, B8, & C6 Panels 10 LP
Poison Block B7 Teaches Poison Block Stat Ability 30 LP
Circle Raid B8 Teaches Circle Raid Attack Command 100 LP
Stop Block C2 Teaches Stop Block Stat Ability 30 LP
Sleep Block C3 Teaches Sleep Block Stat Ability 30 LP
Level Gate C4 Grants access to D4 Panel Level 10
Fire Screen C5 Teaches Fire Screen Stat Ability 20 LP
Attack Haste C6 Teaches Attack Haste Stat Ability 50 LP
Attack Haste D2 Teaches Attack Haste Stat Ability 100 LP
Link Gate D3 Grants access to E3 Panel Link x5
Defense Boost D4 Teaches Defense Boost Stat Ability 100 LP
Combo Plus E3 Teaches Combo Plus Support Ability 200 LP

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