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KINGDOM HEARTS 0.2 Birth by Sleep ~A Fragmentary Passage~ doesn’t feature Abilities in the traditional sense that other games have in the past, but Aqua does have a few additional maneuvers at her disposal to aid in her endeavors in the Dark World. Each Ability is detailed below.



Description: Press the Square Button to execute a cartwheel to avoid enemy attacks.


Description: Block an enemy’s attack by holding the Square Button. Follow up with a counterattack using the X Button when prompted.


Description: Jump a second time by pressing the Circle Button in midair.

Air Slide

Description: Dash at high speed by pressing the Square Button in midair.


Description: Target several enemies at once by holding down the R1 Button. Press the X Button when the salvo is full to unleash a burst of powerful attacks. Press X when prompted to release additional bursts.

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