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The Defense Commands category is made up entirely of the different kinds of blocking maneuvers that Sora and Riku can perform in battle. The complete list of Defense Commands is fully detailed below.


Description: Press the Y Button to block head-on attacks.
Learned By: Sora & Riku

Dark Barrier

Description: Block attacks from any direction by pressing the Y Button.
Learned By: Riku
Spirits: Majik Lapin, Me Me Bunny

Link Block

Description: Press the Y Button just before a Spirit gets hit to warp in front of it, block the attack, and charge the Spirit’s Link Gauge.
Learned By: Sora
Spirits: KO Kabuto, Staggerceps

Sliding Block

Description: Block a head-on attack with the Y Button to knock the attacker into the air.
Learned By: Sora & Riku

Wake-Up Block

Description: Block head-on attacks with the Y Button to slow down the Drop Gauge.
Learned By: Sora & Riku

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