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KH 0.2 BbS > Character Stats

Our Character Stats page displays the starting Stats for each Party Member available in the game. You can view them in detail below.



Aqua’s Starting Stats

Beginner Standard Proud Critical
Level 50 50 50 50
HP 100 100 66 50
MP 60 60 40 30
STR 43 43 43 43
MAG 46 46 46 46
DEF 39 39 39 39



Mickey’s Starting Stats

Level 1 LV higher than Aqua’s current LV
HP 140
MP 130
STR 4-5 points higher than Aqua’s current STR
MAG 5-6 points higher than Aqua’s current MAG
DEF 6-7 points higher than Aqua’s current DEF

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